Poch: Too soon to compare Kane with Ronaldo

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Sep 28, 2017.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Sep 28, 2017.

  1. Everlasting Seconds
    I agree. It's important to not get carried away. Ronaldo and Messi, good as they are, must show more of what they can do before we can actually say that they are comparable to Kane.
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  2. Japhet
    I don't give a fuck about Ronaldo so why would I compare Harry to him?
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  3. Dharmabum
    I don't understand the English press obsession with wanting to compare Kane with Messi and Ronaldo. For a starter, they are very different players. And Messi and Ronaldo are 2 of the best ever players the world have seen (I am not a fan of Ronaldo at all but facts are facts).
    Next to those 2 come players like Neymar, Suarez, Iniesta, Aguero.
    Kane is almost "there" but not yet.
  4. Shadydan
    I've only seen them compare stats and in particular stats from this calendar year which is fair, have you seen any other articles comparing his ability with them?
  5. olliec
    I had to double read this before I saw it was a joke.
  6. Shadydan
    Di you read any of these articles? a few of them are click bait headlines but there is literally nothing in them that say they are comparing him to Ronaldo or Messi ability wise.

    People really need to read these in context, the context is often talking about his scoring stats this year where he can be compared, looks to me that some see Kane Ronaldo and Messi in the title and immediately get excited and think that the media are comparing them all.
  7. Everlasting Seconds
    It is 95% a joke, but it is 5% not completely without a little reason. Ronaldo played 180+ matches in PL and scored 84 goals. Kane has 82 goals in 119 games. :wideyed:
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  8. Dharmabum
    That is your perception. I am not saying what is written are Academic thesis on the topic. My point was that the press is obsessed with comparing him with Messi and Ronaldo, and all the head-lines - whether related to the topic underneath or not - just proves that point.
  9. Shadydan
    It just proves that they're click bait and they're designed to get gullible people to click on them and believe that they make up the entire content of the article, that's all there is too it.
  10. Dharmabum
    Yes, it is click bait prying on the obsession of such comparisons (of journos and fans alike) - which proves my point.
  11. diamondlight
    Ronaldo is currently the best footballer in the world.It is natural that Kane on current form will be compared - and will compare himself - with the best.
  12. Shadydan
    But my point is that the key content is in the article not the headline, the media do their best to whip up controversy knowing full well that people will think that there is a comparison. Not sure what point I've proved when you asked the question originally regarding the press obsession...the obsession isn't the comparison it's just pure and utter click bait.
  13. Dharmabum
    When it is repeated that many times it is an obsession. Pochettino have been asked by jornos about the comparison many a time.
  14. Spurger King
    Second best.
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  15. Shadydan
    Yeah, the media push an agenda and have a narrative. The subject matter this week is Harry Kane and the narrative has been comparing him to the current greats, Ronaldo and Messi.

    They will continually push that narrative until people get bored of clicking or until a new narrative comes along. This is why the constant need for the media to bring it up in interviews and press conferences so that they can re-hash stories and grab any soundbites they can so that they can print them to make yet another story so that people will bite. You're right when you say that it's prying on the obsession of the need of comparisons by fans but the media's actions are dictated by the fans as they're the customers and the media feeds into their wants and needs purely for revenue.

    Going way off topic now so am gonna leave it now :D
  16. bigspurs
    He scores a lot of goals and is amazing, where as they are probably the two best players of all time. End of.

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