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Discussion in 'General Football' started by cwy21, Nov 9, 2011.

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    I think that's easy to answer, throw more money at it
  2. hellava_tough

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    Haha, yeah usually it would be

    But in this case the risk might be connected to regional powers, with the support of the world's most powerful nation, looking to nobble Qatar through intelligence and militarily means; not exactly something you can just throw money at
  3. Danners9

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    So they've opened a case against the head of BeIN sports, who happens to be the PSG chairman, about bribing Valcke over TV rights.
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    What would be even more interesting would be to know who commissioned/paid for the report.
  5. talkshowhost86

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    My biggest concern is that the report was from Cornerstone Global.

    I'm fairly certain they're the chaps that send me my shaving kit every month, so they've got no business advising on this.
  6. ExpatFan

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    About time. Khelaifi, before becoming Qatar's bagman at PSG, was head of Al Jazeera Sport, renamed BeIN to distance themselves from being associated with Qatar's bribed World Cup bid.
    You must all understand the Qatari mindset. Everyone has his price... and if he doesn't, then he's not worth buying. I can tell you... there will be people back in Doha absolutely bricking themselves about this news.

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