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Discussion in 'Columns' started by sebo_sek, Aug 22, 2015.

  • by sebo_sek, Aug 22, 2015 at 11:14 PM
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    Where do I begin? The cheer and subsequent sigh of relief as Alli beautifully headed the ball into the of the back of the net... Oh, yeah, I thought. With ten minutes to go, there is no way we can possibly... oh, good grief. Seriously?!

    But those 90 seconds were no fluke on Leicester's end. They ran the show from the get go. Oh, sure we had the bulk of possession but did little to nothing with it. Whereas they did plenty with theirs. Not many clear cut chances, sure, but I could see the shaky knees of our defenders each time they went forward, and the wall-like swarm of theirs when we did.

    No, sir. They were in control. They wanted us to have possession and believe that we can handle them, push them back and capitalise, but we couldn't, and didn't. They had done their homework. I can't recall a single spell when we would dictate terms to them; when we were the ones calling the shots, when they held on for dear life. But I do recall how they torrorised us on the counter, whith helpless attempts from Jan and Toby to stem the tide, and Davis tripping over his own legs or not getting back at all, like Walker.

    I can't remember any grit.
    And here lies the fundamental problem. The shaky knees, the weak mindset, the timidness and terror...

    And the other end was no better. We were slow going forward, with little to no creativity. The infuriating Lamela, ineffective Kane, who seems tired and dejected. Where was the intensity? Where was the desire to go at them. I saw the score update from Upton Park and I thought, bloody hell, those are two sets of believers right there. Where were ours?

    Sure we could discuss tactics, who did what wrong and when, but at the bottom of it all, we played like chickens. Not the proud cockrels from the shirts, but little headless chickens, who were shown their place in line by the likes of Huth. It was a case of getting outfoxed by predators while doing just enough for the entire henhouse not to be ripped to shreds.

    But let's not kid ourselves. Had it not been for the fact that the ref was blind (both ways mind you) and that Hugo simply stood in the right place at the right time, we would be licking our wounds from another defeat right now. the second they scored, they didn't let up.

    Now, 2 from 3 isn't 2 from 8, but with tough fixtures coming thick and fast, and our pluckiness a sad chapter in the book of "What might have been, but isn't", I am beginning to dread the weekends.

    Onwards and upwards then, it seems we can't get much lower. We can only get better, I hope.
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by sebo_sek, Aug 22, 2015.

  1. bubble07
    Just watched the extended highlights on Sky I have three questions 1. can we swap Lamela for Mahrez, 2 Knowing he's a left footer why did Jan allow him to cut to his left to shoot & 3. why can't we hold a lead.
  2. dontcallme
    1) I doubt Lamela would want to go to Leicester so no.
    2) Mahrez showed all game he is comfortable turning either side, I felt Mason should have bust a gut to block him coming inside
    3) Just find someone to blame, don't think too much about it
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  3. slartibartfast
    This sort of shit never ceases to amaze me.
    I mean, do they actually fkin ever do any homework on the opposition?
    Spent years watching defenders allow Giggs and Rvp shifting onto their left.
    Who knew?
    Mind boggling it really is.
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  4. grittyspur1
    Without Eriksen we're shite!
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  5. Gaz_Gammon

    His absence made no difference.
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  6. UbeAstard
    I think he can go inside and out so Jan was in a bother anyway until someone came across too late.
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  7. jimmyh
    I don't believe Eriksen would have made any difference. I think we are one of the worst teams to watch in the league and that is down to the manager. Honestly did not want him to start with and he has done very little to prove me wrong. I believe we are in for a long hard season and don't think under this manager we will finish in the top half of the table or even worse. I just can't see this philosophy he keeps talking about. I think we are even at this early stage in real trouble and unless we do something about it quickly managerial wise things are only going to get worse.
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  8. Jamturk
    I was taught at 5 years of age to always show the attacker away from the goal.
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  9. jenko
    I think we'll be okay, not watching the match today and missing the Manu one is really helping me with my negativity problems. 12 pints hasn't done me any harm either. Looking for ward to Sunderland.

    Yes, I know...
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  10. dickyid
    Disagree with the 2nd paragraph completely. Other than the last 10 minutes, we controlled the game. Leicester play an intense game and with it being 35'c plus on pitch we obviously tried to do what Man U did to us the other week. Control the possession and wear them out. would've worked too but for that pesky Inler coming on and stopping us overrunning them in midfield.
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  11. Geyzer Soze
    With him we're shite too
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  12. bigspurs
    Slight over reaction me thinks!
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  13. N17Jack
    I also disagree, I was at the game and tbh they never really had much. Away from home our fans were loud and our players responded. OK Lamela Davies and Walker didn't play well but we still controlled possession.When Alli came on we were the only team going to win the game, our fans new it and so did the opposition. We scored and when they equalised with a worldy it knocked the stuffing out of us and they could have won the game. No reason to give up on the project just yet. 2 strikers and a holding midfielder and we are laughing.
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  14. diamondlight
    Agreed. For years I've noticed that our players always seem to have a meek, teddy bear like quality about them. I suspect that this is the result of a deliberate (but probably subconscious) recruitment policy. Maybe those sorts of players appeal to Levy, and vice versa. Any time we get anyone who is an edgy character, they soon get shipped out - whether manager or player.
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  15. sebo_sek
    Nothing to it... Just three players in a week. Not too much to ask for.
    We didn't control the game because we were so good. I believe that Ranieri surrendered possession in favour of the counter. And it showed. They didn't press us, they invited us to their half.
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  16. Jamturk

    Exactly this, people are confusing possession in our own half as controlling the game.

    Anyone remember AvB?
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  17. dickyid
    But until Inler came on who admittedly we didn't handle very well, Leicester didn't do anything. They have a very fast side and beyond Walker (who had a poor game anyway) we couldnt match their pace. So we retained possession and controlled. I concede their lack of pressing up top made that easier, but it was absolutely roasting hot, that grounds a heat trap. So the trepidation from both sides is to be expected.
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  18. bubble07
    So when is potch going to play Tripier ffs.
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  19. dickyid
    He or the new guy Clinton would've been good to bring on. Carroll didnt get much of a chance and Bentaleb was too late. Taking off Lamela was the right thing to do though.

    I didn't think we were too bad tbh. Safety conscious - but against a crazily in form team in front of very noisy home support on a baking hot day.
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