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  1. Vorm

  2. Naughton

  3. Fazio

  4. Vertonghen

  5. Davies

  6. Stambouli

  7. Bentaleb

  8. Townsend

  9. Paulinho

  10. Lennon

  11. Soldado

  12. Mason

  13. Kane

  14. Lamela

  1. Danny1

    Danny1 Well-Known Member

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    +2,782 / 85 / -28
    Vorm 7 - Could do nothing with the goal and his distribution was very good.
    Davies 6 - Looked nervy in the first half as did the whole team but came alive in the second and got forward a lot better. Needs to be more confident in himself. Poch will show him the issue with their goal I have no doubt.
    Fazio 7 - Was up against a big brute of a bloke who actually was taller and wider than Fazio so a proper battle. Won almost every header and reads the game quite well. I think he will become our starting CB with time.
    Vertonghen 7 - Didnt really put a foot wrong.
    Naughton 8 - I thought Naughton was superb. He has good technique and is actually a very good footballer, he just lacks in the athlete department a little bit.
    Stambouli 7 - Love his tenacity, perfect for the Pochs game.
    Bentaleb 6 - Keeps the ball well and works very hard, still only 19 which a lot of people forget, but he plays with a lot of maturity.
    Lennon 5 - Doesn't offer any attacking threat, no shots, no passes into the box, never takes his man on. Pointless winger.
    Paulinho 4 - Very poor game, he doesn't look interested in playing for Spurs to be honest so I think he will go in January.
    Townsend 6 - So so so frustrating, if I were a striker with Townsend on the wing I would be pulling my hair out. Yeah he runs around a lot and stuff but he has zero footballing brains. It says a lot that we couldnt muster a shot on target until late in the game with him and Lennon as our attacking threats.
    Soldado 5 - Just not suited to our game I dont think. Took the goal well. We do not play to his strengths and I dont think we ever will.

    Kane 7 - He is a goal threat whenever he plays, he may not be the most beautiful player to watch but it seems like in every game Ive ever watched him in he does score or almost scores. That is a very good thing. Wins headers aswell unlike Ade.
    Mason 8 - Wonderful goal and a very neat and tidy player. Got a bit excited after he scored and tried a couple of silly passes but I dont blame him at all, after all he has been through I think anyone would get a bit excited. So glad for him and think he could well push himself into contention to start games soon.
    Lamela 8 - The boy oozes class. Great assist and very unlucky with the shot. The best bit though is his determination to win the ball back. Once he has played 20 games or so and is really into his stride he will be by far our best player.
  2. cliff jones

    cliff jones Well-Known Member

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    +2,112 / 344 / -127
    I lay most things at levys door but I don't think anyone poo pood the signing of Pauli at the time, and I still believe bentaleb could make it with us but only after going on loan and learning how to get stuck in. Levy is not to blame for either being shite last night but he is for not adding a single seat to capacity and only winning one league cup since he took over.
  3. poc

    poc Well-Known Member

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    +1,413 / 55 / -14
    I'll probably get some shit for this but here goes, I don't think Paulinho was that bad tbh and for the whole of the first half and till we scored was the only goal threat we had (I exclude 40 yard speculative shots) and I thought he was actually closing down pretty effectively.
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  4. Gilzeanking

    Gilzeanking Well-Known Member

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    Some here say Mason should play in the Prem now . Others say he's not registered for the Prem .

    Can anyone help with this ?
  5. Japhet

    Japhet Well-Known Member

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    +9,715 / 291 / -60

    I think the dynamic of the game changed when we went 442 which coincided with Mason coming on.
  6. JohanTheYid

    JohanTheYid Active Member

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    +1,411 / 23 / -4
    He is 100% registered to our 25 man squad
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  7. Kaboul'sForehead

    Kaboul'sForehead Hairy Member

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    +3,275 / 72 / -41
    Naughton for performance.
    Townsend for effort.
    Mason for difference.
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  8. DaSpurs

    DaSpurs Well-Known Member

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    +13,595 / 388 / -139
    Not only registered for Prem, but we also registered him for Europa.
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  9. HotspurFC1950

    HotspurFC1950 Well-Known Member

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    +2,993 / 727 / -233

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  10. HotspurFC1950

    HotspurFC1950 Well-Known Member

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    +2,993 / 727 / -233

    Yes. Good work Levy. !
  11. WestBelfast Spurs

    WestBelfast Spurs Well-Known Member

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    +3,384 / 95 / -54
    Thought the team was fucking rancid for 70 minutes not enough pace and aggression, still playing the AVB way pass pass side pass back pass pass shit shot, start again, Mason changed the game in his cameo but lets not get ahead of ourselves and fuck him in against the scum, happy RS got one bout time would like him to start against Arsenal with Lamela and CE giving him service, inverted wingers doesn't work.

    Naughton had a solid game MOTM
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  12. Shea

    Shea Well-Known Member

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    +10,985 / 269 / -58
    I gave Mason the MOTM award because even though he played a relatively small amount of the game - his presence on the pitch made the difference

    He looked bright and positive - whenever he got the ball he was looking to go forward and make things happen

    His goal was sublime, showed a lot of confidence to take on the shot from where he did and his execution was fantastic. He also assisted in our second goal when he took two Forest defenders out of the game with his run and back pass to Townsend leaving the latter in plenty of space to take an unchallenged shot which directly lead to Soldado's goal

    Lamela was also very positive in his brief cameo - his runs we're coming off at first and he was struggling to beat his player but he showed excellent tenacity to try and win the ball back whenever he lost it and his assist for Kane was perfectly weighted and showed great vision to see the pass in the first place (he was also very unlucky not to get a goal with his shot against the post)

    Kane also deserves credit for his great run and calm finish to wrap the match up

    Overall though is was a very disappointing perhaps before the subs changed the game - we passed the ball slowly around the pitch (mostly sideways and backwards) and allowed Forest to defend deep comfortably with the play well in front of them. They looked more dangerous on the break than we did and were unlucky not to have the lead before they eventually did

    Townsend was energetic but keeping to form he was often (mostly) greedy and looking for self glory more than team success, head down putting great crosses into space where no one was and long distance shots with out ever a thought of who he could play in ahead of him.

    Soldado was a disgrace before Kane came on, strolling around and making no effort to defend from the front or make runs to drag defenders out of position or simply make space for a pass (he drastically improved when the subs were made and got his goal to be fair to him)

    Paulinho too was woeful and other than his creative flick at goal which was unlucky not to find the net he offered very little and left us weak in the middle.

    Stambouli and Fazio were both impressive to an extent though equally both had their hands on head moments - but at least I was encouraged that both could become useful members of our team/squad if they are given time to show what they can do

    Other than that people were relatively solid but uninspiring and before the subs we as a collective were poor and second best to Forest (although we won possession in a fashion that would have made AVB proud) - after the subs we were transformed and could have beat them but any number of goals we wanted it seemed, they looked like they had run out of steam and we looked so much more creative, incisive and dangerous every time we started an attack
  13. Borks

    Borks Well-Known Member

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    Paulinho actually played better than I gave him credit for. Watched the highlights and although we were dross in the 1st half, almost everything went through or came about because of him. We are crying out for that link between the DMs and the striker and I would love to see him hit some form and become that man.
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  14. Gassin's finest

    Gassin's finest Donne moi la balle, et je fais le reste...

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    Vorm - 6: Not much to do, other than pick the ball out of the net. One decent catch and decent distribution.
    Naughton - 6: Solid performance on the basis that he didn't do anything wrong.
    Verts - 6: Composed, relatively untroubled performance. Carried the ball out with intent on a couple of occasions when no one else seemed to have any clue what to do.
    Fazio - 5: Very shakey start, stood off too much which led to the goal. Misplaced passes put us under unnecessary pressure in the first half. Grew into the game once we started playing better as a team and Forest flagged.
    Davies - 5: Lacks guile and confidence on the ball. Positional sense sometimes lacks.
    Stambouli - 6: Looks half decent so far, tried to be positive in first half. Removed due to tactical change.
    Bentaleb - 5: Poor game. Lack of options going forward led to negative play, drop in confidence, and sloppy passing.
    Townsend - 7: Still prone to shooting even though he can't, and get's caught in decision making. Once the pace of the game rose to a more suitable level for him he came alive and his determination and drive made things happen
    Paulinho - 4: Anonymous. Aside from one limp flick and a poorly connected header, we may as well have played the first 65 mins with 10 men.
    Lennon - 5: Captain for a day, certainly worked his balls off defensively in the first half. But again hid going forward, and didn't influence the game.
    Soldado - 6: Isolated for most of the game. Change in system brought him into the game with positive results. Instinctive reactions for the goal, indicative of the type of goals he scored in Spain.

    Mason - 8: Changed the game, upped the pace, moved the ball positively. Cracker jack of an equalsier lifted the team, crowd and the roof off the stadium.
    Kane - 7: Immediately involved goal threat, good movement and positioning for crosses, and smart finish.
    Lamela - 7: Only 10 mins, but looked a cut above instantly. Should have scored a 4th.
  15. HotspurFC1950

    HotspurFC1950 Well-Known Member

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    +2,993 / 727 / -233

    It was our reserve team.
  16. newbie

    newbie Well-Known Member

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    +2,732 / 96 / -29
    The game reminded me of the AVB days everyone passing backwards, Paulinho I am not a fan :( Bentalab tried hard I think lack of options in front of him was hard, we looked better with Townsend on the right, Lennon worked hard but does not seem to have any attacking threat he no longer seems to have pace or confidence to run past people.

    Mason great cameo pre season I thought he was very good moving the ball quickly.

    RS no service yet still needs to offer more
  17. HotspurFC1950

    HotspurFC1950 Well-Known Member

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    +2,993 / 727 / -233

    We rested 11.
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  18. fatpiranha

    fatpiranha dismember

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    Really? I hadn't noticed :rolleyes:.
  19. InOffMeLeftShin

    InOffMeLeftShin Night watchman Admin

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    +3,121 / 26 / -11
    It's not all about pass volume. It's one of the modern stats which annoys me. Is he influencing the game offensively or defensively at all?
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  20. phil

    phil Well-Known Member

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    Once, last season. He joined Seville the season after their previous Europa League success.
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