Player Watch: Dembele

Discussion in 'Spurs Chat' started by TwanYid, Jun 30, 2014.

  1. Bobbins

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    What? :LOL:
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  2. Locotoro

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    People saying he's done are talking out of their rectum...officially.

    He got on the ball and immediately danced around 2 Palace players to move the ball forward. I also noticed as soon as he came on Eriksen started playing further forward and finding more space. Dembele isn't just a holding midfielder, he has the ability to suck players into him and ghost past them then releasing the ball to Kane, Alli or Eriksen. Funnily enough Modric used to do the same thing for us.

    Only difference I'm noticing on his return is he seems much more angry. The fitness will take a bit of time and I'm happy to give him that. Let's not forget he will look unfit playing in a Poch team given how physically demanding the tactics are.
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  3. Woodyy

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    Does he tend to start for Belgium? Hope he doesn't play 90 minutes both games but he could definitely do with some game time.
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  4. parj

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    Dembele just took the piss out of anyone who tried to tackle him. His power is immense. He created space by sucking players in
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    JUSTINSIGNAL Well-Known Member

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    It always takes Moussa a few games to get back to form. I'm surprised people haven't worked that out by now.
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  6. Hengy1

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    Don’t normally and not sure he ever plays two in a row for them
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  7. DanNolan

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    I'm so hoping he's fit to start Saturday, seems to have added some bits lately too!
    On a softer note how cute is his child singing his song
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  8. Dharmabum

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