Pochettino demands fight and desire Vs West Ham

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Sep 21, 2017.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Sep 21, 2017.

  1. Bilko
    The hammers cup final.
    Really fed up with the Rose saga-will he ever play again?
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  2. bigspurs
    So 1-0 to the hapless sammers then! Lol
  3. Chris_D
    Of course he's right. We've got better players than West Ham but there's a danger they'll out battle us. If we out work them there's no reason we can't beat them league and cup but not if we sit back.
  4. shelfboy68
    If we play at our best we win simple as that but if we do what we have done for the past couple of years and not be up for it, then the likelihood is we probably will lose.
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  5. 1882andallthat
    I do very much want us to adjust our mindset when we play them and adjust it permanently. We should always be as up for this as they are, but additionally we rarely play to our strengths when we play them, we nearly always start against them the way we did against Swansea, dawdling about with the ball retaining most of the possession and distributing it to one another slowly, they simply sit back get everyone behind the ball soak it up and hit us with the odd chance that comes their way.

    We need to be aggressive and we need to move the ball about quickly and seamlessly, it will pull them all out of their protective positions and if we did that there is absolutely no reason why we couldn't hit them for six in the way we did away at Leicester. They have been absolutely taken to the cleaners more than a few times last season when City Liverpool and Arsenal played them that way in quick bursts because they simply can't live with it. Even recently this season Newcastle gave them the complete run around 3 or 4 weeks ago and they were lucky to only lose 3-0 up there.

    The only time in recent history when we have really played to our strengths against them for most of the game was two seasons ago when we ripped into them from the off and the 4-1 score line flattered them. Having looked at their forums they seem very concerned with Son and his quick turn of pace, even more so than the front 3 of Kane Alli and Eriksen, although they remained concerned at the threat Eriksen poses if he is given too much space. They even remarked very accurately how Son's arrival on the pitch as a sub changed the game for us when we were 2-1 down at home and turned it around to 3-2 with the late late show last season.
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  6. Cruyff
    Not only do we need pace but we also need players willing to pass the ball early with pace. The contrast between our game against Swansea and the start of Chelsea vs Arsenal and some of Man City's play has been quite startling and concerning.
  7. Sir Henry
    I have no problems with us playing teams that dare to cross their own half way line, its the ones that dont that worry me. I dont think the spammers will sit back.
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  8. shelfmonkey
    We should play aggressively and with desire against every team we play!!!
  9. chinaman
    Common boys. The talking is over. Score six against them.
  10. shelfboy68
    Agree totally the trouble is that mainly for us fans arsenal and Chelsea are the games that the fans and players are mainly up for in the derbies.
    West ham on the other hand are all consumed by us which when you live in Essex like I do you grow up realising their bitterness because in reality they want to be us.
    In fact their last season at Upton park when they beat us the next day in the paper one of the chairman along with the players was doing the hammers sign in the changing rooms, levy would never ever do that because one he sees them as a minor irritation and two because he has too much class totally the opposite of them.
  11. goughie1966
    It's more to do with the opposition. We looked much better against Dortmund because they wanted to play too.

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