Player Watch: Harry Kane

Discussion in 'Spurs Chat' started by RichSpur58, Aug 10, 2011.

will Harry Hotspur start vs Lithuania?

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  1. raf18

    raf18 Well-Known Member

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    Kane got average to below-average reports from Orient fans last season. Poor touch and vision, looks slow, decision making a bit off. He got a decent return for them though, and seems to always score for the youth. Hopefully he's been improving fast. I wouldn't get too excited about him yet. There's a reason he hasn't got much of a look despite his goalscoring record. Also, he is a deep-lying forward so not exactly the saviour we are after.

    As for Tom Carroll, he got great reviews and they'd take him back on loan. Apparently very very comfortable on the ball. Maybe a dark horse in terms of a breakthrough youngster.
  2. chinaman

    chinaman Well-Known Member

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    Thanks, silly me. Must be age catching up. I knew there was one more recent than Jones, but the name slipped me.
  3. Ron Burgundy

    Ron Burgundy SC Supporter

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    Kane was sometimes played in midfield apparently and by the looks of things he's a striker.

    Whatever you say about the kid he does seem to score goals wherever and whenever he plays. He looks good with the ball at his feet, and compared to his peers I think his touch is good (Carroll is a year and bit older than him I think)

    He definitely has potential, but time will tell.
  4. ComfortablyNumb

    ComfortablyNumb Active Member

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    I don't agree with this in any way at all. Nor do I disagree with it in any way at all.

  5. cusop

    cusop Member

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    Its funny but DP said he was streaky lanky lacked touch and we sold him for 60K and then bought him back for 9 M!! I dispair that we cannot determine whether we should keep the likes of Kane around and I wonder how these loan deals work out. Its not like the best clubs want our players. In the past 2 years only Walker could hold his place on Prem loan!

    I started reading this thread full of hope and leave in dispair! We need a goal scorer so badly it is beginning to hurt
  6. Dannyspur

    Dannyspur I just don't know anymore!

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    you can't count crouch! not because of the clubs inbtween, but because i think we are talking about strikers who were any good!
  7. EJWTartanSpur

    EJWTartanSpur SC Supporter

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    I have no idea why Obika was granted a new contract this summer, he has no future with us. Still hopeful over Harry Kane though !
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  8. StartingPrice

    StartingPrice Chief Sardonicus Hyperlip

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    Why you little...:eek:mg:
  9. fazza

    fazza Well-Known Member

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    I guess when you play for a shit team in lower leagues you kinda become shit as well, If the rest of the team sucks It doesn't matter who you are, Stick Rooney in the Wigan team and he will look pants.
  10. stemark44

    stemark44 Well-Known Member

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    I am really shocked at so many fans passing judgement on an 18 year old kid who is just starting out on his professional career and some of the comments in the match thread and ratings thread are disgraceful.

    This kid like any 18 year old, uses the internet for football forums,facebook,twitter etc and to read that you are shite and that you will never make it as a player must be soul destroying.

    Let's give him and our other youngsters a bit of support until they find their feet in the game.
    Once they feel part of the club,part of the team and get into their comfort zone,they will improve at a rapid rate.

    They just need time and the support of the fans.
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  11. mpickard2087

    mpickard2087 Fantastic Member

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  12. jurgen1966

    jurgen1966 Active Member

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    I assume you are only 8
  13. yido_number1

    yido_number1 Spurs supporter, unlike some.

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    I'm really dissapointed with the reaction of some of the posters on here, they cry out for a player to come through the youth ranks and then write them off as soon as they have an average game...


    Well said the OP
  14. VegasII

    VegasII Well-Known Member

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    Good thread mate. People need to shut up a bit more. Give the bloke a chance.
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  15. OmarsComing

    OmarsComing Mentally Disturbed Individual!

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    o fo

    He is a championship player at best, actually reminds me of ginger pele and Raziak.
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  16. Bemuser

    Bemuser Member

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    I completely agree. But, then again, I thought he played well last night. When I came on here to read people writing off his future I could not believe it. He is only 18, but he got involved and was fairly quick with some of his play. He should have scored his header, but at least he was finding some positions to score. He also nearly scored a header from a ball Walker flashed across, so I believe the encouraging signs are there.
  17. 14/04/91

    14/04/91 Well-Known Member

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    I thought he had some lovely touches last night around the edge of the box and to judge him on a game against a team which basically played with a back 9 in the 2nd half isn't fair.
    I'm not sure he's mobile enough to become a regular, or maybe even a squad player at a top 6 club but he's got a future.
  18. beats1

    beats1 Well-Known Member

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    Couldn't agree more, he was in no way the worst player on the pitch yesterday

    Stupid comments like this is why i couldn't be asked with the forum yesterday, he did just as good as defoe yesterday so is defoe a championship player?

    Like I said yesterday in the chat room, he has all the ingredients to be a top player but he's not developed his all round game yet and in the europa we have hardly made any chances mainly down to our midfield being overrun, because other teams defend like beavers :grin:

    He still did some good things yesterday and would scored twice yesterday had not been for the hand ball and for the greek player who got his head taken off by his shot

    When you consider that not many players are not as good as he is at that age its unbelievable people calling him a championship player at best, especially when you consider after he got his first goal for the O's, he was playing alot better and got 5 goals in 9 starts there, he is likely to go to a championship in january and will most likely do well

    Im guessing the people who are writing him off are the same people who were calling Smalling shit at 20 years old when he was playing for fulham
  19. SlickMongoose

    SlickMongoose Copacetic

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    I get the feeling that he brings out the inner schoolyard bully in people. After his 2nd ever spurs match people were taking the piss out of how he talks, after his third ever spurs match people were taking the piss out of his appearance. If he was an Arsenal player i'd understand it, to do it to one of our own youth players is horrific.

    I browse other teams forums regularly and we're probably the worst fans in England when it comes to supporting our youth players. The instant they turn out to not be the next Rooney they're slated constantly.

    I suspect it's in large part a need to be proven right - most youth players don't make it, thus if you slag off every youth player you'll be proved right most of the time, thus people slag off every youth player. Not only is it massively unhelpful to the individuals concerned, it creates a really negative atmosphere for any of the other youth coming through. All so that fans can massage their own egos.
  20. Gbspurs

    Gbspurs Gatekeeper for debates, King of the plonkers

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    Its pathetic to slate him after a few games, you think people would have learned after Gareth Bale. I remember reading constant remarks about him being championship level, better off selling him to forest whilst we can etc etc.

    Fans like that don't deserve to support a team with good players. I think we are definitely they worst fans at supporting our own players. At times people talk about huddlestone like he killed their pet fish. Or Bassong like he raped their mother.

    These players, regardless of how good they may or may not be, play for spurs. For as long as they appear on the pitch we should support them. Either that or piss off and support arsenal.

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