OS decision delayed!


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Jul 5, 2008
Yes, because all our efforts were being put into the Stadium. So now we can focus all our efforts on a striker. Then we can go back to putting all our efforts into the Stadium again. After that we can finally put all our efforts into scratching our arses.
Could be worse, the Spammers were planning on putting all their effort into breaking Derby's unprecendented Premier League points record, but the idiots couldn't even manage that....


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May 14, 2007
I'm a bit confused as to where you've got the idea that Levy confirmed that our original bid contained an athletics legacy in the Olympic Park. I've not seen this, and he certainly didn't mention it in his message to the fans on the website. I don't see that there is room for two stadiums on the Olympic stadium part of the Olympic Park, and Tottenham have consistently pointed out that mixing football and athletics in the same stadium just does not work for football in terms of atmosphere and viewing distance. So I think this is a non-runner.

My suspicion is that the committee thinks that the West Ham bid will be a disaster, with West Ham opting out after they get the go-ahead, or trying to change their bid so that it only relates to football, or trying to go ahead and getting themselves into even more financial straits than they are already. Each of these scenarios suggest the result would be a white elephant or nothing at all for athletics, or both. However there has been such a loud wailing and gnashing of teeth by vested interests and the media generally at the prospect of Tottenham winning the bid, that the bid committee, I suspect, feel obliged to forensically take apart the West Ham bid, and show to all and sundry exactly why it is not workable. Otherwise, they will be on a hiding to nothing from the Labour politicians (and Lord Coe) who promoted the original pie-in-the-sky stadium concept, the athletics lobby and the Newham mafia.

The only thing I think Tottenham might consider is to invite Leyton Orient to be their tenants, which while a political masterstroke would take a very heavy toll on the pitch.
The fact is that the only Conservative comment on the issue was damning towards the West Ham bid. I can't imagine Eric Pickles fancying it, either, to be frank.