Player Watch: Serge Aurier

Discussion in 'Spurs Chat' started by Cravenspurs, Sep 6, 2017.

  1. Vincent30

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    Ok he made a silly mistake, first premier league start, away in a London derby at West Ham. Silly tackle for the second yellow. But some of his play with the ball at feet was beautiful. Poch will have a few words and hopefully he will learn to no be so rash in future.

    He started against Dortmund, we won, he started away to West ham, we won. Two games we didn't win previously. So much better on the ball than Walker. A real threat and addition to our attacking play. Not sure why there needs to be a big issue.
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  2. VanZan

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    OK full premier league debut then.
  3. tiger666

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    One of the most stupid comments I've seen on here.
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  4. ardiles

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    Despite what happened today, I'd pick him over Trippier every day (except when he's suspended).
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  5. -Afri-Coy-

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    He made some good runs and brilliant final tackles. I think the referee was a bit harsh on the second challenge as he was clearly trying to play the ball, but the challenge warranted a second yellow and unfortunately he was already on one.

    He needs to learn to tone down that positive aggression when he is on a card, but otherwise I personally thought Kane and Serge were our best players on the pitch today.

    Once Poch gets some discipline in him I really think he could be the best RWB in the PL.
  6. SlumDilla

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    From Poch:

    I'm glad Poch has a bit more sense than some of the posts in here.

    Also video of Poch speaking about Aurier

    from 1:44
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2017
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  7. ebzrascal

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    I think Aurier will be a good player for us especially when he sorts out his positioning and decision making, He needs to anticipate and read the game much better. I suspect playing for PSG in Ligue 1 does not test players as much as they so dominant.
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  8. ralphs bald spot

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    I think from his first two games he looks to make poor decisions and his tackling is at best a little rash. For me it's nice to see a defender tackling as its something that's disappeared in football but I fear that if he continues in this vain it won't be the last time he is sent off. He needs to learn to stay on his feet quickly

    Finally people trying to convince themselves that on the first two showings that he is comparable to Walker are living in cuckoo land but he has time its only a couple of games and he has to find his feet not to mention his composure
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  9. jonnyp

    jonnyp Well-Known Member

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    He's several of orders of magnitude better on the ball than Walker is. Was erratic today from the start though. No doubt it will be sorted out.
  10. thebenjamin

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  11. ravenspurs

    ravenspurs Active Member

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    I love the passion and fire he plays with. We need more players like him. Poch just needs to teach him to channel it better. He made a few mistakes today I don’t think he’ll make a few months from now. His talent is clear for all to see and he has the makings of one of the best right backs in the world one day.
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  12. fletch82

    fletch82 Well-Known Member

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    Just trying to work out if you are heavily influenced by Tim not nice but dim from the debate the other night or
    You are him ;)
  13. Romulus

    Romulus Well-Known Member

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    Aurier has to learn that we are not the kind of team that makes rash, stupid tackles. yes, it can happen at any time but as a team we don't give the oppo any freebies
  14. walton

    walton Well-Known Member

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    Still looks rusty, and seems to favour the 'pace will get me out of trouble' approach that Walker perfected. Hopefully he can be tamed a little in this respect and use his footballing brain a little more.
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  15. dynamoSpurs

    dynamoSpurs Well-Known Member

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    We'll be lapping up his grit in no time, I'm sure.
  16. NinjaTuna

    NinjaTuna Active Member

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    Thought he had played quite well throughout the game - highlights being his last ditch tackle (which even though could have quite easily given away a pen, i was sure had stopped a certain goal), and his run into the box followed by low cross to an offside Kane. However i think he's a dick for almost giving me a heart attack in that second half, so thanks again Serge. The ****ish messages from WHam fans were flashing before my eyes for a moment there...
  17. Lancaster Spur

    Lancaster Spur Member

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    Probably should have subbed him off before he gave the ref the decision to make but hey it happens sometimes.

    Thinking about it, didn't Kyle Walker get sent off on his premier league debut for Man city?
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  18. rossdapep

    rossdapep Well-Known Member

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    I'm not so sure. You don't really want to read the riot act to a player who is as fully committed as that, there are other ways to encourage him to cut it out. I'm pretty sure a soft talk, some advice and a bit of work on the training ground will help him in this instance
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  19. Shadydan

    Shadydan Well-Known Member

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    Gotta love Sky Sports pundits Redknapp and Pardew desperate to stick the boot in today calling him out, fucking hell you"d think that he's a player with years of experience the way those two went on, it really was quite the witch hunt, Pardew even bought up the fact that he had a falling out with Blanc and him looking arrogant then when Sheringham piped up and said it's his first start basically saying give him a break, the twat Pardew then went and changed his mind saying actually he might be nervous, wtf?

    Sky are just typically sensationalist, xenophobic, jobs for the LADS bollocks who poor scorn on foreign players when they come to this league...proper bunch of little Englanders who love to stick the boot when it's convienant but when they're proved wrong they go quiet.

    Paedew even said that if he was Poch he'd be ripping into him.. erm pretty sure that's why you've been sacked from 3 Premier League jobs mate for being absolute shit in all of them.
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  20. mano-obe

    mano-obe Well-Known Member

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    I quite like him, he's very physical and in your face. It took Walker many years to become really good. The boy has energy, but I'm sure Poch can work on his positioning and discipline, he done it with Rose and Walker, who other teams fans said we had two championship full backs

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