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  1. Vorm

  2. Naughton

  3. Fazio

  4. Vertonghen

  5. Davies

  6. Stambouli

  7. Bentaleb

  8. Townsend

  9. Paulinho

  10. Lennon

  11. Soldado

  12. Mason

  13. Kane

  14. Lamela

  1. Strikeb4ck

    Strikeb4ck Well-Known Member

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    +6,097 / 531 / -88
    Vorm - 7 - Couple good saves, very impressed with his distribution. Can't do anything about the goal.

    Naughton - 6 - Pretty solid.
    Verts - 6.5 - Good.
    Fazio - 6 - Slightly less good but these two have to be the starting CB partnership.
    Davies - 6 - Did alright defensively, worked hard. Would like him to be a bit more attacking especially considering Lennon was on that side.

    Stambouli - 6 - Really solid in the tackle. I like him. Passed well but for twice in the second half where he gave it away passing to Bentaleb. However I think this was a good sign because the passes were in front of Nabil, he wanted Nabil to run onto the ball, he wanted the team to attack. Nabil just stood still in his defensive role and thus technically Benji turned the ball over.
    Bentaleb - 4 - Not his best game.

    Townsend - 7 - Much improved today, beat his markers easily, just needs a better final ball. Unlucky on the FK.
    Paulinho - 3.5 - Looks to have no confidence, offered very little. Could see him being gone in winter.
    Lennon - 4.5 - Ran hard but didn't offer much going forwards.

    Soldado - 6.5 - Nice finish, needs to move more. Hopefully he'll have gained some confidence.

    Mason - 8.5 - Changed the game. What a goal.
    Kane - 7 - Also a big boost to the attack and a nicely taken goal.
    Lamela - NET
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  2. Dan Yeats

    Dan Yeats Well-Known Member

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    +3,035 / 132 / -54
    Kyle Naughton, much derided when being played out of position on the left, was fucking EXCELLENT tonight.

    I also want to bed Ryan Mason, obviously.
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  3. thinktank

    thinktank Hmmm...

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    +62,199 / 1,918 / -748
    The Mason
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  4. dude573

    dude573 Active Member

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    +1,454 / 43 / -6
    Naughton my MOTM - thought he was excellent. Went above and beyond in tidying up after Bentaleb's mistakes too
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  5. Mustard

    Mustard Well-Known Member

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    +20,486 / 976 / -459
    Paulinio- dogshit
    Bentaleb - dogshit

    Most of our players were poor tonight but those two encapsulate where we are under Levys stewardship.

    Baldini can fuck off.

    The twat.

    I know he didn't sign Benteleb but he's still shit.
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  6. VoteMe4Prez

    VoteMe4Prez Active Member

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    +1,380 / 57 / -38
    I saw him first :whistle:
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  7. Bofbro

    Bofbro Well-Known Member

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    +2,395 / 92 / -45
    Naughton was the motm before Mason stepped on the field
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  8. FinnYid

    FinnYid Well-Known Member

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    +2,196 / 333 / -160
    Naughton and subs were best, nothing wrong with Vorm. Even those with weaker game improved after 2 first subs were made.
  9. Mustard

    Mustard Well-Known Member

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    +20,486 / 976 / -459

    Expect Vorm to be our number 1 when Lloris is sold in Jan.

    Its a levy fire sale.
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  10. OiOiDrUnkYiD2

    OiOiDrUnkYiD2 Well-Known Member

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    +605 / 161 / -123
    Phew this could of been another West Brom game all over again totally dominate possession but lack that bit of magic that bit of creativity pass it around nice at times but just no movement,pretty slow and no final ball

    Nottingham forest had one good shot and scored a goal from bad defending but apart from That never looked a real threat, I thought we did ok but just lacked creativity we needed someone on there who could make something happen and we just seemed to run out of ideas untill poch actually finally made the subs which I thought he made to late and I have to be honest I did not quite agree with them at the time. Thank Fuck mason scored thst screamer it changed everything I feel so happy for the lad what a goal, he also has Part in the 2nd made a little back heel. The subs paid off

    In the end after a frustrating match it ended a good result

    Can't really remember their goal or who.was to.blame for it it just looked so easy for them

    Vorm -6 didn't have nothing to do but looked good on the ball and playing it out

    Davies - 6 did okk but still don't think he is anything special

    Fazio -6 looks bit iffy defensively got caught a few times but yo be fair he made up for it everytime

    Vertonghen -7 done his job

    Naughton -7 thought he done quite well.

    Stambouli -7 some good challenges and even looked a bit of a threat going Forward bit iffy on the ball and gives it away In silly positions think.he got better as game went on still think he Sandro can do what he does

    Bentaleb -5 poor game poor touch quite a few times gave it away alot did make few good balls

    Lennon-6 done couple of ok.little runs and made few nice touches but still.disappointing as usual and why was he captain?

    Paulinho -6 done ok tried but just not good enough in number 10 role and don't create enough or make anything happen

    Townsend - 4 for first half 6 for 2nd - first half awful so bad but got better near end made few good runs tried hard git back and defended don't wanna see him start in prem

    Soldado - 7 good finish tried hard that's it but hard for him as no service

    Kane -7 done well when he came on In the number 10 rule and great finish

    Mason -8 amazing goal changed the game just whst we needed

    Lamela -8 done very well
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2014
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  11. taricco

    taricco Active Member

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    +997 / 26 / -10
    Was at the match. Paulinho should be embarrassed. Jogging slowly forward when we were in possession, and slowly backwards when we were trying to defend. Lazy and mostly ineffective.

    Summed up by the fact he was taken off after 60 mins and showed up by a youngster who was positive and changed the game. Don't have high hopes for him at all.
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  12. guate

    guate Well-Known Member

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    +1,410 / 41 / -9
    Townsend deserves a mention for MOTM as his running at their fullback gave us several opportunities that unfortunately weren't taken however Mason's appearance changed the game from one which we were not only loosing but seemed to have lost confidence in ourselves similar to the WBA game.
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  13. OiOiDrUnkYiD2

    OiOiDrUnkYiD2 Well-Known Member

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    +605 / 161 / -123

    Very frustrating player first half I thought he was poor doing his usual making runs losing it shooting when he shouldn't made couple of good crosses but wasted alot 2nd half he did better but everyone played better after goal got potential but not good enough for me especially against the top teams
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  14. Bobbins

    Bobbins SC's 14th Sexiest Male 2008

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    +28,335 / 534 / -202
    @Strikeb4ck no idea how you can give Lamela NET as though he didn't have long enough, when in 9 minutes of football he got an assist and hit the post...


    Vorm - 7 - Nothing to do for the goal, otherwise solid.
    Naughton - 6 - Solid and unspectacular, as usual, which is not a bad thing.
    Verts - 7 - Generally solid and covered Fazio well when he got caught out. Guess he's used to doing it with Dawson.
    Fazio - 5 - Hmm. Got caught square a couple of times, looked non-committal in the tackle, disappointing for such a big guy. Got roughed up a bit by their big front man.
    Davies - 6 - Worked hard and like Naughton was solid whilst not offering much going forward.
    Stambouli - 6 - Not bad, tackled well which is his job, didn't do much else.
    Bentaleb - 6 - Lost the ball loads, which was really annoying. But Was the only person making any attempt to pass forwards until Mason came on.
    Townsend - 7 - Absolutely worked his nuts off. Disappointing shots, not great crosses, didn't beat his man much. And yet put insane amounts of effort in, hit a great free kick, and ultimately got an assist through persistence.
    Paulinho - 4 - Given up on him now. Do not know what he brings.
    Lennon - 4- Was he playing? Captain apparently, hilarious.
    Soldado - 6.5 - Great finish, came alive once Mason came on and the ball started to move forwards.
    Mason - 8.5 - Changed the game. Finally a forward looking player with his head up, not scared to try an ambitious pass or shot. Megagoal.
    Kane - 7 - Keeps proving his doubters wrong, week in, week out. Another tidy finish from a clever run, and did some good work prior to that.
    Lamela - 8 - Playing for less than 9 minutes, played the best pass of the game, got an assist, and very nearly a goal.
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  15. yankspurs

    yankspurs "We're not a selling club"

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    +29,378 / 4,231 / -2,227
    If 20 shots and with 1 on target, 5 into row z and one that shot the ISS out of space gets you MOM, then call me Albert Einstein.

    MOM is clearly Mason. And that is not even up for debate. Naughton played well too.

    When Paulinho is your only goal threat for 65 minutes, there is a problem. Maybe try and fucking create for others, you beyond useless wingers. Just a suggestion(y)

    Soldado got next to no service today and thank fucking christ, he was there to deflect Townsends ground shot that was going 20 yards off target, in to the net.

    Verts and Fazio should be CB pairing with Soldado up top against woolwich. No excuses Poch.
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  16. Mustard

    Mustard Well-Known Member

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    +20,486 / 976 / -459

    Score bag.

    Offensive line attackers.

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  17. JimmyG2

    JimmyG2 SC Supporter

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    +4,706 / 208 / -50
    Why do we wait until we go a goal down before we show any urgency or positivitynessiocity?
    Vorm..........6+.....Sound. Hope Hugo was watching his distribution.
    Naughton....6+.....Another decent performance.
    Fazio...........6.......Uncertain at times. Better than Chiriches what more can I say.
    Vertonghen..7+......Good. Took on more responsibility for bringing the ball out.
    Davies.........6-.....Rather negative first instinct is to go backwards.
    Stambouli.....7+......Thought he played well. Strong and looking to go forward.
    Paulinho........5-......Lost his Mojo and can't tell where to find it.
    Bentaleb.......5+....Not at his best. Too negative.Gave the ball away dangerously.
    Townsend ....7+....He has a go at least. Wish he'd do his shooting practice before the game.
    Lennon.........5+....Occasional flashes but not a sustained performance once again.
    Soldado.......6+1 ..For the goal. Might encourage him to make more movement.

    Mason..........7.......Immediate impact. Pleased for the boy. Welcome positivitynessiocity.
    Kane............6+.... Good goal and movement.
    Lamela.........6+.....Great pass for Kane. Injected the necessary desire.

    Mauricio......Better. All his subs had an impact and turned the game around. Read somewhere that he has never won ..................from a losing position. He has now.
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  18. fatpiranha

    fatpiranha dismember

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    +8,643 / 255 / -94
    Firstly a little context. We were playing against a Championship side's B team at home. They had made 9 changes from their 1st team that drew with Millwall last weekend. If some of my ratings seem a little low bear this in mind.

    Vorm - 7 - Wasn't at fault for the goal. Distribution was good.

    Naughton - 6 - Did ok but offered little going forward.

    Vertonghen - 6.5 - Our best defender.

    Fazio - 5 - Slowwwwwwwwwwwww. Had a good shot in the 1st half that narrowly missed the target. He has some ability but we need to carefully choose who we play him against. Stoke - yes (y). Arsenal - ermm no :cautious:.

    Davies - 5.5 - Better than his disaster against Partizan but still some way to go to oust Rose as 1st choice.

    Stambouli - 6.5 - Our best midfielder in the 1st half. Tired in the 2nd and gave the ball away a couple of times in dangerous positions.

    Bentaleb - 6 - Worked hard but really not much of a threat going forward. At least tried. Reliant Robins are better at taking corners :banghead:.

    Townsend - 6 - He worked hard and usually had the beating of his marker but his delivery was poor and his shooting atrocious. I am honestly baffled as to why he was awarded the Sky MOM :confused:.

    Paulinho - 3 - Just awful apart from one flicked attempt that went narrowly wide of the goal. I almost feel sorry for him now, but then I remember he cost us £17M :sick:.

    Lennon - 5 - He's far better defensively than he is going forward these days :(. Worked hard.

    Soldado - 5.5 - Would have been a 4 but for the goal. Needs better service because without it he doesn't look a threat.

    Mason - 9 - So pleased for the lad. Transformed the game. Passes the ball accurately, quickly, and forward. Great goal, had a hand in the other 2, kept possession well, and won a couple of tackles also. Anyone who rates anybody else as MOM either didn't watch the game or is a troll.

    Kane - 7 - Looked lively and a better fit than Soldado. Took his goal well.

    Lamela - 7 - Didn't have much time but definitely made an impression. Got the assist for Kane's goal and should have scored late on when set up by Mason. Overplayed it a bit as well and lost possession a couple of times. At least he wants to do something.

    Poch - 7 - We really were piss poor until the subs around the hour mark but he has to take some credit for making them. I only hope we see Mason alongside Capoue at the weekend.
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  19. rich75

    rich75 Well-Known Member

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    +2,425 / 120 / -76
    Strange what people see in a game. I thought Bentaleb and Lennon were decent tonight. Yes Bentaleb lost the ball a fair bit but he was also the one who looked to get things moving forwards the whole time. Lennon wasn't a huge threat going forward but he looked composed and in control the whole time, basically he looked like an experienced player or captain if you will.

    Fazio looked interesting going forward, Vertonghen was solid, Naughton did well. Townsend looked dangerous but put too many crosses into the first defender to be truly effective. Mason kept going after a shaky start which was good to see in an inexperienced player.
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  20. bobbof

    bobbof Active Member

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    +1,149 / 33 / -22
    Not sure if you are serious or not. Either way, your comments are hilarious :ROFLMAO:

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