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Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by Geez, Sep 10, 2014.

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    The landowners have exercised their right to seek to challenge the Secretary of State's decision in the High Court.

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Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by Geez, Sep 10, 2014.

  1. Gassin's finest
    Greedy fucks.
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  2. Yakflange
    Why is Manchester United any more of a "brand with no identity" than us? If you're talking about location, they've been in Manchester since they were founded and at Old Trafford for over 100 years. If you're talking about commercial activities, etc. - don't you think we're trying to build exactly the same kind of "brand"?
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  3. DEFchenkOE
    How does a metalwork company have 23,000 followers on Twitter???
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  4. jimburns1973
    That is brilliant!!!!
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  5. ero1x
    I wonder what the difference is between our offer and what they actually want?
  6. Sir Henry
    They have never been in Manchester, they are in Greater Manchester. Their council is Trafford whereas City's is Manchester Council. In no time in their over 100 years have they ever been in Manchester.
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  7. Armstrong_11

    anyone has dealings with "Archway Sheet Metal Works Ltd and the Josif Family"?

    time to boycott the company, show them the power of the people.

    not enough brains to keep their names out of the press.
  8. Lilbaz
    By stopping a new football stadium from being built.
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  9. Spurger King
    We should just inundate them with fake orders.
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  10. parklane1
    In a nutshell.
  11. Block D Spurs
    Archway are totally chasing a lost cause. Regeneration is too big an issue to be held to ransom by Archway. As Levy says spurs have relocated 70 businesses and no problems.. just this one greedy family.. They will lose their appeal, and pay costs of spurs and them. Levy will pay the minimum he can now.. they should have learned years ago.. don't try to play business hard ball with Daniel Levy !! . Wembley seems the place for us to go for a year.. Cant see a share at OS ...
  12. Block D Spurs
    About £10m.. at a guess. David Lamy MP Tottenham said £25m they wanted, but i think this is incorrect. Anyone know ?
  13. beuller
    Would be interested in hearing davidmatzdorf's take on this.

    Is this something that would normally take an age to resolve?

    Any idea on what grounds they might be appealing on. in this sort of circumstance?
  14. diamondlight
    Maybe they just don't want to move. Tottenham Hotspur has no divine right to take their land - quite the opposite.
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  15. greywizard2020
    Can anyone advise with this now going to court would the be Judge simply stating how much compensation is to be paid to Archway, or does the Judge have the power to nix the whole project altogether?

    If its the former, the cost of a happy-meal would be considered 'too-much' for those wankers.

    Wembley would be the preferred option, if we can.
  16. whitesocks
    But I suspect they only have 1 customer these days and he pays them very well....
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  17. bigspurs
    I doubt that the crack dealers that pretty much constitute the 'locals', have neither the time or the interest to get involved ;)
  18. dirtyh
    just blockade them. stick 10 diggers in front of the place 24x7. nothing in, nothing out. they'll soon go bust. greedy wankers.
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  19. scottlag10
    So remember everybody that's Archway Sheet Metal works of 1-3 Paxton Road N17.....cant wait for next home game!
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  20. beats1
    Yea and they probably use the abuse from our fans and etc to show that the new stadium isn't good as it will increase the amount of antisocial behaviour as well as seeking some potentially bullshit charges depending on what happens

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