Pochettino went toe to toe with City – but that’s not why Spurs were thrashed

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Dec 17, 2017.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Dec 17, 2017.

    some reasonable points (like many missed the Oto kick to Harry's head).
    Frustrating because 0-0 at half time and then with our improvement in the first half of the second half, you just never know.
    Not saying Citeh aren't the better team now and yesterday...they are.....but could have been interesting.
  2. Sweetsman
    I was hoping we would do what we did against Real, but in that match we had Alderweireld with Dier as defensive midfielder. Pochettino may have thought he would rather go down swinging and that without good defence in midfield there was no point in doing an Alamo (which didn't end well, either). Poch is often accused of not changing things early enough, that he is not proactive. I am not sure if this is true and whether it's because he trusts the eleven on the pitch to see things through, rather than use the ones on the bench. He is also a young manager, and young people tend to be stubborn about their choices. He's less wedded to Bielsa than I feared, but he should be more pragmatic.
  3. adamsky
    We all know Poch has been fantastic for us and will be in the future again. However, he had a shocker yesterday, was as bad a performance from him as Trippier. When you see something is plainly not working you need to do something, Trips needed help or to be replaced. Lamela should have come on sooner, what had Eriksen or Alli shown to indicate that they going to suddenly start playing? Hell, it was so bad yesterday I would have even brought Sissoko on earlier.

    I guess managers are like players, they can be excused a bad day at the office, but I hope he has learnt something from it.
  4. gloryglory
    He should indeed have reacted sooner. I'm not sure Aurier would have done better against Sane than Trippier did, but he could hardly have done much worse.

    Lamela and Sissoko could both have been tried earlier too. It was clear that it wasn't Dembele or Alli's day. Felt sorry for Son.
  5. Sweetsman
    The problem is that if you can see you are on the way to getting a whipping, bringing on the likes of Airier may end up with another sending off.
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  6. Sweetsman
    Just watched P Neville argue with Jenas about Spurs' approach to yesterday's game. I initially agreed with Jenas, but Pochettino wants the mentality in the club to change. This means that we don't shrink against big clubs, but it does mean taking a few beatings along the way. That's what he means by it being a learning experience. Our club has been flaky for far too long, which is why Fegie said "Lads, it's Spurs!". So, I trust in Poch that he is here for the long run.
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  7. TottenhamMattSpur
    With Dier at CB, no Toby and no Victor we did well keeping it to 4.

    Dier is starting to remind me of Dawson. Bit of a hero but pretty much a liability unless he has a proper CB next to him. Ledders for Daws, Toby for Dier.
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  8. browndchl
    Just watched the highlights yet again, after watching the full match live. I was mightily pissed off with the result and some individual performances, but a few observations: Their 4 goals were all down to individual errors by our players - yes and they did miss numerous other chances, but the outcome could/should have been very different had Otemendi seen red for the kick on Kanes face. It was only 1-0 at that stage. We had a number of opportunities to deliver dangerous crosses and passes but, we just weren't at it on the the day. I'm still confident that the results will improve and we'll go on an unbeaten run very soon.
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  9. buckley
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  10. whitesocks
    We should have setup like we did at RM.- 3 at the back, and Winks as a token midfielder.
    Soak up the pressure, then hit it long.

    Send Rose on late, when the game is won, to avoid his fits of outrage.
  11. Geez
    I kept shouting at Trippier to mark Sane but he obviously had both of us on ignore :(
  12. Sweetsman
    I think Sane drove Trippier insane.
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  13. Sweetsman
    Rose will have found out that he's not in a fit state to start, ditto Trippier.
  14. whitesocks
    If Rose has been well and truly humbled, then some good came out of the ordeal.
    Same for goes for Alli.
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  15. archiewasking
    I went Christmas shopping instead and spared myself the anguish.
  16. slartibartfast
    Just out of interest who is in your 3 at the back and wing backs given that Alderwiereld and Sanchez were unavailable and Rose is 'coming on late'
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  17. shelfmonkey
    Against Burnley we'll find out what type of flake we are! Are we a 99 flake, standing proud, firmly plotted at the top, hardened by the cold! Or are we a left on the car seat in the sweltering sun flake, soft and gooey, looking a complete mess!! We'll see.
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  18. TottenhamMattSpur

    We were fucked for this game when Toby went off against Madrid, we were even more fucked when Sanchez raised his arm and the nail in the coffin came when it was clear Victor was never gonna make it back in time

    With this 3 in the 11 we'd have been able to play those tactics with a really strong base to rely on while throwing attacks at City.
    As it was we threw attacks as them with an error prone "bare bones" defence that was all we could out out.

    3 at the back would have been either Vertonghen, Dier and Foyth or Vertonghen, Dyer and Davis.
    Against Aguerro, Sane and KDB
    Let that sink in.

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