Newport County set to help Juventus

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Feb 7, 2018.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Feb 7, 2018.

  1. Japhet
    I was initially very pleased for Newport and the cash injection they're going to receive from the replay, but having read this, I now hope we batter the living Shit out of them.
  2. yiddopaul
    Don't Juventus have access to television, watching games live? LOL, they now believe they will beat us because we drew with Newport (let's ignore the destruction of United and owning Liverpool).

    As Japhet says, I hope we tear them apart.
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  3. tcyrus
    Agree !
    Tear them a new one
  4. guiltyparty
    Zzzzzz. Utter fake news

    The dossier was leaked, so anyone can read it who has internet access:

    All the story says is the Juvé scout apparently praised the Newport scout for his dossier (that everyone has already read), and now he's dining off it (the quote is his, there's no quote from anyone at Juvé)

    So if that's Juvé asking for the dossier… well… Whatever, half the team won't play against Juvé anyway.
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  5. JC-Rule
    team talk for both games sorted.
  6. Dennism
    Hopefully this should give us a bit of extra incentive. Shouldn’t be surprised after the way the Welsh team cheered when England lost to Iceland.
  7. Locotoro
    So Juve scouts were amazed by the work carried out by Newport scouts and on that basis believe they will beat is.......riiiight
  8. shelfmonkey
    Maybe Newport can explain to Juve the proper use for wellies too!:whistle:
  9. Hakkz
    Step 1: Let sheep graze on the pitch for at least 6 months before the game.
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  10. Twizzle
    who writes this shit ?
  11. Everlasting Seconds
    This is all a plot from the start. Pochettino leaked the dossier to the press under false identity, hoping that Juventus would read it thoroughly. Now, Pochettino is spending all the time in his little tactics laboratory (pronounced la-BOH-ra-tory, not labrador-y) to come up with a shocker of a scheme that will leave all of Torino barren and wasted.
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  12. spursbhoy67
    This says more about the quality of football journalism in the UK. These documents are standard across the profession and only vary by the level of detail required by the manager. If journalists worked on improving their tactical understanding of the game they would be more privy to this insight.

    Data analysis is also shared on a regular basis between clubs through Opta, Pro Zone, InStat, etc. There are no secrets as to what teams try to do. It is how you use the data and whether you are successful in doing so.

    If I was playing City tomorrow I would consider pressing their back four, overloading Walker, getting runners in between the centre backs and denying service into DeBruyne. Implementing those ideas and getting a result at City are two totally different things entirely.

    Credit Newport for the start they made to the reply, but after 10 minutes they had no Plan B.

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