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Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Jan 3, 2018.

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    Mauricio Pochettino admitted he substituted Davinson Sanchez for fear of the Colombian being sent off in Tottenham's 2-0 win at Swansea.

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Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Jan 3, 2018.

  1. Japhet
    Sanchez yellow card was laughably soft. He touched Ayew's shoulder and he went down like he'd been shot. The second one deserved a card IMO but maybe Madley had the first yellow in mind when he let it go.
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  2. robbiedee
    I thought the second foul was largely due to the shitty pitch and conditions. He went for the ball where it should have rolled to but it stopped on the surface and he took the players shins out instead...

    a sending off would have been very harsh.
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  3. hughy
    One of those incidents which would never have been given if it was in the box, and we wouldn't be talking about how Sanchez perhaps should have got a second yellow. I mean, how many times a game do you see defenders doing that during corners?

    I actually don't think Madley had a bad game personally. Unlike some I didn't see either Son or Dele's penalty claims as a penalty. He got a few minor decisions wrong, but on the whole was good in difficult circumstances.
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  4. Japhet
    I don't think there was any intent and, as you say, the conditions didn't help, but he did take the bloke out miles away from the ball which looked way worse than it was. Can't imagine what Wenger or Mourinho would have made out of it.
    generally agree but the Dele push was a pen....put him off and probably prevented a goal to be honest
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  6. Japhet

    I think some of his pidgeons are coming home to roost. He's got himself a reputation for going over too easily now and is likely to miss out on some legitimate appeals now as a result. Same thing happened to Bale.
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  7. jenko
    I can only remember us getting one peno that wasn't in the last two years. It's not like we've been getting away with it or anything but regularly we're denied them when we should get more.

    Maybe that happens to all the other teams too. But i doubt its the same for everyone. We need video assistants...
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  8. JimmyG2
    Blackadder ''It was never offside''

    Crucial first goal.
    How did the linesman not see that
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  9. guiltyparty
    First booking was never a booking.
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  10. WalkerboyUK
    First yellow is clearly a case of the two simply crossing paths and Sanchez puts his hands on Ayew to avoid losing his own balance.
    He certainly didn't haul him down or do anything in a manner where there was intent. Was a ridiculous booking.

    I watched US coverage and the commentary team were repeatedly saying Ayew should have gone down under Hugo's challenge. There was less contact than the challenges on Alli and Son, and he would have ended up with a 3 game ban.
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  11. Langers
    Yeah, U.S. Coverage was awful. David Prutton was furious Sanchez was not sent off, despite the first yellow being a joke. Kept on whining about the offside too, but hardly mentioned the Lorente one on one that should have been onside or the two penalty shouts.

    NBC seems to have hit a new low. I can't stand Tony Gale either. A few weeks ago he accused Verts of being a thug and a cheat and is very biased against us. The best commentator they have is Lee Dixon! Despite starting ever sentence with 'back in my day....'
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  12. Phantom
    Ah Prutton that was the **** commentating, the guy was totally clueless.
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  13. guiltyparty
    Tony Gale is a twat. That Spammer's always had a huge chip on his shoulder about Spurs
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  14. Shadydan
    Seems like the media were all desperate for the underdog to win that they create a narrative and ignore the decisions that should have been given in our favour.
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  15. N17Jack
    I didnt watch the US broadcast as I was too busy in Wales getting soaked by horizontal pouring rain. I just wanted to say that the conditions were the worst Ive ever seen a game played in. Sometimes the ball skidded through and sometimes it stopped dead. Its no wonder there were some dubious challenges, the players could hardly stay on their feet. The crowd were on Sanchezs back, one more mistake and he was off, the only thing Poch could do was sub him really.
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  16. JC-Rule
    the first one was off side,but soon after Loriente was clean through and got flagged for offside, incorrectly
  17. Chedozie
    I agree, Gale is a West Ham fan and is anti Spurs, probably because we never bought him.

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