No, I´m not blind, we really are 14th in the league.

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    This season has been as up and down as any I can remember in recent times. Sure, we´ve had the highs, but boy have we also had the gut wrenching lows.

    We´ve thrown mud at most of the players at one point or another and I for one have thrown a fair deal in the direction of Harry. Swearing blindly that he fails to see what is so obvious to me.

    But why? We´re sitting 4th for gods sake, we´re in the Champions League position for Pete´s sake. (Sorry Pete). We´ve scored 9 against Wigan, beaten Liverpool at home and have just had a run of 5 clean sheets. But alas, poor disillusioned friends of mine, we´ll never take 4th position despite the unpredictable form form of Man City or the atrocious season of Liverpool and all the opportunities that have come our way.

    Now when I say opportunities, I´m not just talking about last nights -must win game - at Anfield, or the - really should be winning games - against Stoke, Wolves and Hull. I´m talking quite simply and frankly about the missed opportunities in front of goal. Our crap finishing.

    In short and so as not to over complicate things for the simple, milk bottled, bespecced Spurs supporter that often resides on this site. We´re crap in front of goal. and if you don´t score goals, you can´t win games.

    It really is as simple as that. You see despite having the 4th best goal difference in the league, and despite the anomalies of Wigan & Hull we are in fact crap in front of goal. Our 3 man strike force of Keane, Defoe & Crouch are in reality pretty pish poor and Harry and the rest of the Spurs management have failed to see this or indeed find a way around it.

    I´m talking nonsense, of course? Because Defoe has a dozen goals to his name, because Crouch works so hard for the team and because Keane will soon discover his old magical self. Bollox to all that. We don´t score very often, when we do, we look great and we all think we´re great, but in truth we have the 14th best record in the league (click link). Yes FOURbleedinteenth!

    - In 22 games this season, we have failed to score in 7 of them.
    - That´s position number 14 in that particular league.
    - And if you can´t score, you won´t pick up 3 points.
    - And that is why we won´t get anywhere near the CLge position come May.

    So, where has it all gone wrong up front? Well, I for one wish I could ask Harry. We seem to be creating enough chances. Some of our shots on goal records have been pretty good despite not hitting the back of the net. But what´s the point of shooting, if you can´t score?

    Time for a change:
    - Crouching Workhorse Hidden Talent: is just not a goal scorer.
    - Defoe, is the best we have and is currently blowing very hot & cold.
    - Keane, was a great player. Please notice the past tense.

    Over the course of the season so far, they are all coming up short (OK; except Crouch: pun) And yet we are doing nothing about it, or recognising it, we´re simply saying - their keeper had a great game, - it was one of those days, - it was disappointing blah, blah fecking blah.

    Christ, how Pavvy has not even been tried over the course of this season remains a mystery. But the real question is as we still sit in our lofty 4th position - Are we going to do anything about it? Or are we going to continue blindly through the rest of the season and fail to score on another 6 or 7 occasions?

    - Ultimately, we have to be either a) more clinical in front of goal or b) change this malfunctioning strike force in some way.

    I´ll close now by adding we actually top the league for the highest number of different scorers. 15 I think. Sounds good doesn´t it? Well it does until you factor in that these 15 players have also all failed to score in 7 of the 22 games to date.

    Personally I´d like to think that Pav could still get a game, but lets be honest that´s about as likely as us agreeing terms for RVN or KJHuntlaar.

    I pray something will happen before the end of the transfer deadline - But I fear, we´ll be left with this shoddy strike force for the remainder of the season and that we´ll fall short of all our hopes and dreams once again in a season when 4th was there for the taking - and I´ll be asking myself in the summer - what was it that the management could not see?
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by 2bearis2do, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. dontcallme
    Essentially the OP was correct. We don't have a cutting edge strikeforce in the way when we had Klinsmann/Sheringham or Keane/Berbatov.

    Defoe is a very good striker but can find himself struggling against top opposition and while I usually like his one-mindeness it does make it difficult for him to create a great partnership.

    Crouch works hard but needs to add goals to his game. He defends set-pieces really well why can't he attack them? Crouch and Defoe will always score goals together but often find themselves failing to threaten good defences because it's so one-dimensional.

    Keane, I love Keane and I can't decide if his best days are behind him or if he only really excels when he has the right strike partner. Whatever the situation I sadly can't see him reliving his best days with us again and at the end of the season I think he needs to make way for a new striker.

    Pav well he's never really impressed. Harry appreciates a strong character. While Dawson, BAE and Bale have all found themselves out of contention they have all worked hard enough and played well enough to make themselves first squad players again. Pav hasn't shown anything to show he warrants a chance. Saying Defoe, Crouch and Keane aren't playing well doesn;t mean Pav gets a shot, he needs to earn it. You won't see Welbeck being given a chance because berbatov isn't at his best.
  2. Alfieconnman
    An interesting thread. I think that, in a fairly short space of time, we have become as reliant on Lennon as manure were with Ronaldo. This is all very well when he is available to play but there has to be a contingency plan when he is not. Ours seems to be to play Crouch and lump high balls into him. It worked quite well when he was used as a sub "impact" player but not any more. Other sides have worked out how to deal with him very effectively and there is the added handicap that his sheer size (vertical not horizontal) and awkward looking style leads refs to consistently award free kicks against him - often when he is not at fault at all. Sadly, Harry does not seem able to come up with an alternative. We are at our best when playing at pace and playing in to our strikers from the wings and in my view, if there is no Lennon, we should go for the next best option, Gio or Rose or A.N. Other but someone with genuine pace on one or both wings. We need to address this problem quickly since we may well have to face the fact that Lennon will be gone this summer, as all our best players have done in the past. A stratospheric salary and a huge transfer fee will, lets face it, be irresistible. We also have developed a major problem in the striker department. Defoe is a predator striker and good at it but is also a selfish little sod who is only interested in his own goal tally (contrast this with the Keane/Berbatov partnership). Crouch does not "feed" that well and is becoming less effective as other teams are learning to cope with his height and style. Keane is way past his best and is a dead man walking. I had hoped that Pav and Defoe could strike up something special between them but alas this was not to be. I would have given Pav a longer run and feel that he has lost out mainly because Harry brought in his own man in Crouch - but perhaps this is just sentiment on my part. Opinions will differ of course but my concern is that we are fast becoming too heavily dependant Lennon, to the extent that any further absence from the side could lead to a very depressing end to the season. Now where did I put those pills?

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