Rafael van der Vaart exclusive: "Leaving Tottenham was the most stupid decision of my career"

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by Indisguise, Jul 22, 2015.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by Indisguise, Jul 22, 2015.

  1. Kiedis
    Watching him huff and puff trying to cope with a high pressing system wouldn't have been great for anyone.
  2. guate
    I remember when he nut megged that little gobby prick Wilshere and just smiled at him as he rolled on by.
    Definitely one of the most charismatic players we've had in a Spurs shirt for a long long time
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  3. greaves
    The keyword in the quotes for me is 'Fun'. That's what I expect at Spurs - adventure, verve, risk. And Redknapp himself played a part in that, for all his so-called problems.
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  4. TottenhamMattSpur
    Watching this high pressing crap makes me huff and puff and generally leave the games early.
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  5. Gaz_Gammon
    That was one great team, and you can now see why. Often ridiculed Redknapp knew how to gel a team.
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  6. yankspurs
    I love and miss VDV, but I have to be the contrarian here and go against the AVB hate parade this has brought along. He told VDV that he wasnt first choice so he bailed? First off, in what world is that not a motivational tactic to get someone to prove himself and become an even better player? Second off, didnt he leave because of personal issues with his wife?
  7. Matthew
    always remember the newcastle game on saturday evening, when we absolutely battered them 5 0, i think it was, one of the best first half of football ive ever seen us play, even saha got a couple!
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  8. lol
    by far my fav spurs player. more so than bale. yes bias
  9. Block D Spurs
    That 2010 / 2011 & 2011 / 12 team very good... don't forget the great defense.. Gomes Charlie daws leds BAE.... VDV was just fantastic at scoring from the loose ball, knock downs.. etc, Everytime I saw him in his 2 years at WHL 60 mins he was subbed... Knackered... but gave us a high % chances to win.
  10. L.S.U.Yiddo
    Reading that article and some of the comments on here about how we passed on Suarez, Cahill and Dzeko has made me realise we really are the Sisyphus of football.
  11. chetil
    I still have Rafa's shirt on my wall, and my desktop wallpaper is him celebrating a goal with "The game is all about glory" in the background. He was one of the few players who truly fit that statement, unique talent and a winner's mentality that today's team lacks.
  12. bubble07
    In other words you get what you pay for! Opportunity's like that do not come often and if you miss the boat then you have to wait a long time for another.
  13. Buggsy61
    He was a proper Spurs player alright.

    Best memories - Villa away when his touch and finishing was sublime and also Goons at home when he made a monkey out of Jack Wheelchair (I think he nutmegged him a couple of times).
    You could set your watch by when Arry subbed Defoe for him after 60 minutes.
  14. davidmatzdorf
    I guess we all read the bits of the article we want to read.

    I read that and immediately saw this:

    And the bit in bold immediately confirmed to me what I always suspected, which was that he moved back to Germany to try to save his marriage.

    We all know the story about AVB telling VDV that he wasn't an automatic selection. That does show what a poor judge of footballers AVB could be, but it also reflected the degree of indulgence that VDV required: rarely up to finishing 90 minutes, needing an attacking formation to be built around his skills [and his ego] and not the best at tackling or closing down.

    None of that adds up to him being "pushed out". It adds up to him needing to leave for personal reasons and AVB failing, foolishly, to give him any reason to stay.

    P.S. I love him referring to AVB as "what's his name". Mischievous.
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  15. TottenhamMattSpur
    I think it's well documented that he went with Sylvie. We all accepted that at the time and it softened the blow of him leaving.
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  16. Sweetsman
    Jason Burt of The Telegraph, and a friend of AVB, told me categorically that AVB did not want VDV to leave.
  17. Sweetsman
    Actually, he comes across as an idiot. He assaulted his ex-wife, which some of you schmucks may conveniently pass over.
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  18. davidmatzdorf
    I don't there is any inconsistency between that and what VDV (and everyone else) is saying. Only a fucking idiot would have "wanted" Rafa to leave and AVB is not one of those.

    But AVB wasn't a sufficiently skilful manager of delicate footballer-egos to induce VDV (a) to stay, (b) to feel valued and important and (c) to fill a useful role in his intended team formation and tactics.

    The whole squad was coming off nearly four years where they had a manager who knew how to make footballers feel good and feel part of a team. The camaraderie and team spirit of that lot, as VDV says in that interview, were off the charts. It was AVB's signal failure that he did not know how to preserve and augment that - I'm not even sure he could see the value of it.
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  19. davidmatzdorf
    And he was mortified by it. He made a mistake in an emotionally upsetting situation and he knew it and he acknowledged it.

    I don't recall any bullshit excuses or attempts to blame his wife. I don't recall any lawyers being drafted in to shift the responsibility.
  20. Sweetsman
    I'm sure you're comforted by the hagiography.
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