Rafael van der Vaart exclusive: "Leaving Tottenham was the most stupid decision of my career"

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by Indisguise, Jul 22, 2015.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by Indisguise, Jul 22, 2015.

  1. Timberwolf
    Well he does also say "It was private things", hinting at marital troubles. I'm sure Sylvie played her part in his departure.
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  2. davidmatzdorf
    You missed the phrase about "private things". That was plainly a reference to his marriage problems. And it was the first thing he listed.

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  3. Spurger King
    The section you quoted simply highlights how his conversation with AVB was the catalyst for him leaving. Clearly other factors were involved, but VDV himself says that following his chat with AVB he decided that "well, it's better to leave."

    To me that comes across as someone who had good cause to go back to Holland, but hadn't made up his mind until he spoke with AVB.
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  4. Sweetsman
    We trounced a Newcastle team without a defensive midfielder, something that Pardew was aware of. The turning point was when we were two-nil up against the Goons and didn't shut up shop when the signs were there that they were hammering at the backdoor.
    It was Redknapp's turning down of the new contract that was on the table even after the court case, followed by the use of an aggressive agent, as well as the loss of places in the table for the second year running despite a stellar squad, that probably did for him. The board had probably already identified AVB (remember that someone had been scouting Oscar in Brazil, which was where AVB was spending his time after Chelsea) to take over from Redknapp once they thought that he would take the England job that everyone thought was his; the FA probably thought that the verdict in the court case would be too tainted whatever the outcome and so opted for Hodgson.
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  5. davidmatzdorf
    And all of that is entirely consistent with what I wrote. Just two parallel tales of simultaneous events, both true.

    What wasn't a major factor was the transfer business done (or not done) in January 2012.
  6. Sweetsman
    If you don't believe your manager will be with you next season, it is a bit stupid to let him, especially given Redknapp's incontinence when it comes to spending, have the keys to the coffers. They assumed wrongly that it was highly unlikely that we wouldn't be in the CL. They made a mistake in not telling Redknapp that they would do all they could to promote him for the England job as long as he ensured that we would not be below third. On the other hand, they couldn't tell him who they were sounding out for the post when it clearly wasn't Sherwood.
  7. Jonesey
    I don't see the point to your post David - especially when you just quoted exactly the passage that proves my point. And, TBH, it's irrelevant that the "private things" line came first.

    At the time I had a mate who was pretty close to the club. He confirmed that VDV never wanted to leave us - until AVB questioned his place in the team saying he wasn't sure if he would "fit into his planned system" [or words to that effect, it was a while ago] and wouldn't guarantee him first team football.

    I posted to this effect at the time but got shot down by a couple of people on here who claimed they knew better and moaned that I was doom mongering, not getting behind AVB, etc, etc.

    They were probably right - but it was based on this and other tid-bits of information that came I'd heard from the club at the time ...

    The jury was most definitely out inside the club RE: AVB long before the wheels actually came off, trust me.
  8. Tomdon
    We can get the expected results by improving of squad, the fact that at that time we did not have any quality striker and on the market there were 3 world class strikers at a reasonable price, I see it as a big miss.
    We should have taken this oppurtunity in both hands - taking in consideration that all our quality players often upgrade them self to a bigger club.
    But it's true that there are other factors in the equation that helped us to decline.
  9. davidmatzdorf
    I'm not seeing any real disagreement here. Of course he didn't "want to" leave the club. But his marriage was in trouble, his wife was going back to Germany and his new manager didn't give him the respect he thought he deserved. So he left and then regretted it when the marriage failed and his new club underperformed.

    Both factors were important and he quoted both in his interview. It's a matter of hunch which one you or I think was more influential.

    You post reads as if you think you need to convince me that AVB mis-managed the situation. You don't: read my posts again.

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