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    How long have you been a Spurs fan?

    I was chatting to a lad recently who didn’t even know who Mickey Hazard was. Meanwhile it’s a little known fact that our old friend BOF is actually 136 years old and has been following since we looked like Blackburn, first time round, he has the original replica shirt from all that time ago, I’ve seen the pictures.

    Me, I’ve been hard at it for a good twenty years give or take, seen some damn good players, teams, managers come and go, seen some awful ones too, (I meant to mention one here that stands out but where do I start…?) but whatever your personal memories, there are certain things that are common to us all, the hatred of Arsenal, the betrayal of Sol Campbell, the intense nerves you feel when we’re two or three nil up because you know full well no one can throw a lead away like we can here at Spurs, and lastly, and most annoyingly, the collective fickleness.

    We all do it, we’re all as guilty as each other, we watch our boys with such devotion, we talk about them with such expectation, we raise our hopes so high because we know what we’re capable of, the famous quote goes that “we have set our sights so high that even failure will have in it an echo of glory”. But that’s just not the case is it? We feel no glory in our failure. We’ve all felt it in the pit of our stomachs, every time we seem to be on the verge of something great we slip up, we bottle it, we let ourselves down and there is no one quicker to point it out than the loyal fan himself, sick of seeing another home defeat by Newcastle or Middlesbrough just when we had been on such a good run and would have leapt into the top four with a win, sick of another semi-final defeat to a team we should beat just when we were all getting our Wembley/Cardiff plans together.

    It’s a natural emotion to feel upset, angry, let down. But what you do about it is up to you, you can screw your face up, you can scream “same old Spurs” you can slag off the first player that comes to mind who hasn’t had the game of his life, or you can do something else, you can still sing at the top of your voice, you can roar the boys home till your hoarse, even when we lose at the Reebok, even when we only manage a draw away at Wigan, even when we’re 1-0 at home to Derby!

    This season the club urges us to be part of “One Hotspur”, this isn’t just a gimmick, Liverpool have reached two champions league finals in three seasons even though they have been found wanting in the league, Jamie Carragher credits it to an overwhelming team spirit, he’s wrong, on European nights they have an overwhelming club spirit. An atmosphere that carries them through - 1-0 down at home to Olympiakos at half time, they needed three goals to qualify, they’re fans stood up to be counted and by god they got them, they won the Champions League final just a few short months later in the face of even stronger adversity, and they did it together, as a club.

    We can create something similar at Spurs; we can back our team, our players, our manager to the end. People across the footballing world are tipping us for a push, a proper push this time, on the big four and wouldn’t it be just so Spurs like to stumble under the weight of pressure, for Darren Bent not to score in his first fifteen games, for Ledley King and Dimitar Berbatov to pick up worrying injuries, for us to be beaten by Sunderland on the opening day and wouldn’t it also be so Spurs like for everyone of you who is tipping us for the top right now to stumble too and start in on the endless player slagging, the pessimism, the “same old Tottenham” but we don’t have to, this season is shit or bust. The management know it, the players know it, the fans know it.

    If we don’t make the champions league this season the team will start to crumble, Berbatov and Chimbonda will go; they’ll be followed by others, it’s no coincidence there’s been such a massive investment on the team the last few weeks.

    Lets hope to god this article is all epidemic when push comes to shove and we actually do stand tall and proud and finally claim our rightful place among the big boys, but in case it’s not and we don’t get off to a flyer, lets be patient, rally round and remember that this time we’re in it together, one chance, one season, one Hotspur.
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by Stelladrinker, Jul 9, 2007.

  1. TutanKlinsmann
    '81 Cup Final, was 12. Saw that amazing goal from Ricky Villa. I thought 'this club must be bloody great'. Though watched the Scum and Manure in previous finals, no impact on me-thank god.
  2. mdharris
    I was eleven when I first saw Spurs and Ginola, and Ive been a supporter ever since.
  3. Nice One Squirrel
    Houdini: I'm one of the 'Ol 'Farts' that remembers the Typhoo Tea team photos - but must have been c. 1962/3-ish (still have them somewhere). Think they did them over a couple of seasons. They must have drunk a lot of tea in our house (and the neighbours also contributed to the vouchers) as after getting Spurs, we collected just about the whole lot. My younger bro initially followed my enthusiasm for Spurs, but when it was his turn to choose a team photo to send for and we'd already got Spurs, he wanted to know who he could send for. Even then he wasn't allowed Arse, so was told Wolves are 'colourful in gold and black'. He sent away for their photo, Spurs lost a fan and to this day he still follows the Molyneux mob.
  4. tananwat_w
    My first year of being a Spurs fan ended with Mabbutt scoring an own goal in the FA cup final against Coventry. How he did it is still clear in my memory.
  5. royboy
    this is a great post. very interesting to read everyone's history of joy and suffering. love it.
  6. cygnetspurs
    I started going to the lane when Keith B came in ......I loved the way Spurs fans would chant Argentina.....and fill the air with paper......great days....I believe they are coming back....coys
  7. brakefluid
    Me....was as a few have mentioned since 1981, wow....26 years now.....

    By the way, whoever asked earlier about the shit on a stick and Liverpool fans comment, think it was Jorge Valdano that said that
  8. laneoflegends
    Since about '77 for me......... Favourite memory for me was going to Mila Alecsik (sorry for spelling) house (who lived in street behind parents) after F.A. cup win and being given his medal to hold. Everyone laughing at this stary eyed kid who wouldn't take his eyes of off it!
  9. GetSpurredOn
    30yrs old and born and bred in the midlands to Wolves(father) and Villa(mother) fan parents, but been a Spurs fan since late 80's, sometime just before the 91 cup win. All due to a family of Spurs fans relocated to the midlands, who convinced me Spurs were the way to go. I didn't really support any team up until then, just used to say I supported England and Lineaker was my favourite player, think him being at the lane was the clincher to convert me to be a Spurs fan. Can't exactly say I've support a non local team all this time to glory hunt, but I wouldn't change for anything.
    Secretly, I do keep an eye on Wolves results, years of peer prssure I think from my father, like chinese water torture, I'd never tell him he partly succeeded though, and it's only a casual interest, Spurs will always be my number one team.
  10. TheChosenOne
  11. indonesianspurs
    Great to read the fans' stories here and to learn a bit about our beloved Spurs.

    For me, it's only been a mere 16 years, since the 1991 FA cup winning campaign, but well before then, during the 80s I 've heard and seen Hoddle, Waddle, Lineker, etc entertaining the fans.
  12. llamafarmer
    Good post mate, but slightly disagree with this bit. Forget about the morons, I think our stella loving friend was referring to the positive side of their support. Anfield on a big European night is a stunning sight, it's a fortress and definitely something we should aim to match. The Lane has been about as good at times though!
  13. danielneeds
    Anyone who doubts the Tottenham Hotspur spirit obviously wasn't at the Sevilla game last season. Even though we were 2 down and needing 4 goals to stay in the competition I've never ever heard louder singing and cheering at the lane. It was a spirit that made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and it almost pulled us back into the tie...
  14. Vegas
    It seems there's a few of us who started supporting on cup final day 91. We're all glory hunters! (haha)
    Not many gooners in my family. It was either us or QPR or follow the herd and support Liverpool.
  15. danielneeds
    Oh and my first match, 1986, Man Utd at the Lane. We won 4-1, Glenn Hoddle was magic and I was compltely hooked. Of course i had high expectations after a start like that!
  16. klinsmann66
    Since I moved to England in 77.... My Uncle brain-washed me with storys of the all conquering Spurs!!!.......Now for some really disturbing news:evil: ......... I moved to Australia about 6 years ago and 2 weeks ago Rang my Aunt back in England......Raving on about my boys becaming staunch Tottenham fans..... and it was all thanks to my uncle:bowdown: .....She then told me that my Uncle was so dissaponted over the last few years that he now Supports the Arse!!!!!!!! How THE F@@K COULD HE......:bang: :bang: Needless to say we do not talk any more......and I will not tell my kids about this cowardly act of abbandonment.....( May be this should be the subject for a new thread...if I can ever get to start one)!!!!!
  17. mttgary
    Great Nostalgic Post....

    I started watching in Easter 59/60, just in time to go and see 2 cup finals on the trot at the tender age of 10 and 11.
    Great memories include the noisy floodlit home european games of the early 60's and Alfie Conn sitting on the ball when we beat Leeds to stay up...........
    I now live abroad and watch games (with others) via Braodband....hoping to make a pilgramage to WHL this summer for teh Everton game......
    Finally my 13 year old son, who started off 4 years ago supporting MANURE, has finally seen the light and has become a Spurs Fan on his own initative --- how heartwarming!!!
  18. worcestersauce
    My Dad followed Spurs all over the country in the late 40's and early 50's and I was born born and bred in Tottenham in 56, used to listen to the cheers of the crowd on Saturdays and I remember my uncle going on about this great player Tommy Harmer who was full of tricks and a wizard with the ball.
    When I was about 7 I used to go to the ground and play football up against the wall at the park lane while the games were going on, I'm sure there used to be engineering firms in the stand back then.
    In them days they used to open the gates mid way through the second half ready to let people out so I used to go in then, never saw much because it was terraces and I was only waste high but the noise and atmosphere was fantastic.
    After that I started going to games with a box I think it was a tanner at the boys entrance in the East Stand, oh Christ I'm welling up here,... I guess that means I've been a supporter for over fifty years.

    When you think about it this country has changed beyond belief in the last 50 years (100 years) a whole army of bulldozers has wiped it clean and built it up again but against it all Football goe's on, like the heart beat of the generations it carries us on filling us with both pride and despair, like the people that follow it Football has been attacked, abused and villified by the powers that be in this country and yet it goes on, we go on, the Spurs go on, a very rare thing, a constant in our lives from the cradle to the grave.

    Sorry guys came over a bit shakespeare at the end there but hey who's got more poetry in their soul than a football fan.
  19. South_London_Spur
    24 years. An uncle and mates tried to get me supporting the Hammers, I was never too convinced and saw them play against Spurs (can't remember the result) and have been a Spurs supporter ever since!

    Good post by the way. The support or lack of it can have a big difference on the players which is why we should try and be positive. Criticism is one thing but booing and negativity for its own sake is not 'support' IMHO. All for this One Hostpur idea.
  20. stoddle
    Fortunately I had no choice but to support Spurs...whole family being Spurs fans. First home game was against Notts County April 1982 - won 3-1 galvin. villa, archibald. But liek a lot of us on here it was also on the back of watching hoddle...the first Spurs goal i ever properly remember watching is the free kick off tommy hutchisons shoulder for the equaliser in 81 cup final.

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