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Discussion in 'Spurs Chat' started by RichSpur58, Aug 10, 2011.

will Harry Hotspur start vs Lithuania?

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  1. PrettyColors

    PrettyColors Well-Known Member

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    Lads he's 18.

    Sure he missed a header vs. PAOK but get him a loan, more game time, and we'll see how he develops.

    Bale was pretty shit at 18 as well.
  2. Danny1

    Danny1 Well-Known Member

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    I agree with the OP for definite! What a lot of people fail to understand is that you cannot judge a player watching him once playing for a Spurs team devoid of any confidence like the one on Wed night. Clearly he is massively rated by Spurs who, may I add, watch him in training EVERY SINGLE DAY....!

    But hey, I guess the people calling him crap or a Championship Player at best know way more than Harry Redknapp, all Spurs Qualified Youth Coaches, Tim Sherwood, Les Ferdinand, the England U19 Manager & their Scouting Team.

    I thought he had an ok game, nothing spectacular but nothing completely crap. He was better than certain other seasoned professionals out there i.e. Corluka, Pienaar, Bassong... to name but 3. He has a good touch & played a few good balls through to Lennon & then Walker when he came on. Also there was one particular moment when he picked the ball up outside the area, went one way & then checked back on to his left foot & let fly with a blistering shot which was well blocked.

    Im not saying he is going to be the next big thing but im also not writing him off. Lets see how he progresses & id quite like to see him loaned to a Championship club in January to see how he gets on!
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  3. mattyspurs

    mattyspurs The blind man

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  4. Stoof

    Stoof Immortal Hero of the Transfer and ITK Forums Staff

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    As much as I don't agree with the original post, I still think he's a long way off being on the bench in the League. If we're dumped out of Europe, I expect we'll ship him out on loan in Jan.
  5. smurf2001uk

    smurf2001uk One Hotspur Bronze Member

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    I agree he needs game time but he wouldnt be on the books unless he had potential, he ran his heart out on wednesday night. He chased defenders down, showed a good few touches. He is one for the future but needs to go out on loan and get some game time.

    I think that pen he missed really dented his confidence
  6. Spurs1960

    Spurs1960 Well-Known Member

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    Totally agree with loaning him out in January to a Championship club to develop his game in match conditions. He showed some good touches, has a powerful shot, looks OK at the moment so time to help him move on to the next level.
  7. kaz Hirai

    kaz Hirai Well-Known Member

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    no he wasn't
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  8. penfold_99

    penfold_99 Active Member

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    i thought he played well given that fact he was smothered everytime he go the ball, this was due to the fact that the build up play was so slow, if we was playing in the first team it would suit him a lot better.

    We loss because we were trying to walk the ball in the to net at the speed of a old person with a zimmerframe.

    i wanted corluka to get hauled off as we he got the ball, he got infected with jenas syndrome, get the ball stop look up pass sideways or backwards or if he went forward he would stop every few yards to check te ball was at his feet.

    i could have seen us playing a lot better with rose still on the pitch linking up with bale and have walker as rb.
  9. bugsdad

    bugsdad SC Supporter

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    Agree he was far from shit, Anyone with a bit of football knowledge would have recognised that. Unfortunately he suffered a bad injury which knocked him backwards but true talent comes through in the end and I have big doubts about Kane.
  10. Coyboy

    Coyboy The Double of 1961 is still The Double

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    Dunno but he's fucking shit.
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  11. Paolo10

    Paolo10 Well-Known Member

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    Ha, I got an infraction for calling someone who called Kane shite, shite.

    Agree with OP, fucking ridiculous to write him off...mind you it wouldn't be like Spurs fans to write off a player too soon (even before they've kicked a ball...Parker, Friedel etc.).

    I'd rather play him than Pav based on what I've seen so far. At least he has a heart, Pav's like the fucking Tin Man.
  12. onthetwo

    onthetwo Well-Known Member

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  13. RickyVilla

    RickyVilla Well-Known Member

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    And he is with you sunshine.
  14. PrettyColors

    PrettyColors Well-Known Member

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    And neither is Kane. I should have put quotation marks to make the point clearer.

    But anyways, that's the point. Bale turned in some bad performances at LB after the injury, and while I wasn't around for that, there were a lot more than just one idiot or two thinking he wasn't good enough.

    Kane needs some experience, he needs a loan, he needs some more games. To give up on an 18-year-old is simply ridiculous, like I said before.
  15. Wheeler Dealer

    Wheeler Dealer Well-Known Member

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    Thats bollocks about Bale.

    Kane appears to be lacking pace, movement and power, which most successful strikers have. I think that he'll struggle to establish himself here without the aforementioned attributes.
  16. kungfugrip

    kungfugrip Well-Known Member

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    Don't want to appear negative, but I'm still waiting for Livermore to come good. I honestly don't think it will happen either. I'd be delighted if he proved me wrong though.
  17. nedley

    nedley John Duncan's Love Child

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  18. Frozen_Waffles

    Frozen_Waffles Well-Known Member

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    I have to say there are quite a few spurs fans on this site who do not have the potential to be anything more than conference level posters.

    Kane is VERY highly rated, I have seen him for the youth team and he seemed head and shoulders above everyone else in that team. He has a future this lad, I would rather he played than Pav anyday of the week, and I thought he did ok on Wednesday. People are saying about loaning him out to the Championship, not a bad idea but I think he will be in an around the Spurs first team sooner rather than later.

    Just a note on Livermore, on Wednesday he put alot of effort into that game and IMO played well.

    If people have to slag off members of the team that played on Wednesday, please start with Bassong!
  19. 14/04/91

    14/04/91 Well-Known Member

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    good argument, well made....
  20. Marty

    Marty Throbbing member

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    Am I the only one who can never figure out if :stupid: actually means "I agree", or if it's just a sarcastic way of saying "you're stupid"?

    It's very hard to tell sometimes, like the way it's been used in this thread.

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