Moura in contention for Tottenham debut

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Feb 8, 2018.

  • by mawspurs, Feb 8, 2018 at 4:18 PM
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    Mauricio Pochettino says Lucas Moura could well make his Tottenham debut in the north London derby against Arsenal this weekend.

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Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Feb 8, 2018.

  1. TheChosenOne
    Subs bench I reckon.

    No deep end chuck in.
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  2. chico
    The pace of the game could be frenetic. Given that Lucas has been largely warming the bench of late for PSG, I can't see him starting. The Juve match is possibly going to be a bit slower and therefore a better one to start in from the k.o.?
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  3. spursbhoy67
    The fact that Son played as much as he did v Newport leads me to think Moura will play in his role. Either that or Toby comes back into a 5 and Son still misses out.
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  4. Armstrong_11
    Most likely a cameo at the end of the game... Maybe in the last 10 to 15mins, he gets a run out... Maybe giving us something different in attack.

    Really excited to have him. Hoping for big things from him in the future.
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  5. Snuzzy
    He'll be on the bench, obviously.
  6. JC-Rule
    Always was about this, Once Toby comes back and we revert to a back 5, who do we sacrifice.

    Dropping Son now would be a travesty
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  7. sebo_sek
    If we want to beat them, it can't be slower on our part.
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  8. gusrowe
    Just depends on how he has performed in training for which we have no insight....probably a sub. I am Hoping that he is the last piece of the team jigsaw to push us on in all fronts for the remainder of the season. Could be the surprise jack in the box we need to break down teams that park the bus. Young and a good buy so hopeful. Welcome to Spurs....COYS
  9. spursbhoy67
    I don't disagree based on current form, but who misses out? One or both of Dier and Sissoko will stay in because the manager relies on them.
  10. jenko
    tough line-up to choose from this week. I reckon hell end up playing the same 11 from manu and Liverpool matches.
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  11. hunterr
    Son is undroppable atm. We need has energy and creativity. However, really looking forward to seeing Moura play , think he will be a great signing but he won't start this one, camo 10mins at the end at most. Played so little this season for PSG surely can't be fit enough for Posh's high standards.
  12. davidmatzdorf
    His degree of fitness will have been assessed by Pérez and Pochettino in training over the past week. If they think he's up to the performance, they'll give him a go.

    I wouldn't be surprised to see Son start and Moura come on in a planned substitution. But I suspect it depends on the scoreline.
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  13. ostrov
    It would wrong to leave Son out so Sanchez gets a rest. He's played a lot, showed some cracks in Liverpool game. Moura on the bench.
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  14. bozzaSPUR
    I agree. Give Sánchez a rest, bring in Toby if fit enough for prem game. Definitely keep Sonny in and replace him with Moura for last 15 when we are winning comfortably!!
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  15. Gazza2K2
    No one relies on Sissoko.
    Suspect Wanyama may get a start in place of Dier ( too many silly mistakes)
  16. yusrisafri
    If we revert to 3421, i reckon eriksen will play in the deeper midfield role next to Dier, thus allowing Son and Alli to play behind Kane, thereby retaining the fab four in the starting lineup.

    Having said that, i feel poch will maintain the 4231 formation with Sanchez dropping to the bench.
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  17. ralvy
    With a creative-attacking core consisting of Eriksen, Dele, Son, Lamela and Moura, we shouldn't be thinking about having a fixated starting 11 week in week out. All this guys are good enough to be on the starting team, and therefor Pochetino will have to find a way to give all of them enough playing time and regular starts.

    I'm almost wishing Malcom doesn't come next season as it would be impossible for Pochetino to keep all of our attacking players happy and fresh.
  18. Sweetsman
    Do you think that he got spooked by the atmosphere at Anfield, but he might be OK at Wembley? We will need his speed, because otherwise our back line is not that speedy.
    I'd drop Dier, because his concentration levels haven't been that great.
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  19. jonnyrotten
    It's so good we actually have close to a fully fit squad again.

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