Premium seating questionnaire


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Jan 14, 2008
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I've just filled out my questionnaire from the club about premium seating options at the new stadium. Anyone else had one? The options are all based on a redeveloped WHL. Much as I'd like to enjoy a 4 course meal at every home game, unfortunately the options are all a little out of my price range...

Not sure I liked the pics of the hositality areas too much anyway - all seemed a bit soul-less and hotel-like. I wouldn't want to eat my gourmet food under purple mood lighting, I want to eat it under a mural of Gazza wearing plastic boobs and Greavsie smoking a fag in the changing rooms.

I seem to recall filling one of these out a couple of years ago too. On the plus side, it shows the club is back to working seriously on the NDP again.