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Discussion in 'Columns' started by sebo_sek, Aug 22, 2015.

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    Where do I begin? The cheer and subsequent sigh of relief as Alli beautifully headed the ball into the of the back of the net... Oh, yeah, I thought. With ten minutes to go, there is no way we can possibly... oh, good grief. Seriously?!

    But those 90 seconds were no fluke on Leicester's end. They ran the show from the get go. Oh, sure we had the bulk of possession but did little to nothing with it. Whereas they did plenty with theirs. Not many clear cut chances, sure, but I could see the shaky knees of our defenders each time they went forward, and the wall-like swarm of theirs when we did.

    No, sir. They were in control. They wanted us to have possession and believe that we can handle them, push them back and capitalise, but we couldn't, and didn't. They had done their homework. I can't recall a single spell when we would dictate terms to them; when we were the ones calling the shots, when they held on for dear life. But I do recall how they torrorised us on the counter, whith helpless attempts from Jan and Toby to stem the tide, and Davis tripping over his own legs or not getting back at all, like Walker.

    I can't remember any grit.
    And here lies the fundamental problem. The shaky knees, the weak mindset, the timidness and terror...

    And the other end was no better. We were slow going forward, with little to no creativity. The infuriating Lamela, ineffective Kane, who seems tired and dejected. Where was the intensity? Where was the desire to go at them. I saw the score update from Upton Park and I thought, bloody hell, those are two sets of believers right there. Where were ours?

    Sure we could discuss tactics, who did what wrong and when, but at the bottom of it all, we played like chickens. Not the proud cockrels from the shirts, but little headless chickens, who were shown their place in line by the likes of Huth. It was a case of getting outfoxed by predators while doing just enough for the entire henhouse not to be ripped to shreds.

    But let's not kid ourselves. Had it not been for the fact that the ref was blind (both ways mind you) and that Hugo simply stood in the right place at the right time, we would be licking our wounds from another defeat right now. the second they scored, they didn't let up.

    Now, 2 from 3 isn't 2 from 8, but with tough fixtures coming thick and fast, and our pluckiness a sad chapter in the book of "What might have been, but isn't", I am beginning to dread the weekends.

    Onwards and upwards then, it seems we can't get much lower. We can only get better, I hope.
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by sebo_sek, Aug 22, 2015.

  1. dk-yid
    Doesn't matter what we have in Eriksens position - with the lack of pace and runs made we would be shit with Zidane there.
  2. N17Jack
    Clinton wasnt on the bench, and they were not noisy we were.
  3. JoeT
    And Rose too.
  4. ginola007
    We were indeed in control. We were patient and was searching for openings. However, when gaps did appear, we did not have the speed to take advantage, and the opportunities were quickly gone.

    Vert had an outstanding first season with us, and there were talks elite clubs were vying for him. Those rumours had all but disappeared, which is an indication how far he has fallen from the height he scaled three seasons ago. I had hoped the signing of Alderweireld would add an understanding at the back that was missing last season. So far, it hadn't exactly worked out.
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  5. dickieven
    Its funny how people see games differently. I thought we were in control. They had no shots on target until they scored and i thought we handled them well.
    We went to sleep after our goal. Then paniced. But before that i thought we did ok.
    We do desperately need help for Harry though. He cant have the pressure on him all season.
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  6. dickyid
    I was sat with home fans. Got a Leicester supporting uncle who had a mates season ticket so I was undercover.. Sounded pretty loud to me, louder than we are at home. Generally quite impressed with their singing. Them paper clappers are effing annoying though.
    And yes I know Clinton wasn't on the bench but would've been good for a few minutes. Surely no less pointless than bringing on Bentaleb on 90?
  7. N17Jack
    They give them cardboard clappers for a reason, you must have been a long way from us if you thought they were load. I could hardly hear them.
  8. Chris_D
    A bit harsh. Eriksen is our best out field player and would have made a difference. My gripe for a while has been the lack of leaders on the pitch. Yesterday we basically laboured, scored then just stopped. We didn't learn after a few runs from Mahrez, surely Chadli and Davies needed to cover our left flank. As soon as we scored those two should've dropped back to help us cling on. Before everyone says it's easy with hindsight, yes that's fair criticism. Even at half time I felt if we stopped him we'd stop Leicester.
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  9. N17Jack
    Njie and Son already in, don't think we need the DM as Dier is doing relatively well in that position for a youngster, although I believe we might still land one. I still suggest that despite your damning verdict after the Leicester game, its not been too bad a window.
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  10. sebo_sek
    My verdict had nothing to do with the transfer window, but with the game itself and our meakly show.
  11. shelfmonkey
    Yep, basics, what we fail at, week in week out!!!

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