Polish fans honor dead Varsovians

Discussion in 'General Football' started by sebo_sek, Aug 3, 2017.

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    You excuse the Warsaw fans as the pictures are a few years old, and yet you castigate the Germans when the Warsaw uprising was 70 odd!!! Surely if the recent photos aren't representative of Warsaw fans now, then how can the Warsaw uprising Germans be representative of Germans now?
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    These things do run deep though. The Dutch haven't forgiven the Germans really for the Hongerwinter of 1944/45 and someone I know saw a German registered car with 'bike thief' scratched into the paint work just a few weeks ago. I know as much from Dutch colleagues from my time in Rabobank.

    The treatment meted out to the Poles was shockingly brutal even by the Nazis' standards and they should commemorate the Warsaw Uprising; futile (and brave) though it was. The Poles are the most represented in The Righteous Amongst The Nations and certainly have much to be proud of in that regard, even if a few wankers today don't get the irony of adopting Nazi iconography to bait and taunt others.

    I'm surprised no-one mentioned the Soviets waiting till the Germans were done before they attacked.
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    No one is lecturing Poland on what they did and I don't think you can do anything but admire and respect the way the Polish people resisted the Nazis. What did the Channel Island authorities do with the Jewish Population?
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    Can't we just honour the dead and leave it at that?

    Every nation and peoples have a bloody past and we have arseholes in every group.

    People can be barbaric whatever their colour, religion, faith. We just have to try and rise above it and create a more tolerant world. The majority of people are kind and loving, if they weren't civilization would break down.
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    Pretty much. Lots of glass houses about in this world...
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    no argument, but I suspect we are all closer to that than we'd like to admit. I have no reason to believe Germans are inherently more evil than any other band of humanity. I think under the right circumstances that could happen again in jus about any location.
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