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    How long have you been a Spurs fan?

    I was chatting to a lad recently who didn’t even know who Mickey Hazard was. Meanwhile it’s a little known fact that our old friend BOF is actually 136 years old and has been following since we looked like Blackburn, first time round, he has the original replica shirt from all that time ago, I’ve seen the pictures.

    Me, I’ve been hard at it for a good twenty years give or take, seen some damn good players, teams, managers come and go, seen some awful ones too, (I meant to mention one here that stands out but where do I start…?) but whatever your personal memories, there are certain things that are common to us all, the hatred of Arsenal, the betrayal of Sol Campbell, the intense nerves you feel when we’re two or three nil up because you know full well no one can throw a lead away like we can here at Spurs, and lastly, and most annoyingly, the collective fickleness.

    We all do it, we’re all as guilty as each other, we watch our boys with such devotion, we talk about them with such expectation, we raise our hopes so high because we know what we’re capable of, the famous quote goes that “we have set our sights so high that even failure will have in it an echo of glory”. But that’s just not the case is it? We feel no glory in our failure. We’ve all felt it in the pit of our stomachs, every time we seem to be on the verge of something great we slip up, we bottle it, we let ourselves down and there is no one quicker to point it out than the loyal fan himself, sick of seeing another home defeat by Newcastle or Middlesbrough just when we had been on such a good run and would have leapt into the top four with a win, sick of another semi-final defeat to a team we should beat just when we were all getting our Wembley/Cardiff plans together.

    It’s a natural emotion to feel upset, angry, let down. But what you do about it is up to you, you can screw your face up, you can scream “same old Spurs” you can slag off the first player that comes to mind who hasn’t had the game of his life, or you can do something else, you can still sing at the top of your voice, you can roar the boys home till your hoarse, even when we lose at the Reebok, even when we only manage a draw away at Wigan, even when we’re 1-0 at home to Derby!

    This season the club urges us to be part of “One Hotspur”, this isn’t just a gimmick, Liverpool have reached two champions league finals in three seasons even though they have been found wanting in the league, Jamie Carragher credits it to an overwhelming team spirit, he’s wrong, on European nights they have an overwhelming club spirit. An atmosphere that carries them through - 1-0 down at home to Olympiakos at half time, they needed three goals to qualify, they’re fans stood up to be counted and by god they got them, they won the Champions League final just a few short months later in the face of even stronger adversity, and they did it together, as a club.

    We can create something similar at Spurs; we can back our team, our players, our manager to the end. People across the footballing world are tipping us for a push, a proper push this time, on the big four and wouldn’t it be just so Spurs like to stumble under the weight of pressure, for Darren Bent not to score in his first fifteen games, for Ledley King and Dimitar Berbatov to pick up worrying injuries, for us to be beaten by Sunderland on the opening day and wouldn’t it also be so Spurs like for everyone of you who is tipping us for the top right now to stumble too and start in on the endless player slagging, the pessimism, the “same old Tottenham” but we don’t have to, this season is shit or bust. The management know it, the players know it, the fans know it.

    If we don’t make the champions league this season the team will start to crumble, Berbatov and Chimbonda will go; they’ll be followed by others, it’s no coincidence there’s been such a massive investment on the team the last few weeks.

    Lets hope to god this article is all epidemic when push comes to shove and we actually do stand tall and proud and finally claim our rightful place among the big boys, but in case it’s not and we don’t get off to a flyer, lets be patient, rally round and remember that this time we’re in it together, one chance, one season, one Hotspur.
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by Stelladrinker, Jul 9, 2007.

  1. Pillbug
    what's with these reputation points?
  2. PT
    Good post Gareth. Well thought out.

    I have a roller coaster 36 years behind me and most of it was turgid and forgettable in terms of silverware chasing.

    The highlights? Ossie's Famous Five - Pleaty's attempt at breaking the monopoly - Rickie's Winner - Peter Taylor (my boyhood idol).

    I have more optimism now than I ever have done and that is down to a packed-to-the-rafters WHL and one BMJ.

  3. TheChosenOne
    40 + years & 700 + games later
  4. SouthLondonSpur
    Its nice to see a few more guys on here with lower posts like myself. Keep it up!

    I followed spurs as its the team my dad had trials for and has supported all his life. Only a broken shin kept him out! He took me to see the boys at the Lane when I was very young, 1979 and I was seven. It was all standing in the west stand and I loved it.

    It was only a draw in an average mid table season, but we had just come back up from 2nd div. Ardilles scored. Little did I know what an impact those Argies would have. Happy days.
  5. N10toN17
    It was always going to be Spurs for me as I was born in Tottenham, and lived the first twenty years of my life there, before leaving my family home. I know alot of people think the place is horrible and although growing up there in the 70's and 80's was a bit hairy at times, it's still my home.

    Never moved very far though, Wood Green then muswell Hill. Staying near to WHL is top priority.
  6. SouthLondonSpur
    Say something interesting or funny and I'll give you rep, its just for fun.
  7. Pillbug
    ma points

    Dammit! So I spent all yesterday registering new accounts and incrementing my reputations points... for fun??

    I could have done alot of other things with my day... need to do my research before hand.
  8. pejb16
    since 1987..... its been mostly a nightmare. The family support Arse... and the mates liverpool and man u.... but I stay faithful. I'd rather lose and support spurs than win with any other team.
  9. Rufio
  10. infamousyiddo
    since 91 when we won the cup, my uncle took me to the parade, i was six.

    i love you spurs!
  11. Oscar22
    Brilliant post.
  12. grittyspur1
    This thread confirms that my 30 years of following the mighty Lilleywhites has not been in vain! We are a thoughtful and diverse lot, but our love of that special brand of Tottenham football binds us together.
    I now live on the East Coast of the USA, but I did live in London and the around the UK for almost 15 years, and have plenty of family (all goonerz, thought...arggghhh...) still living 'over the pond'. My favorite memory: proposing to my wife @ WHL after a Carling cup win against Cardiff in 2003! Teddy Sherignham scored the only goal.
    Finally- I'm not a big fan of the hubcap stealing scousers, and would rather talk football with an Everton fan any day, but I did always have a soft spot in my heart for Kenny Dalgliesh! :beer:
  13. vietnam1973
    18 years for me and im a yorkshireman so by right i should supporting the mighty tigers!
  14. frosteye
    Been Spurs as long as I can remember, was bought a kit for Xmas in 1982 (I was 3) by my nan and grandad. They used to own pubs in Edmonton and my nan was born a stones throw from the ground. Theyve got loads of stories of the players coming in their pubs over the years.

    Apparently Jimmy Dimmock, who scored the winning goal in the 1921 Cup Final was a regular but lost his leg in a car accident and had to flog his medal to make ends meet.

    My nans bro in law was also a grounds man too back in the day.

    My mums side of the family are all West Ham, just happy they didnt get their dirt mits on me first!

    p.s excellent post, got me all excited and fired up!
  15. minesadouble
    My first match was the Charity Shield of the 1961/62 Season when double winning Spurs played (and beat) an England XI. I have loved the club and whatever team we have put out ever since. Some have been great (61-63) some very good (67-73 and 81-87), some pretty okay (91) and a few downright dodgy (75-79 and 96-2004) but I never, ever regret that fate, Dave Mackay, Jimmy Greaves, Glenn Hoddle and Paul Gascoigne condemned me to life as a yiddo.
  16. ostrov
    We had similar thread on, where everyone told his story how and when he started supporting Spurs. There are fans from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia.
    I support Spurs since my arrival to England in 1990 after World Cup. Always was a fan of England and my favorite players were Spurs players. Gazza, Lineker in this case.
    Now I am London correspondent for russianspurs. We are trying to organise Official Fan Club in Russia. SC is my favorite site. I don't write here often but read regularly.
    I hope Spurs movement in Russia will outgrow Chelsky, Ars etc. But they are way ahead.
  17. royboy
    have been a spurs fan since 1981. i live in australia and in those days the ONLY game of football that was shown on tv here was the fa cup final, and at that year was the first year my parents let me stay up to watch the game. so from 1981 to the mid-90's the only info was the weekend results in the paper on a monday morning.

    luckily the advent of the internet and the introduction of pay tv has allowed me to become a full blown fan but sadly i have never been to a game at whl - i did make it to the spurs shop once. hopefully i will get to a game at some stage in the future but i don't really care - i am just happy to see my club getting some respect.
  18. Nice One Squirrel
    A turbulent 46 years and the engine is still running.

    '61, with Spurs being 'fab', most schoolboys latched onto them - I followed the crowd. '62 and another cup reinforced this. '63 saw Man Utd win the FA Cup and a mass change of loyalties (was this where 'fickle' originated?) - but I stayed with the Lillywhites and have celebrated and endured ever since.

    1st tv match I remember clearly was the '67 'cockney' cup final v Chelsea, and my 1st match was (I think) Birmingham reserves v Spurs reserves at St Andrews in 1968.

    Lows - losing 5-1 at Derby's Baseball Ground (the day the returning Spurs fans train stopped in the middle of nowhere due to bad behaviour and the entire cohort were kicked off - leaving them to hike cross country causing mayhem en route); losing last match at home to the Arse in May '71, giving them the league title and setting them up for the double; finally going out of the FA Cup at any stage, any year. Being at Molyneux for Wolves v Milwall on the final day of the season we were relegted to Div 2; Milwall replaced us and it was agonising hearing their mocking chants.

    Highs - having the privelege to watch Jimmy Greaves, battles between Mike England and Derek Dougan, feeling secure in the abilities of pat Jennings, watching Mullery, Gilzean, Perryman, Hoddle, Waddle, Chivers, Ginola, Klinnsman, Mabbut - the list is endless, and particularly seeing us win the '72 UEFA Cup v Wolves when 3/4 of the crowd ended up on the pitch at the end under 1 remaining floodlight doing a mass conga - and the '81 Cup Final. The final game of the season we spent in Div 2 saw us needing a draw for promotion back to where we belonged; I was at Wembley watching the FA Vase Final but listening to Spurs get their draw v Saints on a radio - I was cheering when nothing exciting was going on in the Wembley match!

    Years of mediocrity and then financial struggles followed by a crawl back had been the 'lot' of the Spurs fan for far too long. So to now be where we are with the players we have makes you appreciate the transformation. I still suffer with each loss, but to have 'been there, done that, bought the replica shirt and watched the highlights' you perhaps learn to chill more readily - so long as any bad run isn't too long. I wholeheartedly agree that, as the fans can be the factor that turns a result, we need to be less critical and more supportive, ie One Hotspur.
  19. Houdini
    Supported Spurs since i was 5 years old, the reason being i cut out and collected the pics on the side of the Ty-Phoo tea packs, (How many of you old uns remember those?) i sent them off and got a large photo of the (Then) current team, so that would have been.....1959/60. My brother (`The sap` as i call him ), sent off for the Liverpool pic). And to my recollection he has been to Anfield once!

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