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Mar 30, 2017
Looking past the 3 games in 5 days thing, the fact that he had Wanyama and Winks sitting on the bench, and the fact that Poch seems to have got his RB's out of rotational sync all season, and the fact that Poch has wasted 2 years development of Onomah, who would be fucking perfect in a 433, I do really like the idea of the 433, and do think it suits many of the players we have.

I'm not entirely sure it's exactly what we played last night, it was almost impossible to figure out from TV, but my hunch is that it was a 4231 that morphed into a 4123 and 433.

Here's the positional heat map:

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Dier's position is skewed by the fact that he ended the game playing as a CB obviously.
This goes to show what I think is a problem with Lamela in that he stays too central and clogs the space for our central players. I think he and the team would be much effective if he started wider and then either ran in behind the defense or cut in on his left.


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Mar 2, 2005
Referee and linesman were terrible tonight. 1st goal offside, sanchez shouldve been sent off, booking swansea players for light tackles.

They get the joint MOTM for me.
Sanchez should never have been booked in the first place. Joke of a yellow and the commentary team here were cracking up how bad it was. I'm sure someone had a word with the ref at half time over that incident


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Jun 4, 2004
But Jonny, my tactical genius has been at Poch’s disposal, via the medium of SC. You think the almost exact correlation of my joining SC in 2004 and our evolutionary trajectory as a club is coincidental....?

HAHA! well played sir, well played.