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    The stadium redevelopment plans are a significant part of the future for both our Club and the local area and represent a complex infrastructure project that requires funding. This substantial construction project requires discussions with multiple providers of finance so that the optimum financing package can be achieved. To this end, we have appointed Rothschild to advise us on those options.

    Accordingly, we are at a stage where we are starting to engage with a number of financing institutions and potential funders in respect of the new stadium development project.

    Contrary to recent press speculation, neither the Club, nor its majority shareholder, are in any takeover discussions and the focus of the club is fully on delivering the new stadium project.
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    Well, i guess the PR team is getting better? 2 stadium news and a debunking of a sale rumor in 2 straight days?

    Thought we had itk about a forbes top 100 sponsor for the stadium? Guessing those discussions havent gone anywhere?
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    Lets hope it puts the kneejerkers at peace.
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