Of real concern - Dembele & Wanyama

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by 2bearis2do, Oct 20, 2017.

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    You see them back in training and your heart lifts - then you read the reality. Two massive players for us as the season grows.

    Read the full article at Evening Standard

    Though with Lamela & Rose slowly coming back + the irresistable Harry Winks now back in full flight - I feel less concerned than I should. What a fully fit squad we could have if we could sort our Moussa & Victor.
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Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by 2bearis2do, Oct 20, 2017.

  1. spursfan77
    I hate to say it but if dembele can't train then we might have to cut him loose.
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  2. mil1lion
    I'd rather have him for 10 games a season than none. I think he's the new Ledley sadly but he still has something to offer.
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  3. Gaz_Gammon
    Like we did with Lamela and Rose.

    Whatever medication you are on you need to cut back on the dose.
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  4. Japhet
    It's a big blow to have them both out injured at the same time. Maybe Foyth could be used at a push.
  5. kr1978
    Never, my favourite player to watch live when he is on form
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  6. guiltyparty
    Good news about Lamela

    I’ve kind of come to terms with Dembele being on a Ledley wind down. Wanyama is a worry tho
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  7. TottenhamMattSpur
    Dembélé is one of the best football players I've ever seen.

    If he scored even 10 goals a season he'd have gotten a LOT of attention over the years.

    Goals get glory but when you watch one man with a ball, he is untouchable. Strength, control the lot.
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  8. newbie
    I thought you said if “Dembele can’t train we might have to cut him!”

    Either way harsh
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  9. spursfan77
    Nobody should underestimate Poch's ruthlessness.
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  10. Spurger King
    I’d obviously want them fit and playing as they’re great players, but at the same time Winks is really primed to step up and this is a great opportunity. A midfield of Dier and Alli wouldn’t upset me either, considering how brilliant they were in the Leicester season.

    And I’m happy to admit that Sissoko is more than showing signs of being a good member of the squad. Fantastic against Madrid, and I think he’d be even better in the centre.

    So Dembele and Wanyama being out is definitely a problem as they’re great players, but we have very good alternatives.

    Probably a good chance of adding Barkley in January too.
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  11. tommyt
    Or the impact of the GOAT buddy (edit: to the team spirit).
  12. Gaz_Gammon
    So he'd get rid of Dembele who has played this season but keep someone that may be on the bench on Sunday that no one will recognise?

    Your confusing stupidity for ruthlessness.
  13. Chris_D
    I agree, love to see him play every game but some games beats none. Let's get what we can out of him.
  14. TottenhamMattSpur
    Lamela is great though. Amazing. Incredible. I have 27 posters of him on my wall.


    The fan club will cut him infinite slack constantly whilst writing off one of the best players we've had for the last 5 years after a handful of games.
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  15. Lilbaz
    I think dembele will be sold at the end of the season. Good servant to the club and a great player on his day. But we are looking to win titles and the champions league. There are more reliable players out there and we should always look to improve.
  16. Gaz_Gammon
    So should Lamela be added ti that list?

    Dembele has done far more to help put the club where it is today than Lamela. If you want reliability, then Lamela should be shown the door before Dembele if your "looking to win titles and the champions league" suggestion is to hold any water.
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  17. Lilbaz
    Possibly although lamela will not be 30 next year.
    I'm not slagging either player off but if we want to improve as a club we strengthen by letting go of some players and replacing them with better.
  18. Sir Henry
    Dembele back in training with the first team.
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