Modric keen on Man United switch

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    Source: Mirror Football

    Luka Modric has turned his back on Chelsea – and will head to Manchester United if he moves this summer.

    The £40 million-rated Croatian midfield star is believed to have told pals he’s glad he didn’t quit Tottenham for Chelsea last summer especially after watching the turbulence and instability at Stamford Bridge under new boss Andre Villas-Boas.

    Chelsea made two bids for Modric last summer which were both turned down by Spurs chairman Daniel Levy who insisted Modric stayed.
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Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. Durhamyid
    A story full of substance! However one I still fear greatly........
  2. kazzah9
    Why step down a level
  3. elDiablo
    This is clearly rubbish, but im glad to see that Belgian defender arriving in the summer
  4. peteblue
    Here we go again !
  5. SpainSpur85
    I know what you mean, but do United want to get involved with Levy again? But the quotes in the stellar article make me think it's happening :whistle:
  6. Glenn_Purvey
    Haha and spurs will sell to united!!! You have got love the media in this country!!

    Levy will not sell anymore players to Manchester united.
  7. PT
    I want him gone this summer but only on our terms. His head is clearly not long term with Tottenham, indicated by a contract extension not yet signed.
  8. fedupyid
    We need to keep our best players. If we lose Modric what does that tell Bale. Spurs need to build on the team we have not sell. This is obvious unless someone comes in with crazy money like a world record transfer fee we should not even consider selling Bale or Modric.
  9. Phantom
    Apart from the money I really don't see why Luka would be pushing for a move. United are not streets ahead of us, surely being in london settled and happy with his team mates count for something? And the money issue will become slightly easier with clubs worrying about FFP.

    If over the next couple of weeks we are above united are the media then going to change to say he will be pushing for a move to city?

    PT who is to say there has been a contract offered? other than the ITK?
  10. onthetwo
    With scholes back and Cleverley emerging I'm not sure it would make any sense for ManU to pay up for Modric.
    And we all know Levy would make them pay up.....and the last time they did it was for Berba..and the rest is history as we know.
    So I'm relaxed about this one.
  11. wakefieldyid
    A few months ago. the Mirror would have easily been able to fill an embarrassing space on their back page by sending a tame reporter round to Stamford Bridge or the E**rates to get some speculation "from sources close to..." i.e. the clubs' PR departments.

    However, even the lovechild of Josef Goebbels and Comical Ali would struggle to get a positive story out of either Cheslki or the Arse at the moment, so the Mirror's had to make something up about United and Spurs.
  12. CosmicHotspur
    Despite everything that's happened, I don't want to see him go.

    No player is irreplaceable but I would never under-estimate Modric's worth or the value of his skills for Tottenham.
  13. WhiteHart4Ever
    Scholes is not back and Clerverley - while clever - might not be the real deal. Modric makes a lot of sense for Manure, and Manure makes a lot of sense for pretty much every player; you can't deny they're a great club - particularly compared to the City's and Chelskis - and you're pretty much guaranteed trophies, which I think is Modric's main motivation and might also be his reason for staying as we are looking good now. The FA Cup would certainly help, I think!
  14. kelloggs
    If it is true we are in for Hazard, and Leandro's comment today that we have bid 25m (euro) for him then I think Modric out could happen. He would pay for those 2, which may be a be a decent trade.
  15. rupert miller
    Correct. He would pay for 2 stunning players, and if we lose an unhappy player so be it. The problem would be replacing his position, which would be hard. But didnt most of us say just give us one more season and get in the champs league and you can leave?
  16. kelloggs
    Yes wed did. Hard to replace Luka, most that are suggested are more of an off the striker type rather than a CM.
  17. avonspurs
    Can Utd afford £40m on one player? That's if £40m was an offer we accepted! Even if they could afford that, it would surely be their whole budget on one player - not sure SAF would see one player as enough to bring the title back to OT.
  18. tonyc
    I'm really sure OWF is looking forward to dealing with our Danny again... we may have sold him two players in the lasst 5 seasons but, boy, they paid through the nose.

    £40mm was turned down last summer, so he is going to cost more after the season were in next summer. tbh, I was happy to take Chelsea's offer, just to get what I thought was a disruptive influence out.

    So, proves I know not very much really :)
  19. Kingstheman
    'Sir, we have probed the Chelsea angle and have been unable to outflank Tottenham's General Levy and Major Redknapp. Recommendations?'

    'Switch to RED, repeat, switch to RED...'

    *Looks at which team in red is above Tottenham...'*

    'Linking to Man Utd, now!'

    'Dispatching Daily Mirror, to bring us the story!'

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