Our transfer deals!


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Jul 16, 2005
Do the same exercise with all the top four clubs then compare percentages with Jol and Ramos' peers.

You may be surprised.
Maybe they are not the best ones to compare with. They are generally looking for one or two key players at a time, often pretty huge signings. We've been trying to build a squad.


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Mar 7, 2005
If we take a look at the players we have signed since Martin Jol became manager then it really does’nt look too bright –
But just look at the situation if we look at genuine first-teamers during their time with us. Your experiment shows we've had a high player turn-over which is what you'd expect from a low a base and when you don't reach CL. Some players have been good to us for a while but we've left behind. Others have been good but have reached the latter parts of the careers. Others have been good and cherry-picked by bigger clubs.

1 - LIMBERSKY..............12 – LEE .......... 23 – CHIMBONDA.
2 - HALLFREDSSON....... 13 – RASIAK........24 – MIDO.
3 - HAMDAOUI.............. 14 – JENAS....... 25 – ROCHA.
4 - CERNY................... 15 – DAVIDS. .....26 – ALNWICK.
5 – DAWSON................ 16 – MURPHY......27 – BALE.
6 – REID....................... 17 – GHALY........ 28 – BERNICHE.
7 – STALTERI................ 18 – BERBATOV....29 – TAARABT.
8 – LENNON.......... ........19 – EKOTTO........30 – BENT.
9 – HUDDLESTONE.......... 20 – ZOKORA. .....31 – KABOUL.
10 – TAINIO......................21 – DERVITTE..... 32 – ROSE.
11 – ROUTLEDGE.....22 – MALBRANQUE. .......33 – BOATENG.

Since Ramos came in as manager ;

34 – GUNTER.
36 – HUTTON.
38 – MODRIC.

I'm not sure why you've left out all the Arnesen signings that first window...?

Anyway, apart from that, I'm not sure on the point you're making??


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May 20, 2005
Originally Posted by stemark44

This is the team we played against Arsenal in one of Martin Jols early games ;
Robinson,Pamarot,King,Naybet,Edman,Carrick,Mendes, Brown,Ziegler,Keane,Defoe.
Bench -Fulop, Kanoute,Davies,Gardner and Redknapp!

Hi Stemark - That's an interesting team and am glad you picked that one out as it's a good memory jogger.

Why were/will most of these be replaced or at least needed cover for?

Robbo - loss of form - Pamarot - never agreed with selling him but Hutton is better - King - injured too often - Edman not good enough IMO - I thought Lee was better and Bale nearly did the replacement trick 100% but injured too often - may still do it and I'm getting more confident re Gilberto

Carrick - who knows what happened behind the scenes but we do know we made a massive profit on him and he probably wasn't broken-hearted to go to Man U -

Mendes - never agreed with him going but JJ is a better mid so not disastrous him leaving, wish him and Carrick could have stayed though, but it would be Carrick and JJ for me in the mid

Brown - always liked him but zokora is a step up on him so not disastrous again and by now Brown is probably past his best - I wish we could have a slightly better version of him now though - his commitment & foot in attributes are what we need big-time

Ziegler - not good enough - Steed and lennon are both better

Keane - still here

Defoe - not as good as Berbs - wouldn't sign a new contract

Fulop - wish we still had him - but we need a better keeper as well to be our No.1

Kanoute - controversial - but the main reasons for his leaving are well documented - I won't stoke up old flames here - but I backed Jol & the board in their decision and still do - maybe we were all wrong - maybe we weren't

Davies - good player, should have started in the Cardiff final - lost his way a bit at Spurs thereafter - one of those things I reckon, needed a new club

Gardner and Redknapp - too many injuries

So overall I back the board's decisions on the vast majority of these players that we've lost - and only have regrets on one or two - which is normal