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  1. Lloris

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  2. Walker

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  3. Fazio

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  4. Verts

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  5. Davies

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  6. Bentaleb

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  7. Mason

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  8. Lamela

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  9. Eriksen

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  10. Chadli

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  11. Kane

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  12. Stambouli

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  13. Soldado

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  14. Rose

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  15. Undecided

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  16. None Deserved

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  1. Flashspur

    Flashspur Well-Known Member

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    Lloris - 6 When called upon he made some wonderful saves and kept us in the game in the second half but his distribution is awful and Poch and his staff have to do something about this quick smart

    Walker - 6 You can see that he is still not match fit but we have improved so much with him back in the side. He provides that out when we are under pressure with his pace and his runs on the flank give us some much more attacking threat on the right side. My big beef is his passing which seemed off and while timing is usually a match fitness issue he needs to concentrate on improvement in this area.

    Fazio - 6.5 He is a great asset with long balls as he wins every header but his pace is a worry. He is solid with play in front of him but all over the shop if he is turned and has to win the ball back. Had a hard time with Ings who was simply too pacy for him.

    Vertonghen – 6 A strange game for Jan. He looked slow and ponderous at times and lacked concentration. His confidence seemed low when it should be much higher after some solid performances recently. Neither CB really had a good game.

    Davies - 6 Stupid foul for a yellow card early doors and seemed to play cautiously from then on. Solid in defense for the most part with a few lapses in concentration but created few chances down his flank.

    Mason - 7 He was doing well before his injury and getting involved in some crisp passing in MF. Made a couple of good runs into the box and was involved in a lot of the link up play. Much better than recent matches as he has been poor. I hope he's back soon.

    Bentaleb - 5 Don’t know what happened to Nabil. Seemed lethargic and was average for most of the game. His positioning and passing was poor. Looks like he needs a rest. Was the weak link in MF for us. He’s off to AFCON next month but the lad looks like he needs a holiday instead.

    Chadli - 7 A very good assist and he looks comfortable and settled in that attacking 3 behind Kane. Some nice passing and interchanges with Eriksen and Lamela. While not everything came off for him, he played well.

    Eriksen - 7.5 He had a good game but not the wonder match most are making out on here. We had acres of space at times and my main criticism is that he could have taken more advantage of it. A playmaker on his game would have had put Burnley to the sword. He is a frustrating player at times. One moment he is making a wonderful incisive pass and the next moment he misses a glaring opportunity. Consistency is the big thing missing from his game at the moment. Flashes of brilliance are good to see but I’d like to see him really pushing his game out there so he is more in control as he is quite capable of this. Bigger things to come from this lad. He still needs to improve his corners as some of them are just fecking embarrassing.

    Lamela - 8 MOTM Had a wonderful first half and wasn’t as bad are some are making out in the second. Was easily our best player. He worked hard, pressed constantly in the first half especially, scored an outrageously good goal and was a real thorn in Burnely’s side. He was a constant creative outlet for the team and seemed to read the game better than Eriksen, Mason and Chadli in the first half. His dribbling and one-touch play was good as well and he linked up well with Eriksen, Chadli and Kane. The front four seem to be getting their act together. His drop off in intensity at the beginning of the second half was disappointing and we lost the initiative as a result as he was our main threat although he came back into the game with the rest of the team.

    Kane – 7 Not a great game from Harry but he is quickly becoming such an influential player that he keeps the opposition defense fully occupied as they regard him as a real threat. He worked tirelessly as usual and made some good runs off the ball but apart from his goal he didn’t seem to get into the game as much as he has recently. He faded like the others in the early part of the second half and three games in 7 days looks like it was taking its toll. Had an awful miss to Lamela’s cross but you can’t fault the lad at 21 as he is still settling into the PL.

    Stambouli - 6 He should have settled us a bit when he came on but I didn’t think that he and Nabil really worked well together. He broke up the play and played some nice forward passes but he is a limited player in that respect who is really better at providing cover then linking play as we really struggled to take the ball out from defense in the second half.

    Soldado -5.5 Did an OK job but nothing spectacular.

    Rose – NET as really not enough time.

    Oppo - I was impressed with Burnely. They played for each other and had a never say die attitude. A good honest hard working team that deserves better than its current position. Came and played aggressively and you have to compliment Dyche on his courage and aggressive attitude. No parking the bus here! Play on like this and they will avoid relegation.

    Poch - 7 He put out a strong side but a few players seemed to fade early. Maybe he needs to rotate more. We had 23 shots to their 9 and overall the possession stats were heavily in our favour at 60 odd percent. We need to be more clinical with teams like Burnley and sufficient to say we are still very much a work in progress. A good side would have killed them off in the first half. Some grass shoots appearing though in relation to the high pressing style but we have to be able to do that right through a game and not just for 60% of it.
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  2. stevenqoz

    stevenqoz Well-Known Member

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    Lloris 7.5
    Walker 6
    Fazio 6.5
    Vert 6
    Davies 6
    Lamela 8
    Eriksen 8
    Bentaleb 6
    Mason 6
    Chadli 6
    Kane 7
    Soldado Net
    Rose Net
    Stambouli 6

    Always a struggle today against a lively mobile Burnley side. Played quite fluently in patches ....tendency to become predictable when relying on 'pass pass'.....only making inroads when players willing to run with the ball got involved....primarily Lamela. Pleased with the result...we could easily have dropped points...This starting side is close to being 'it'.....I would only possibly add Dembele depending on the needs / opposition...
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  3. Tuddly

    Tuddly Unencumbered by the thought process

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    Nice shot by Lamela for the goal and a terrific dribble to get to the side of the net and put the ball on a plate for Harry to put it in from 4 feet (which he didn't) were his highlights. I really wouldn't blame him too much for coughing up the ball which eventually led to WB's goal.
  4. dudu

    dudu Well-Known Member

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    Eriksen MOTM for me.

    Kane again played as a striker with many more Prem games under his belt than he actually has. Cant love this guy enough

    Lamela had a great first half better than most but was on a par with anyones performance in the second.

    Losing Mason was hugely noticeable to me. He was Fantastic in the first half, a week of rest doing him the world of good.

    Defence was solid enough - still a few cracks here and there but for me its all about playing that 4 consistently now. They will improve as unit the more they play together.

    We are now seeing a Tottenham that is playing Poch's way more often than not over the last 5-6 games - Our fitness levels re like nothing ive ever seen from a Spurs side and I am genuinely relaxed about the rest of the season.

    We really need to buy a new forward in January.

    Cant wait for next week's game.

    I hope we f++k Man U up!!!
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  5. kd2000

    kd2000 Active Member

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    Lloris - 8(purely for important saves, not his erm kicking)
    Walker - 7 got forward well
    Fazio, verts, davies - 6 not great
    Bentaleb - 6 average today and against better sides could have cost us with his passing
    Mason - 7 playing well before injury and maybe would have went on to be motm
    Lamela - 8 good game, more so in the first half
    Eriksen - 8 MOTM Good game, everywhere
    Chadli - 7 decent game but anonymous for periods
    Kane - 7 good game, ran his nuts off, perhaps a.little selfish at times

    Subs - meh all were not great
  6. Breezer

    Breezer Position??? Magician!!!!

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    Giving Fazio and Vert a 6 rating is extremely generous. Yes Ings is a decent striker but they made him look like Augero. However Verts positioning and lack of tackling is making Fazio look worse than he really is. I'd still like to see Dier at CB.
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  7. dynamoSpurs

    dynamoSpurs Well-Known Member

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    Fazio and verts are seriously crap. Please swap them.

    Sick of verts. Soooo overrated.
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  8. mpickard2087

    mpickard2087 Fantastic Member

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  9. Shea

    Shea Well-Known Member

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    I don't blame him for their goal, it was hit very hard at him and a lot still had to happen from the turn over of possession to the eventual strike that went in (not least some poor play by Bentaleb)

    The goal and his skill which should have lead to a goal were great, I do feel he'd struggle to have done that against an opponent who wasn't standing off him and giving him so much time without pressuring him though. I know you can only beat what's in front of you but it did still look a bit slow and predictable to me, just so happened the defender on both occasions sat back and basically let him through

    Still a fantastic strike for the goal and good pass after his run which should have been converted
  10. Gilzeanking

    Gilzeanking Well-Known Member

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    Weird Gammon remark indeed .

    Anyway , as DM said before the match , our performances have a lot to do with how our opponents set up . Remarkably , Burnley came to play football , so there was space for our players to do their stuff .

    As others have said , its best to wait and see how we do vs the many busparkers before getting too carried away with the victory yesterday .

    Lamela 7.5 had one of his best games for us . I've been pleading with him for weeks (on here !) to go right vs his defender and he did that once yesterday . It is so glaringly the obvious route to him being more effective that I can't believe he isn't being told this everyday by our coaching staff . As mpickard said , he went to the byline at practically walking speed . Defenders stand so far to his left blocking his anticipated normal route that the path to the byline is open and free .
    To his credit he didn't panic and laid on an easy goal for Kane 7 (who missed) with his right foot...Lamela has a right foot that seems ok when it gets used. Prob is in his mind imo .

    I noticed yesterday what many are saying about Fazio (6) vs tricky forwards . He was swept past with ease for their goal . He's good on headers, but tricky forwards...?

    Strange to see Bentaleb 5 in such poor form , needs a rest maybe ...which is what Mason 6.5 got recently to good effect .

    Loved the back heel to put Chadli 6.5 through from Eriksen 7.5 MoM. That's what I call doing the
    unexpected .

    One of the great things about Kane is we have a forward who busts a gut to get headers . Seems an obvious quality to have , but for us its extremely rare ....so refreshing .

    Good match . I had a mate at school , surname Davies (pronounced Dayvees) He hated people to call him Davis . This has remained in my memory and the commentator who always , every match , calls our full back Davis , needs his neck wringing . One time I got a yank commentator on a stream , so cool to hear Davies pronounced properly for once .
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2014
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  11. Gaz_Gammon

    Gaz_Gammon Well-Known Member

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    If only more people on here had a sense of humour....................o_O
  12. Japhet

    Japhet Well-Known Member

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    Bentaleb not justifying a starting position IMO. Maybe it's just me, but I really don't get the hype around him. I know he's young but I think there are some substantial areas he needs to improve on.
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  13. Bus-Conductor

    Bus-Conductor SC Supporter

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    Viral Carelessness

    There was absolutely no need for that game to trouble our sphincters the way it did. What caused the anal perturbance, particularly in the second half, was the utter abject carelessness that infects this team at times, spreads like an airborn bacteria, rapidly infecting every single member of our team. Even Lloris wasn’t immunised.

    Selection wise I had no problems with the line up.

    There was plenty to like about the first half. We were generally bright, our pressing was pretty decent, our movement and passing often bright and crisp, and we took a deserved lead with a move started by Kane’s quick thinking and finished with him busting his lungs to get into the six yard box via a clever leave by Eriksen and a great cross from Chadli.

    It was completely against the run of play that we found ourselves level, another unbelievable strike (like Everton’s).

    The lead was restored curtesy of a wonderful strike by the effervescent Lamela, cutting in and unleashing a wicked curler into the far corner. But for a very bad miss by Kane, Lamela would have had an assist too, after dancing past their defence, looking up and picking out the right ball in tight circumstances.

    All in all a very decent half of football, with 2-1 flattering Burnley.

    The second half was very different. I’m not sure if it’s fatigue, character, intelligence or a combination of all of the above, but carelessness went viral and infected every member of the team. For 30 minutes we were horrible to watch. Burnley were making life difficult, but it’s very worrying how easy sides like West Brom, Stoke, Palalce & Burnley can rattle us completely out of our stride. We stop doing the basic things, pressing, working coherently, moving for each other in possession and passing with zip.

    We were careless when trying to play out from the back, we were careless in midfield and worst of all, as ever, we were carless in their third. Everyone was at it, we wasted some wonderful situations to kill this game with some really careless shit. Chadli, Eriksen, Walker were probably the worst offenders.

    Like last week, we came on strong again for the last 15 minutes, Burnley seeming to run out of ideas (and it wasn’t like they were exactly idea central to start with) and energy somewhat having chased us around for the previous 30 with gusto. And if the aforementioned carelessness hadn’t been so prevalent we could have banged in a couple more goals.

    I thought the CM pair weren’t great today, in Bentaleb’s case perhaps understandable as it was his third game in 6 days.

    Lamela had a very good game, scored a great (winning) goal, created a great chance, saw shit loads of ball (receiving it 62 times), again seemed to making better decisions, releasing the ball quicker and smarter, and it was noticeable how often he received the ball in very wide areas, but also how much the dynamics were improved by having an overlapping full back outside him.

    Eriksen was the other player worth an honorable mention. He too wasted a couple of great situations, especially the one near the end when he needed to just square it across for Lamela or Kane to score, but he was once again heavily involved in the game and contributed much from the central position.

    Individual stuff:

    Lloris - A retty good game saves wise, but his distribution was less than perfect at times.

    Walker - Frustratingly head down wasteful when in good positions going forward and seemed to get himself wrong side of their scorer for the goal, but we are still looking better for having a FB that at least over laps.

    DawFazio - Involved in much, not always in a convincing way.

    Vertonghen - OK

    Davies - OK generally

    Mason - Tried to get forward to support attacks, tried to get the ball moving.

    Bentaleb - Looked a bit fatigued IMO. Not his best afternoon in a Spurs shirt.

    Lamela - Very good afternoon for the most part. First half was possibly the best half of football he’s played in the league at WHL. His decision making was good, scored a cracker, made what should have been another, saw shit loads of ball and varied his game well, often receiving it in very wide areas. Got a bit sloppy second half, but so did everyone.

    Eriksen - Apart from a couple of careless moments, a pretty good game, with some nice touches and good work ethic. Set pieces need to be more consistent.

    Chadli - Great ball for Kane’s goal. Poor execution whe he could have put Eriksen through second half. There were phases when he seemed to drift out of the game a little but overall not a bad game.

    Kane - A pretty typical Kane performance. Mostly good stuff. Worked hard, drifted around to show for the ball and hold it up, and generally did well in this respect, great bit of play for his goal. His decision making occasionally lets him down - a bit selfish on the odd occasion when a team mate is in a better position - but he's a kid, so is learning and at the moment I can't say we are missing Adebayor, which is a pretty big compliment.

    Stambouli - OK.
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2014
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    THFCSPURS19 Well-Known Member

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    You forgot Kane.
  15. Bus-Conductor

    Bus-Conductor SC Supporter

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  16. Flashspur

    Flashspur Well-Known Member

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  17. leffe186

    leffe186 Well-Known Member

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    I'd like to know how our average age on Saturday matches up against other sides. I believe it was:
    • 1 Lloris 27
    • 02 Walker 24
    • 21 Fazio 27
    • 05 Vertonghen 27
    • 33 Davies Booked 21
    • 42 Bentaleb 20
    • 38 Mason 23 (Stambouli - 44' (24) )
    • 11 Lamela 22
    • 23 Eriksen 22 (Rose - 93' (24) )
    • 22 Chadli 25
    • 18 Kane 21 (Soldado - 84' (29) )
    Average age of the starters = 23.5. That's insane. Compare that to Villa, often cited as a young and developing team:
    • 01 Guzan Booked 30
    • 34 Lowton 25
    • 05 Okore 22
    • 04 Vlaar 29
    • 06 Clark 25
    • 23 Cissokho 27 (Bacuna - 80' (23) )
    • 10 Weimann 23 (N'Zogbia - 80' (28) )
    • 16 Delph 25
    • 24 Sánchez 28
    • 20 Benteke 24
    • 11 Agbonlahor 28 Dismissed
    Average age of the starters = 26.

    I forget that at times. I know we have been frustrating repeatedly this season, but I still can't help but be excited to see how these guys develop.
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  18. davidmatzdorf

    davidmatzdorf Front Page Gadfly

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    It is notable how the perception of what is a 'young, exciting' team is dictated by the pre-written stories that the media decide to run about each club each year. This year's approved story about Spurs is about expensive players not performing, to the extent that the success of Kane, Mason et al. is always couched in the context of the disappointments represented by Paulinho, Soldado and Lamela.

    I think it's a direct result of this that it has totally passed journalists by that we are playing a team full of kids and lying 7th.
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  19. spurs9

    spurs9 Well-Known Member

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    If you look at our squad, it's only our strikers (and Friedel) that are "old":

    Oldest Defender - 28 (I'm not counting BAE)
    Oldest CM - 27
    Oldest AM/winger - 27
    Oldest Striker - 30
  20. Bus-Conductor

    Bus-Conductor SC Supporter

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    You know I was thinking this the other day while at the game. For the first time in a while I actually felt a small tingle of excitement by Spurs. We are a long way from playing the brand of football I'd like with consistency, but when I looked at the team and I saw players like Kane, Eriksen, Lamela, Mason, Bentaleb, Rose, Davies and we have Dier, with Pritchard and Veljkovic to come back we have such a young group of minds, hopefully malleable to Pochettino's methods. That high tempo, press and pass game needs young minds and young energy. There are also a really strong group coming through behind this current crop too, players like Harrison, Onomah, KWP, Goddard, Walkes, ogilvie, CCV, etc etc, all well schooled in the high tempo, press, pass game.
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