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Discussion in 'The New Stadium' started by tommyt, Oct 18, 2012.

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    It`s the anatomy of a cockerel. It`s me trying to say look, I live and breathe Spurs. I am Spurs until my final moment in this world. To use the old, worn out cliche` "cut me open and I will bleed cockerel blood". It doesn`t mean I support ENIC but it does mean I`ll support THFC long after they`ve gone.
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    As I 'm sure you know a club with a nice bright shiny stadium with a bigger capacity in an area which is being massively regenerated puts the price of the club up massively, so to have the build cost largely defrayed by a stadium naming deal means the net cost of building the stadium is way less than the increase in the value of the club.

    So if an investment company such as ENIC can find a stadium naming rights deal which covers much of the cost of building then your argument goes out of the window - no ?

    And if ENIC/Spurs do a deal with Archway agreeing a £ deal to buy the site and agree a date to take posession later this year, the it removes a potential reason for delay. Does that undermine your argument too ? Oh wait a moment !
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  3. shelfmonkey

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  5. Lilbaz

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    SI, he's a troll. There's no point in arguing with him as his only goal is to wind people up. His only posts since he has joined have been either slagging off Levy or saying we are not building the stadium. He doesn't support Spurs.
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  6. Philomena Flem

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    Having followed Cornelius's posts for the past year or so, I find him to be one of the most passionate outspoken fans on here. To suggest he does not support Spurs is both patronising and very childish.
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  7. worcestersauce

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    What if we suggested he was patronising and very childish?
    By the way, under who's name were you following his posts/
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  8. we_all_loved_freund

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    2018-2019 season now. Is it just me or has that slipped another year? I thought it was supposed to be ready for the 2017-2018 season?
  9. Geyzer Soze

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    Yes, I think him & @Geyzer Soze are the best posters around, definately

    Edit: Mods - shit ... posted from the wrong account!!! Help help, please delete post urgently! :nailbiting::nailbiting:
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  10. StuckinPoland

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    i am hoping it will be on my 40th birthday.

    Saturday August 18th 2018.

    of course, knowing my luck it'll be moved to the Sunday for Sky. w*nkers.
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