Rafael van der Vaart exclusive: "Leaving Tottenham was the most stupid decision of my career"

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by Indisguise, Jul 22, 2015.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by Indisguise, Jul 22, 2015.

  1. Sweetsman
    You're last sentence is based on nothing.
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  2. davidmatzdorf
    Of course, it is based on having watched the players interact during 50+ matches after AVB took over, as well as careful reading of the subtly-changing tone of players' ostensibly positive comments on "team spirit" under HR, AVB, TS & MP.
  3. davidmatzdorf
    I'm not sure how you read that interview as a hagiography. He comes across as semi-inarticulate, vain, egotistical, obstinate ("I won't change my way of playing"), slightly self-destructive, a bit of a throwback and someone who didn't make quite as much of his career as his ability might have merited.

    He's also revealed as a genuine enthusiast, a man who plays for the love of the game, who has/had a huge talent, valued teamwork and teammates, responded with enormous positivity and warmth when the fans gave him the admiration he craved and prioritised the beautiful game over success. And, of course, he was a key part of the most exciting team we have had in the past 25 years, perhaps in the past 50 years.

    His flaws and brilliance are equally on display in that interview, I think.
  4. Sweetsman
    This is ruining my main course. I suggest you think about why articles are written and the agenda behind them, especially in the tabloid press. AVB is an easy target. The question is whether HR would have still indulged VDV had he not been sacked.
    Anyway, the powers that be have said I should "watch it" for reasons best known to themselves. It's a lovely warm evening in Crete, so I'd rather enjoy that instead. Kali niti.
  5. davidmatzdorf
    There is nothing in my comments about AVB that is based on that interview. They are my considered pre-existing opinions about his merits and failings as manager.

    He was greatly disadvantaged by taking over from someone who made the players feel good about themselves as a way of getting them to perform. If he had taken over from a disciplinarian hard-case like (say) Fabio Capello, I don't imagine that his handling of certain players would have caused such abrasion.

    And the players whom AVB didn't abrade, Tim Sherwood did...
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  6. Sweetsman
    "I'm not sure how you read that interview as a hagiography. He comes across as semi-inarticulate, vain, egotistical, obstinate ("I won't change my way of playing"), slightly self-destructive, a bit of a throwback and someone who didn't make quite as much of his career as his ability might have merited."
    That just describes your typical Dutch international.
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  7. Stavrogin
    But how many great players do we sign and then ruin?

    I prefer to imagine all the ways signing Suarez would have turned into a terrible, heinous disaster; one that would leave us physically and mentally scarred, too afraid to sleep yet too broken to face the waking world...
  8. parklaneprince
    still blame Levy for sacking redknapp
    sold pavlychenko, rafa, to aid his need for a profit and pick up his bonus
    might redeem himself with the new stadium
    but we all know that when the team is on the verge of something the board fuck it up -- sack the manager or sell a top player
    rafa -- we all respect you and thank you for those 2 years
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  9. talkshowhost86
    This may be one of the most wayward things anyone has ever posted on here.

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  10. benny
    However optimistic I am about the new era with the way of doing things and the new philosophy, when I read stuff like this, I can't help thinking about what might have been...

    If only Levy had invested in the squad more in January, If only Harry hadn't got so distracted with the England job, or if the whole Capello/Terry thing hadn't erupted - we could have kept that team together for a few more years and added to it - with those players we should have been able to mount a serious challenge for the title in the years ahead. The final nail in the coffin was Chelsea winning the CL, but by that time plenty of damage had been done.

    The way the team played made it a great time to support the club, but it felt like it went far too quick!
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  11. kelloggs
    I loved Rafa! He threw me his shirt away at Blackburn and someone behind me lent over me and plucked it from beyond my grasp. Gutted. Worse for me was I filmed it and have a perminent reminder of it haha.
  12. ginola007
    We don't look back. We move on. We will surprise a lot of people with our energy, endeavour and enterprise this coming season.
  13. ginola007
    Problem is Rednapp passed on Suarez because he thought the Uruguayan would be too similar in style to VDV. That was history, however, and we should be looking forward to building a new and even more exciting team.
  14. Tomdon
    Huntelaar was available either...Season 2010/11 was a great miss - Suarez, Huntelaar and Dzeko were available at reasonable prices.
    That year could have been a major turn point in our club....
  15. degoose
    I loved it when VDV was at spurs, he was such a classy playing, had a hell of a shot and some amazing technique. For some reason though i always remember his goal against Watford. Also how good was Crouch and VDV together,
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  16. TottenhamMattSpur
    We could have signed those players. But we didn't.
    Reminds me of this:
  17. davidmatzdorf
    I always diverge from the consensus when considering that season. I think our missed opportunity had virtually nothing to do with transfer business in January 2012 - or the lack of it.

    The team was on a roll, right up to the point where Capello resigned. From that point, or rather one match later, results collapsed. After beating Newcastle, we won 3, drew 4 and lost 6 of our next 13 matches (+1 abandoned). Then Hodgson got the England job and we won 3 and drew 1 of our remaining 4 matches. It wasn't subtle, it was as black-and-white as that.

    I can't see how different transfer business would have affected the damage to team morale and managerial concentration caused by the England-manager circus (the incident with Fabrice Muamba arguably didn't help, either).

    Despite the slump in results, we still finished 4th and were looking forward to another season in the Champions League. Eden Hazard was announcing in interviews that he wanted to join Tottenham. We were still the fashionably exciting team to watch.

    Then Chelsea won the CL final. That single, semi-flukey event was what really did for that team and four years of Redknapp's management. There was little doubt that Levy was fed up to the gills with Harry's bullshit and self-promotion by that point, but I do not reckon that he would have been able to terminate his employment if we had qualified for the CL. He just wouldn't have dared.

    And who knows: if we were in the CL, we might have signed Hazard...
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  18. AllSeeingEye
    There should be a depressed smiley to tag onto that post. Possibly the most gutted feeling I ever had at the end to a season - more than when we got edged by a lasagne...

    We could have scored Hazard and kept Bale. Conjecture takes the mind in all sorts of what-ifs....

    I have to take comfort in that we stayed top half and continue to knock on that door despite the tribulations.

    As for the VdV article - what's more telling is that Spurs didn't want him back. Him and Keano at the Live Room probably says he deserved to not be AVB's No1. Six of one....
  19. h2005
    Should be no place at spurs for players that hit women. No matter how good they were/are.
  20. Jonesey
    According to him in the article it was AVB telling him he wasn't his number 1 anymore, not the girlfriend thing that made him leave.
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