Player watch: Josh Onomah

Discussion in 'Spurs Chat' started by Dharmabum, Feb 3, 2016.

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    Nah it’s totally different.Liverpool and Real Madrid was 532.With the 3 sitting tight shuffling across and 2 front men.The games you mention was more 3331. With wing backs much higher joining the CM pivot.And the 2 wider CM much further forward.The 3331 is much more fluid and the 532 much more regimented.Lets be honest winks has only got a sustained place because of injuries and taken his chance much like dele did.
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    Lamela isn't a CM, even in a 3. Nor is Sissoko, there is nothing Sissoko can do as CM that Onomah (or Winks) isn't much better at - apart from charging headlong into opponents.

    Dier should only be considered as the central pivot for a CM3, so he's not viable for the two "8" roles either side. Dembele's been on the decline physically almost since the day we bought him, he is definitely not the future.

    I like Winks, a lot, said he should have been playing more last season etc, but even now, with Winks having the week he's just had and playing for England, I still think Onomah has the higher potential ceiling.

    I really do worry that Onomah isn't held in high regard by Poch. So I have almost given up hoping he makes it with us, but if he does make it, I just think he has a very rare skill set, that possibly has higher limits.

    Winks is great at making a game tick, Onomah has the ability to run the gaff.

    I would love to see the pair of them in a CM3.
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    Whilst I broadly agree with you re Josh I think the potential problem possibly holding him back (and perceived by Poch etc.) is does he have the personality and mentality to run top level games? I know he has a languid style which can be deceiving but I'd like to see him more active in demanding the ball and especially in how he reacts off it and I think (right now) Winks is more tenacious and has a more active mentality which has pushed him up the pecking order.

    It's possible the loan was seen as a chance to develop this with regular playing time at a competitive level (which poch couldn't guarantee at Spurs this season) before integration back into our squad.

    I'm not saying that if this is the case I necessarily agree with it (time will tell I guess) and I'd much rather see him getting pitch time than Sissoko, but it's a possibility I think and maybe not without it's merits.

    @Hercules said recently that Josh isn't gonna be sold so let's hope he's back sooner rather than later and playing on a regular basis.
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    I think Dembele has actually got better and better...
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    He was indispensable not so long ago! Short-termism (when it suits BC) strikes again. It's a squad game.

    For what it's worth, I'm almost as confident to predict a bright Spurs future for Onomah as I was Winks and Kane.
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    BC has never accepted that Dembele was indispensable, even when it was fashionable to do so.
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    We couldn't play without him a couple of years ago but we've proven time and time again now that we can get good performances and results without him in the team too. That's not necessarily saying we shouldn't include him when he's fit.
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    Either way, the wider/ more attacking roles of the CM3 / midfield diamond (and it is more like a diamond than a flat 3 behind the striker as Alli was definitely far closer to Kane than Eriksen or Sissoko in that formation) are perfectly suited to Onomah.
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    Did you just refer to yourself in the third person?
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    I was just going to make the same comment, it's probably a typo, it's not like he comes across as having a great sense of self importance.
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    BC, the new ole Gibbsy
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    if so very dark days ahead of ourselves indeed
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  13. glospur

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    Comments from VillaTalk on Onomah after the derby game:

    'A very poor player. Send him home.'

    'Had a complete mare. Worst performance I've seen from him.'

    'That was probably the worst performance I have seen from a player without him being substituted.

    He is so inconsistent but overall he has been disappointing and I expected far more from him.'

    'The guy is just crap. Seen nothing to suggest he should be getting game time over our own youngsters.'

    'Was shite today. I'm not overly impressed so far. '

    'O'Hare and Grealish should be playing in front of him.

    I don't think Onomah is much better than either of them, but at least they are our players.'

    'Thought he was abysmal today, young player still but that was not good enough. '

    'He plays like he is out for a kick about in the park with his mates. Not a care in the world. Spurs fan rave about him and want him to replace Dembele. He is a million miles away.'

    'He was dreadful today. The occasion was too big today for him. Bruce didn't help him, he should have subbed him as opposed to snodgrass and hourihane '

    'He definitely isn't good enough for spurs that's for sure on evidence of today'

    'He's obviously a talented player however he always gets outmuscled on the ball and is very wasteful in possession. I am yet to really see what he does, and in our team is pretty much a luxury player. I'd never play him in away game again.'

    'Another player with far more attitude and confidence than his work rate and talent deserve. No way will Spurs want him back based on his spell with us so far. Got lost, doesn't fight for the ball and rarely passes. Not sure what role he plays but think we've got a lot better options from Hogan, Grealish, O'Hare etc.'

    'What quality? To watch is people run off him and in behind him every 2 minutes. There is a reason why he is played advanced and when we play for 442 he is dropped and quite simple it is because he doesn't want to do the dirty work.'

    'Your typical academy product nowadays. Looked scared shitless, didn't want to be there, didn' want the ball. Just wanted to be at home playing XBox.'

    'He didn't follow his runner a few times.

    Thought he was abysmal today, young player still but that was not good enough.'

    There are also a lot of comments in much larger posts about him being both mentally and physically lazy; refusing to track runners or fight for the ball. No doubt some people will pass the blame on to Steve Bruce or whatever instead of admitting Josh has significant flaws in his own game and attitude. I like Onomah, personally, and have seen some good things from him, but if he gets this kind of reception at Villa then I can't imagine why people would want him to be starting in central midfield here.
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  14. AJW

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    I didn’t watch the game but I could swear after his last game they were talking about him as if he was the new messiah
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  15. Adam456

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    Indeed they were

    I think most on here agreed that he needed regular games to boost his confidence etc. and perhaps this it's what you get by dropping him inexplicably and then putting him back in in a hard fought derby
  16. bat-chain

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    Watched the game, he struggled playing further forward to the point where he was barely in the involved, neither side made any effort to get the ball down and pass it and as a result Josh seemed to always be in the wrong place or ignored. It was very strange. Also felt as though he wasn’t doing enough off the ball closing down and battling.

    Later in the game he was moved into midfield and was better, indeed he played a nice pass in a move that resulted in a header being saved and another nice through ball in the last moments to set up a counter that lead to a free kick on the edge of the box. As poor as Josh was these were two rare moments of quality in the whole game, both provided by him.

    In my opinion he is slightly lazy off the ball, I've watched him a few times for Villa now and always come away thinking he doesn’t come alive till he has the ball. That said Villa are very passive under Bruce, maybe he is simply doing what is asked.

    He needs to find a way to impose himself on games more I think, he has the ability to raise the level of Villa's play on his own but he has to do more as well.
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  18. rossdapep

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    Pretty sure we had similar comments about Kane during some of his loan experiences. As long as he is learning I think he'll come back better.
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  19. $hoguN

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    He once again was played at 10 when he is a CM. is there any surprise he was out of the game?
  20. Drink!Drink!

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    Villa fans can say what they like....even if what they say was true he still looked like one of their best players out there

    Villa play horrible, shapeless long ball quite clearly the youngster who wants to get the ball on the floor is to blame for their results
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