More top players may want to leave Spurs, says Mauricio Pochettino

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by gusrowe, Dec 16, 2017.

  • by gusrowe, Dec 16, 2017 at 9:28 AM
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    Not keen on Jenas as pundit or when he was a player. Seems to want to knock the club all the time.

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Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by gusrowe, Dec 16, 2017.

  1. aliyid
    Don’t see any problem in Poch or Jenas’ words. Press obviously trying to get us to undermine Walker as we’re playing City but he’s said he wants an open culture where the players feel they can talk, he’s happy with the ‘project’ and doesn’t want anybody who’s not committed.

    If anything I love the fact he’s looking so long term. Gives me a nice warm feeling inside
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  2. kr1978
    I think Jenas is usually pretty complimentary about us and don’t really disagree with what he has said there too much-we are always going to have players wanting to leave when they can triple their wages elsewhere
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  3. Japhet

    I also thinks he's 100% right when he says the club are continually looking forward, whether it's 1 season or 5. Supporters and players want success today but the club is being gradually built in a sustainable way which takes time. We've come such a long way down that route in the short time Poch has been here. Hopefully our top players will want to stay, but if they don't they are not a good fit. There will always be player that want to fill the gaps.
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  4. spursbhoy67
    I think it is more of a case of agents wanting their players to leave. They stand to gain the most and have no loyalty to the club, the manager and at times even their own players.

    Agents are a scourge on the modern game.
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  5. whitesocks
    It will be interesting to watch Walker today - I've only seen clips of him on motd - it looks like all the creativity and attacking intent comes from the other wing - Walker hangs back and mops up any counter attacks.

    He'll win trophies and has doubled his money, but he does not burn very brightly, whereas at spurs, his power runs down the wing were often some of the best moments of our games.

    OK he'll score against us today, but I think players need to consider that most of them would have a fairly low profile if they went to a bigger club and they'll still be on half the salary of many of the other players.
  6. JimmyG2
    Jenas talks more sense than most
    and consistently a friend of the club.
    Liked him as a player too.
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  7. Gassin's finest
    Can't think of a pundit who is more balanced and fair to us than Jenas tbh. I've a lot of time for him.
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  8. guiltyparty
    Interesting comments from Jenas

    And Dyer being on more in 2002 says as much about Newcastle as it does about Spurs. Which club’s last decade would you prefer to have had?
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  9. Bilko
    Used to like him but simply not so sure - think he has repeated this line to0 often now and wish he'd shut up and change the subject. Also noticed he has become less positive about his old club since a year now
  10. shelfmonkey
    Sounds we're a talent farm.
  11. TottenhamMattSpur
    Jenas has been one of very few positive Tottenham pundits.
  12. TottenhamMattSpur
    This season is becoming hard to be positive though.
  13. wakefieldyid
    I agree, and it's the same agents who are constantly pressing for Spurs to improve the salary structure and to be involved in big-money transfers, so that they can get more of their clients aboard the THFC gravy-train.
  14. JC-Rule
    What Dyer had to say about wages was damning if true.

    We'll have to sort that out in the next few years.
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  15. TottenhamMattSpur
    Newcastle have been relegated twice since then, look like going down this season and currently have far less financial power now than ever it seems (ever being since 96ish)
    And Dyer was an injury crock, so if he was earning £100k a week 17 years ago it just proves what idiots Newcastle were with their money, not how tight we are.
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  16. JC-Rule

    If an English international player today is not getting paid what Dyer was on when he was playing, I'm saying over time we will need to address that.

    Our best players will go elsewhere for trophies and more money as we continue to build.
  17. wakefieldyid
    It's more a comment on the degree of financial mismanagement at Newcastle United at the time they signed him. (They genuinely believed that they had a right to be considered one of the Europe's really big clubs at the time, and were competing to sign the same big-name players as United, Arsenal, Liverpool etc.)
  18. JC-Rule
    it's the then vs now point you are missing.

    We are not paying now, what he was receiving back then.
  19. onthetwo
    If the idea of playing at the new stadium doesnt excite any of our players then they can do one as far as im concerned.

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