New Training ground


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Sep 15, 2007
Stories on other sites (eg GG) suggest that there are a fair number of cosmetic type things (eg signage, cladding, skins etc) and landscaping/planting which have not been completed.

Cannot see it stopping Spurs starting to use the training centre, but its possibly less photogenic than the club might like which might explain lack of photos.


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Mar 21, 2004
delay in moving in so pre season training will start at Chigwell

Complex training! Spurs left waiting on new practice facilities for pre-season

Andre Villas-Boas will relocate to Harry Redknapp's old office in Chigwell as he makes plans for getting Spurs back into the Champions League

Andre Villas-Boas must wait to move into his new Tottenham office because of the delayed opening of the club’s state-of-the-art training ground.

But that will not stop Villas-Boas starting work on the masterplan that landed him the Spurs job, including a list of the world’s most promising young talents, containing the names of Brazilian wonderkids Oscar and Ganso.

Spurs had hoped to switch to their £45m Bull Cross training complex in Enfield for pre-season training.

The players who were not involved in the European Championship return tomorrow and are set to be joined by defender Jan Vertonghen, whose move from Ajax is finally beingcompleted.

But they will have to go back to their old Chigwell base until the new training ground is ready.

That means Villas-Boas, confirmed as manager this week, will have to temporarily move into the old office vacated by his predecessor Harry Redknapp.

Spurs insist there have been no hitches to the new training ground, but there are still finishing touches to be made. They remain confident Villas-Boas and the players will be able to move in before the start of the new Premier League season on August 18.

It is unlikely Luka Modric will stay, as Real Madrid believe they are close to a deal. And Gylfi Sigurdsson’s signing could pave the way for Rafael van der Vaart’s return to Germany.


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Feb 22, 2010
Apparently they will start pre-season at Chigwell, go on the tour of the US and then come back to Bulls Cross.
Strange that considering some of the youth players where playing there at the end of the last season or so we are led to believe
May 5, 2004
Strange that considering some of the youth players where playing there at the end of the last season or so we are led to believe
I think the pitches have been ready for a while, it's the construction stuff that's been delayed, proabably to do with the awful weather we have had last few months.


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Apr 5, 2005
I've just come back from making a delivery at the ground, took 4 pictures will upload when i get to a pc! All i can say is that its absolutely amazing
Aug 3, 2011


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Aug 27, 2004
Nothing special. Just driving past so thought i'd take a pic of our training ground entrance.
I did ask the security if we could have a look around but obviously he said no :)
But he did say they will be having open days if you would like to bring your kids down etc etc.