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Jul 28, 2004
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  1. A very adventurous, attacking line up which promised more flair and fluidity than it delivered.
  2. We've finally figured out what to do with our 6ft 5 centre forward.
  3. Great to see both Lamela and Wanyama get substantial game time.
  4. We started very well but lost our way a touch, the conditions contributed, but showed our mettle in pushing for that killer second goal right to the end.
  5. The Swansea fans really love booing an English player don't they?
Lloris punched clear a couple of difficult crosses and made a save at his near post which, let's be honest, we would have all been worried about when Narsingh broke through. Decent overall in difficult conditions, a couple or errant kicks.

Tripper put in a couple of nice passes and crosses, I don't remember Swansea particularly exposing him either despite seeming to have the beating of his the few occasions that they did attack him.

Sanchez had a nightmare, was lucky not to get sent off, gave the ball away dangerously a few times and generally struggled. About a minute before he was hauled off, I texted my dad saying 'Sanchez needs to come off for Wanyama'.

Vertonghen, when those around him had lost composure, kept his. Mopped everything up in his usual collected way, distributed well on the whole and continued instilling confidence. Lead by example yet again.

Davies seemed the most likely to be exposed without doing anything particularly wrong. He just didn't do too much to capture the imagination either bar one lovely run into their area. I do like how committed her is in his challenges on a night that definitely required some old fashioned grit.

Dier was fine first half as the one man anchor behind a very creative attack, second half could have done with some help once they changed formation. Used his pace very well on a few occasions and dropped back comfortable to centre back when Sanchez was withdrawn.

Lamela produced a mixed performance, some nice moments of composure and class, some moments where he seemed like he could be more resolute and also took the easy option a bit too often. Nice to see him dribbling a fair bit though and he'll only improve as he finds his rhythm.

Dele was our best player, he was positive and constantly tried to make things happen. Some quick feet on a few occasions and nice link up play with those around him, a well deserved goal too. Great to see him pick the ball outside his own area, play it to Kane and run 70 odd yards to score. Constantly mucked in with the midfield and showed for the ball. Kept his cool under yet another constant barrage of bad challenges (for which there would be outcry had he committed them).

Eriksen was also very good, his constant probing and passing, taking the ball in tight areas and knitting together of our play was integral to our control over the game. Also, it appears he has finally learnt how to take a set piece. Great assist for Llorente and many other good free kicks, including his one direct opportunity.

Son disappointed me, it was his worst in a while. He was his usual energetic self but his touch was off and he seemed to make poor choices throughout.

Llorente scored. Offside perhaps but it was a great header nonetheless under pressure from Fernandez. He will never be the most mobile or involved but it was pleasing to see him drop back and support the midfield several times, play some nice one touch football and look more purposeful generally in trying to get into scoring positions.

Wanyama looked like he'd never been out. Strong, manful and powerful when defending, and generally tidy passing with one very nice release down the right. My how I've missed the big galoot.

Kane barely touched the ball for about 20 minutes, then got into the game, offered a good outlet a few times and set free Dele for his goal with a Hoddlesque pass.

Sissoko came on, had one run down the right.
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Nov 8, 2004
Great result but we made very hard work of it in the end

Some great delivery from Eriksen

Thought Vic was fantastic when he came on

Dier & Vertonghen with some great headers out tonight

Kane far too selfish again

MenOTM The officials. Top lino and great Ref. That is a 2nd yellow all day long. Unbelievable
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Aug 30, 2010
Dier for me. made some crucial blocks and enabled us to remove Sanchez when we needed too. Vertonghen was very good too. Eriksen got the vote on Sky but for me he just needs to be a bit braver in the tackle a lot of the time.

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Jul 15, 2014
Dele motm for me. Maybe Vertonghen but it's not like Swansea bombarded us. Was weird game, conditions were horrendous and stopped us really being able to play much football. It was one of those games where despite being mostly in control we could've messed up because of the pitch so it was a massive win.

Trippier got skinned on nearly every occasion and I've no idea why Swansea didn't get at him at every opportunity. Wanyama looked great when came on, so glad he's back.

Harry Kane looked off his head on Lemsip but still came up with a moment of true world class quality.


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Jul 9, 2017
Vertonghen for me. Some good clearances towards the end when we were coming towards squeaky bum time

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Jan 28, 2011
Dele gets the nod from me. He's played himself into form the last couple of games and put in a decent performance tonight despite the atrocious conditions, topped off with the goal that killed the game.

Special mention to the BBC Radio London commentator for the deftest touch of the night, when he paused ever so briefly in the following sentence...

"There's Bobby Madley, the plum...

...shirted match official"



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Jun 27, 2004
Referee and linesman were terrible tonight. 1st goal offside, sanchez shouldve been sent off, booking swansea players for light tackles.

They get the joint MOTM for me.


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Aug 25, 2005
Just back from the game

Conditions were awful

Alli was the stand out man of the match for me! Excellent and has his arrogance back!

Sanchez is weird he is a beast but then I it looked like to me he should have been sent off?

Eriksen seemed to being pulling out of tackles again.

Trippier quite simply is not good enough getting skinned by average wingers was one point in the game that lamela called him out on going so far up the pitch and not getting back.

Vertonghen and Dier were immense

Son had one his poor games

Lamela is getting there slowly but surely.

Llorente looked tired from about 24 mins in lol.

All in all horrible game in horrible conditions but 3 points!


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Sep 13, 2009
I think Trippier needs us to play three at the back to offer him security... I do think we need to upgrade on him..


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Dec 30, 2015
Honestly thought all 14 players did well considering the conditions. Ratings allowing for that:

++ : n/a

+ : Vertonghen (MOTM), Dele, Kane (s), Wanyama (s), Davies, Dier

<> Lloris, Sanchez, Sissoko (s), Trippier, Llorente, Son, Eriksen, Lamela

- : n/a

-- : n/a


Generous to some of them, but it was nasty out there and they had to dig in, notwithstanding how awful Swansea are.

Most heartening: Victor's cameo. Looked immense from his first touch. (Ditto Lamela to a lesser extent: he's a ways off, but definite signs of his old self. T'riffic.)

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Aug 25, 2010
I honestly thought Dele was hands down our best player, especially when the going got tough in the second half.

Eriksen was good first half and set pieces are fantastic at the moment , but lost his way a little second half.

But Dele was the one acquiring that much needed respite at varying points in the second half, winning free kicks and trying to keep us up in their third, that was so important for me. Thought Son and Eriksen were a bit flimsy in that period.

Dele should of had that pen as well, wasnt even a push it was a shove, but what a great run that was.

The other player I thought was really good, was Davies.

Wanyama was immense when he came on, great to have him back.


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May 22, 2017
In Sanchez defence I doubt he’s seen conditions like that too often. Does it rain Colombia :cool:

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May 28, 2013
An honourable mention for Wanyama. Not on long enough to be motm obviously, but he made such a big difference when he came on. We've missed him a lot.


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Oct 31, 2014
Wont judge our attacking play too much, as conditions were horrible.

Alli and vertonghen were brilliant.

Sanchez was lucky not to be sent off his first yellow was a joke, but he needs to learn not be so rash all the time.

Wanyama was a sight for sore eyes.

Davies put in a really gritty performance with a couple good blocks and challenges.

Trippier just doesnt suit us.

A good bounceback performance for Hugo, thought he played it very much safety first and his distribution was very sharp.


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Jun 13, 2008
We strolled the first half hour when Swansea showed no appetite for it. When they eventually grew a spine the game became one turgid scrap.

Most will think I am being unkind and yes I fully accept it was awful conditions, mistakes were to be expected, but I thought quite a few of ours were careless - balls bouncing off heels, players running it out of play, players getting in each others way, a pass being made whilst the receiver was running away not looking at the ball..... you name it - and we didn't really show a great amount of threat. We should have peppered their goal and/or got the ball into the box a bit more I felt. Defensively we were increasingly pretty soft and open second half and gifted them some decent opportunities - I thought both of our fullbacks were utterly rancid in particular.

Thankfully we huffed and puffed enough and had two moments in front of goal. A good header from Llorente (we then didn't even really try to seek him out in the box again... go figure) and then at the death Kane shows he can pick a laser-guided pass even in hurricane (no pun intended) conditions to put Alli in who eventually bundles home. Thank fuck for that. Take the three points, forget this one ever existed, and onto the next one.....

Lloris did what he had to do mainly. Probably lucky not to give away a pen in that scramble.

Trippier - Crap.

Sanchez - I thought he was mostly ok, but picked up a soft yellow and then could easily have walked for the other foul when he was blindsided, and so no complaints he got hooked.

Vertonghen - Pretty solid.

Davies - Crap.

Dier - Ok in midfield. Defended well late on when back at CB, but someone tell him to stop these long passes.

Eriksen - Pretty competent display and put in a shift.

Alli - Honestly I wasn't overly impressed with his ball work, and the day someone takes him to one side and manages to convince him two touches are better than ten we will all rejoice. However he did work pretty hard up until the end, and many players wouldn't have made that run for the goal at such a late stage.

Lamela - Mediocre.

Son - Mediocre.

Llorente - Meh, but did score a nice header and was given no service all night.


Wanyama - Decent display and the best thing we can take from this game.
Sissoko - Umm.....
Kane - Did very very little, and then out of nothing a brilliant assist.


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Nov 12, 2007
I knew I was in for an ugly 90 minutes once I saw the conditions and Swansea's setup. Credit to the lads for a thoroughly professional effort and credit to those of you who made the trek and endured that.

Everyone gets a 7.5 except the ref who had a bad night.