Player Ratings: Spurs v. Palace

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  1. Gazzaniga

    154 vote(s)
  2. ???

    6 vote(s)
  3. Rose

    3 vote(s)
  4. Jan

    22 vote(s)
  5. Dier

    100 vote(s)
  6. Sanzhez

    4 vote(s)
  7. Auerier

    0 vote(s)
  8. Winks

    0 vote(s)
  9. Sissoko

    5 vote(s)
  10. Son

    3 vote(s)
  11. Eriksen

    1 vote(s)
  12. Kane

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  13. Dembele

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  14. Llorente

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  15. Davies

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  1. Pellshek

    Pellshek Well-Known Member

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    +5,376 / 255 / -24
    ++ Gazzaniga (MOTM)

    + Dier, Jan, Rose

    <> Sanchez, Winks, Dembele (s), Son, Llorente (s)

    - Sissoko, Eriksen, Kane

    -- Auerier

    NET: Davies (s)


    Son should have been one rating lower because he was pretty awful, but that finish was quality.

    I'll say one thing in Auerier's defence: he didn't try to hide or go missing. But it's only a plea in mitigation, because he was a mess.

    Auerier was also the cause of some of Sanchez's problems, so I've given latter the benefit of the doubt and given him a par marking. I am very excited about this lad. Looks an absolute thoroughbred defender to me, like Desailly or Baresi or Maldini. Maybe that's a bit OTT, but you could see the same demeanour in all those players when they were young.

    Winks' and Kane's markings kinda ruined by injury - former in particular looked to be having a decent game early doors.

    Was tempted to give Sissoko a higher rating because, as it turned out, his energy was pretty important in the last 10 minutes and he did disrupt a couple of their dangerous attacks. So I give him high marks for bottle and fitness, but that's about it I'm afraid.


    Ed: Apologies, poll added
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  2. thinktank

    thinktank Hmmm...

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  3. tiger666

    tiger666 Large member

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  4. Gb160

    Gb160 Aggressivity

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    +31,158 / 273 / -122
    Where's the god damn poll?
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  5. CornerPinDreamer

    CornerPinDreamer ................Us.............

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    +6,619 / 138 / -69
    MOTM ..close run thing between Gazza-2 and ???
  6. yusrisafri

    yusrisafri Well-Known Member

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    +4,559 / 465 / -94
    Dier - 9

    Gazza, Jan - 8

    Kane, Winks, Rose, Sanchez - 7

    Eriksen, Sissoko, Dembele, Son - 6 (Son shoudlve been 5 but for the goal)

    Aurier - 5
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  7. glospur

    glospur Well-Known Member

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    +5,766 / 159 / -33
    Take the 3 points and run. Remove everyone who has been called up from national team duty (I don't care if you've got crucial World Cup Qualifier Playoffs, Christian!) from their respective squads and send them to the beach until Wednesday or Thursday. We looked fucking exhausted before the hour mark, truth be told.

    Gazzaniga: 8
    Sanchez: 7
    Dier: 8 (MotM for me, and the culmination of an excellent month or so of football from him)
    Vertonghen: 8
    Aurier: 5
    Winks: 6
    Sissoko: 6
    Rose: 7
    Eriksen: 7
    Kane: 6
    Son: 5 before the goal, 7 because of it.

    Dembele: 6
    Llorente: N/A
    Davies: N/A
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  8. Trix

    Trix Well-Known Member

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    +44,772 / 266 / -90
    GazzaNinja MOTM.
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  9. Nine while nine

    Nine while nine Taking a room at the Imbecile Hotel

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    +25,645 / 61 / -27
    MOTM was Gazzaniga whose 90 minutes can best be expressed as :nailbiting:(y)(y)(y)(y)(y)(y)(y)(y)(y)

    Conversely, Son had one of those games that was a bit more :facepalm::facepalm::facepalm::facepalm::facepalm::woot::facepalm::facepalm::facepalm::facepalm:

    Vertonghen and Dier outstanding.

    The rest ranged from decent (Rose) through to erratic (Aurier)
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  10. Marty

    Marty Throbbing member

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    +8,837 / 115 / -41
    Gazzaniga saved us twice and looked assured on his debut. Clear MOTM.

    Dier the best outfielder.
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  11. AnotherSpursFan

    AnotherSpursFan Active Member

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    Gazza was quite good but I can only give him a rating of 6 because his distribution is really bad, real bad, this is something that he needs to work on in training. Goalkeepers need to learn to pass for pete's sake
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  12. theShiznit

    theShiznit Well-Known Member

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    How good we are seems proportionally representative of how much the opposition attacks us.
    On Wednesday Real attacked us a crazy amount and we were crazy good. so today Palace attack us not so much = not so good.

    On days like this, the full/wing backs need to be better, Rose is not up to speed yet and his final ball was poor. Aurier is hit and miss in his attacking and defending. If nothing is provided by those wing/full backs then we are reliant on eye of the needle moves or individual brilliance from Kane, Son or Eriksen.
    Can't understand the Dembele for winks change. (didn't see the opening 4 minutes of the second half so unsure if Winks was injured?)

    We were pretty poor though Lets be honest, a lot of leggy performances, Son very hit and miss, needs to save his jiggery pokery for the final third as poor decisions led him into traffic a lot, but coolly finished with the best bit of quality of the match, the fullbacks were pretty poor but Rose grew into the game.
    Sissoko was Sissoko (make of that what you will...)
    Llorente needs games in the reserves as his touch and fitness seems well short, we know he is a better player than this whatever way his team sets up.
    Sanchez had a few WTF are you doing moments but solid on the whole.
    I give joint MotM to Dier and Jan.
    Gazza made a great save from their corner but was lucky that Zaha screwed wide in front of an open goal also kicking was just giving the ball back to them a lot. But fairly assured though for someone that was called rubbish and can't catch a cold in the pre match thread...
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2017
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  13. Everlasting Seconds

    Everlasting Seconds Well-Known Member

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    +15,973 / 1,263 / -416
    Vertonghen best.
    Most really average.
    Some quite decent.
  14. felmani26

    felmani26 SC Supporter

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    +16,353 / 357 / -105
    Thought our back three were once again solid as can be - Dier particularly who really does flourish further back than in midfield.

    Gazzaniga had a great debut it must be said - saw more action than any of us would have liked at home to Palace but nevertheless, he looked confident and it'll be interesting if he sees more opportunities as Lloris' deputy over Vorm going forward.

    Came at a cost this win with little knocks and niggles but hopefully nothing long lasting but goes without saying, a reprieve from international duty for Messrs Kane, Alli and Winks will aid us tremendously you feel.

    MotM - Dier
  15. allpaths

    allpaths Well-Known Member

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    +3,712 / 92 / -27
    Son does a great Alli impression lol such a wonderful player to have as part of the squad
  16. freeeki

    freeeki Well-Known Member

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    +5,284 / 262 / -151
    Gazza MOTM for me ahead of Dier, simply because of context.

    Debut game for the club, drafted in at the last minute, first ever game at Wembley, hasn't played in the PL for two years, left Southampton as a laughing stock because of a few howling errors and terrible performances... still pulled off a performance which ultimately saved us today.

    We wouldn't have won if it wasn't for Son, but we would definitely have lost if it wasn't for Gazza.

    A great debut, and a big middle finger to a lot of Southampton fans (and Spurs fans, including me) who took the piss when the team sheet came out today.

    Hope we stick him in against APOEL and see how he goes.

    (But Dier was brilliant too)
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  17. ebzrascal

    ebzrascal Well-Known Member

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    +2,637 / 363 / -90
    Gazzaniga: 8 -
    Sanchez: 7 -
    Dier: 8.5 -
    Vertonghen: 8 -
    Aurier: 5 -
    Winks: 6 -
    Sissoko: 6.5 -
    Rose: 8 -
    Eriksen: 6 -
    Kane: 6 -
    Son: 6.5

    Dembele: 6 -
    Llorente: 5.5
    Davies: No Time
  18. davros

    davros Well-Known Member

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    +420 / 3 / -0
    Last night I dreamt we beat Palace by scoring 10 and conceding either 0 or 4 (it was a little unclear in the dream). Kane scored 6 and Son scored one of the others. As it is, we did win and Son did score, so I'm kind of prescient.

    But I was actually pretty worried about this game. They surprised Chelsea a couple of weeks ago, and they were always going to make it as difficult as possible to take three points at Wembley with that fresh confidence of taking points off top teams. And it was easy to imagine headlines about a Spurs Champions League hangover.

    In the end, we were pretty flat and sloppy, perhaps partly because we were against the team at the bottom of the table. But Son's moment of real quality was enough to give us the points. This is what Son does so often, though. He can be frustrating and pretty poor, but they he produces a brilliant finish from nowhere. Then he fucks up chances to make the game safe. I love him with all my heart because he can and does win games for us even when he's having a bit of a stinker.

    MOTM was probably Dier or Verts, but I think Gazzaniga did a lot better than most (including me) would have expected.
    Edit: It was great to see Rose starting for us again. He'll take a few games to get back to his best, but he will be so useful once he's there.
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  19. muppetman

    muppetman Well-Known Member

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    +2,844 / 56 / -7
    Dier my MotM, particularly in the first half he seemed to be everywhere.

    Feeling a bit flat after the game to be honest and I suspect so are the players. As someone said before - cancel all Internationals and send them off to the beach.
  20. Bus-Conductor

    Bus-Conductor SC Supporter

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    Ugly Beautiful

    I just do not get what the pundits and to be honest, many of us in here, were expecting. This was so predictable. We are an elite team, even some of the good teams (ManU) are pragmatic against us, the Pullis's, Dyche's and Hodgson's are pragmatic against everyone, let alone us. This is what Palace needed to do, it was the right thing for them to do, and in Zaha they have the ideal player to make it effective and dangerous. Hodgson has spent 40 years honing this game plan. I expected this game to be exactly what it was. Attritional with risk of sting in the arse.

    Team selection was pretty much what I'd expect given the circumstances. I have a huge issue with playing a player like Sissoko in that CM/8 role because he gives us so little, his technique is not comfortable on the ball under pressure, he's clumsy with and without the ball, he does nothing incisively or cleverly, and in game where there is no central space he can't even charge. Maybe in the dying embers when Palace had to attack, we could have taken off Kane or Son and pushed Sissoko forward to trundle at them on the counter, but for 80 minutes he was just making up numbers, doing nothing out of the ordinary that any very average player couldn't do. I'd rather have seen Onomah or even KWP or Trippier in his position, at least they have the technique and some vision.

    The pundits kept talking about "increasing the tempo" but it's just idiotic and completely lacking in understanding of how the game was tactically set up. We actually played the game pretty well tactically first half, continually got the FB's in good positions and with a better delivery and decisions from players like Aurier, Rose and Son, we could have created more and better chances. If we get impatient and just pump the ball forward aimlessly or try to force things, this is exactly what they want, you get careless, and play into their hands, they pick you off and break on you, isolating the likes of Zaha against CB's, get set pieces etc. And this is exactly what happened, and why their chances, break chances, will always look more dangerous. In exactly the same way we looked more dangerous against Liverpool, Dortmund and RM. First half, Winks and Eriksen (in his deeper remit) and the CB's were zipping the ball about nicely, pulling the game from side to side, getting the FB's isolated or in space and nearly creating a Son?kane clean through, and they weren't getting much of a sniff either.

    I was more disappointed with the second half. Winks going off didn't help, Dembele is never going to be an improvement in terms of seeing and moving the ball quickly, so what we had was a slowing down of supply, desperation setting in, stupid chances being taken which didn't really produce more quality, but did produce much more counter threat from them.

    But all that said, we deserve credit today. Football sometimes requires patience. If RM had shown it they might not have got their pants pulled down by us. There's beauty in the kind of ugly win we got today. Don't let the mug pundits MOTM award fool anyone. They had a plan, it's a much easier plan to execute than ours, the fact that their plan ultimately failed and they failed to do to us, what we did to RM, is a testament to our quality, not theirs. Breaking down the bus park will always be one of football's toughest conundrums, it's why football is so interesting, an inferior team always has a tactical chance if they are well drilled. If it works they deserve some credit, but if it doesn't, then they deserve what they get.


    Gazzaniga - Hope we can keep him fit for next week. Great game. Two fine saves and good on crosses.

    Aurier - I said this way before we signed him, but he's affectively Walker - two years younger and two years less of Poch's tuition. Physically great, great engine, intellectually a little challenged.

    Sanchez - This kid has really started to grow on me this week. Dare I say shade's of King ? Pace, technique and good reading for his age. Superb again today. Joint MOTM

    Dier - He's a CB, not a CM. Great game again today. Joint MOTM

    Vertonghen - Smooth muthafucker. Joint MOTM

    Rose - He got up and down well, and got into some great positions, but I was disappointed with his end product, and the one time Zaha ran at him he breezed past him way too easily.

    Sissoko - OK, didn't shit the bed, but doesn't bring anything above the very very ordinary.

    Winks - Really missed him second half. Was zipping the ball around well first half, which was exactly what was required.

    Eriksen - Decent enough game from his slightly deeper remit, took up Winks' role second half pretty much. Played a couple of lovely through balls that were horrifically wasted.

    Son - As ever, excelled with the sublime, bumbled away the simple.

    Kane - Has had better games to be honest.
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