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  1. Lloris

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  2. Chiiriches

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  3. Fazio

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  4. Verts

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  5. Davies

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  6. Bentaleb

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  7. Mason

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  8. Lennon

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  9. Lamela

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  10. Eriksen

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  11. Kane

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  12. Paulinho

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  13. Chadli

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  14. Soldado

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  15. Undecided

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  1. cozzo

    cozzo Well-Known Member

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    +2,544 / 163 / -59
    Lamela does my head in. Can't he just play a pass without doing a trick first?
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  2. Tit&Ham

    Tit&Ham Well-Known Member

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    You know what?
    Losing always makes me sad, but after this game I am happier than ever (or 4 years):

    We played Chelsea as "equals" not in any way trying to find a magical formula to somehow scrape some points with us.
    And we did it good! Yes, they are one or two heads ahead of us still, but that was a tight match. They have a winning culture, some excellent players and are just pure class (sad to say). Individual brilliance and smartness ensured them the win.

    But we played Lloris, Davies, Bentaleb, Mason, Lamela, Eriksen and Kane - All of them having about 10-13 years left on their career!

    And Bentaleb and Kane were world class!

    It gives me so much hope and to for the future, that I don't mind if we get 10th this year!
    And after they scored 1, 2 and 3 goals all I could hear was OUR fans singing!!!! #Proud
    And in the final 10 minutes we started the same continuos Yid-song over and over again just as we did Vs Everton!

    Its Happy days for me I tell you!!

    Lorris - 3: It's okay Hugo, you are forgiven

    Chiriches - 3: Awful game. Some good crosses, but that was a bad effort.
    Fazio - 6: I'm starting to believe in this partnership!
    Verts - 6: Bit unlucky for their second, but I'm again believing in Jan! He steps up like he used to!
    Davies - 6+: He's is getting there! Me like!

    Mason - 6: Good, not great today. Could not see that he is 1000 games more inexperienced than the oppositions.
    Bentaleb - 8: Yes!! That was extraordinary!

    Lennon - 5: Went hiding. Work-rate ok.
    Eriksen - 5: Not his day, but we cannot expect him to be world class each game.
    Lamela - 5: He has it, but he doesn't get it out. Loses the ball to easy to many times. Potential.

    Kane - 8: Damn! So intelligent, so much work rate, so strong, and he is even fast enough! #Crush

    Kane can be a supporter-hero guiding Spurs into consistent top 4 - finishes for the next decade!

    Pochettino: I believe again! Give him all the time in the world!
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  3. sim0n

    sim0n King of Prussia

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    Bentaleb was one of the very few Spurs players last night who did not seem to be afraid of chel$ki,... MotM and hoping his confidence can spread throughout the team.

    THOWIG Well-Known Member

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    Decent performance against the third best team in the world. Young side too. I like what Pochettino is doing.
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  5. DOX

    DOX Active Member

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    +472 / 18 / -4
    If only we'd taken our chances, and Chelsea weren't such clinical bastards... Anyway, it was a very encouraging performance by the team. Bentaleb gave almost a Pirloesque performance and Kane was a beast!
  6. Bofbro

    Bofbro Well-Known Member

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    +2,395 / 92 / -45
    Bentaleb was the best CM on the field.
  7. Gilzeanking

    Gilzeanking Well-Known Member

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    Agree with the general view here, great team effort . Coupla small things..

    I thought this wasn't a match for Soldado (5) and he was invisible when he came on as he would have been from the start .

    Davies (5.5) may be 'solid' , he may have great passing stats...but as an attacking threat he was not much . His passes were backwards/sideways mainly .

    Verts (5.5) bit unsure and got done by Remy ...Whoever it was who prevented us picking him up for a song a year or two ago should be left in a room with a service revolver . Massive incompetence given our striker problems .

    Poch (6) I always say 'horses for courses' ..Was it the smartest move to go to a lottery win team like Chelsea with their current record and attempt to match them toe to toe ? Instead of looking at just how we are going to play, mebbe take a gander at the oppo and set up accordingly . I'm still looking for a stifling style from Spurs that can be deployed when appropriate . Mourinho
    does this analysis and adaptation to the oppo so effectively . More pragmatism plz .
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2014
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  8. The Apprentice

    The Apprentice Charles Big Potatoes

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    Interesting that Lamela saw more of the ball than any of our front 6 bar Nabil and also gave it away the least.
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  9. SargeantMeatCurtains

    SargeantMeatCurtains nobody

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    +21,750 / 608 / -361
    For me, Kane and Bentaleb proved their credentials. They have the potential to be very special players, and they showed last night that they have the attitude and commitment to fulfil that potential.

    Some of Kane's clean tackling in the final third was superb. He was still chasing every ball in the 90th minute.
  10. Coyboy

    Coyboy The Double of 1961 is still The Double

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    You mean other than setting up our best chance?

    If people are going to scrutinise him for their goal- for which he was at fault but Hazard has bamboozled better defenders than Lennon- he deserves credit in equal measure for some good that he did.
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  11. CheeseGromit

    CheeseGromit Active Member

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    Bentelab for me
    Fazio worth a mention followed by Kane

    Got done by a team bought to play the way Maureen wants them to play

    If not quite men against boys there was a difference in class. They have key players in key positions and good ones in the other ones all capable of doing a job. We don't
  12. Jimmypearce7

    Jimmypearce7 Well-Known Member

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    Only saw the highlights but Vertonghen had a bit of a nightmare, didnt he? Has been playing well of late but for the first goal, he didnt move until the ball reached Drogba, by when it was too late, then he was out muscled by Loic Remy, who is hardly Hercules.

    Miserable night, i flippin hate Chelsea.
  13. faze_coys

    faze_coys Well-Known Member

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    +3,093 / 362 / -97
    whats more interesting is people who were supposedly watching the game saying all he does is give it away. He also made more tackles than everyone in our front 6, but again 'all he does is stupid fouls'

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  14. NeverRed

    NeverRed Active Member

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    Fazio was good, Lamela had some tidy play and Bentaleb probably the tidiest - though frustratingly backward/sideward playing a little too often.

    Others also. Paulinho was ok, direct sometimes, but does this kind of ineffectual side/back/tip-tap play a fair bit. If there is no point making a pass don't make one. If the current onus is attacking, don't turn back and restart. If you've got into a positive position don't regress.

    Davies was pretty solid.

    Chiriches wasn't bad with the exception of some brain-farts/mistakes. I think he smokes weed.

    Kane played with his heart again and was positive. Could have been smarter (how many times are you going to run into a brick wall before you realise you need another approach).

    I thought Vertonghen and Eriksen didn't have a good game.

    Spurs needed to go wider in the 2nd half, it was too congested in the middle. The double sub that brought mason off should have just been: Mason for Soldado (i.e. lennon should have stayed on, wide right); Lamela sent out wide left (possibly replaced by Chadli at some point); Eriksen centralised; 2 (Kane, Soldado) up top.
  15. JimmyG2

    JimmyG2 SC Supporter

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    Watched it on a very poor stream. Actually several very poor streams
    so don't like to be too precise.

    Chelsea champions elect and with the most pragmatic manager were never going to let this one slip once ahead.
    If Kane's early header had gone in? Who knows. But the road to disappointment is paved with what if's and buts.
    Take some heart from the attitude of players and approach of manager. Gave them a scare but 15 minutes out of 93 is not enough.
    Against Everton we had 39% possession and won.
    Against Chelsea we had 60% and lost by three goals.
    Pass that one to the analytical statisticians who understand these things better than me.

    Lloris........Responsible for at least one goal. Some good routine stops. But still love him
    Chiriches.Thought he played well overall. Always up for a major error. Like him
    Fazio........Has presence and good forward vision. Like him more and more.
    Verts.........Apart from sitting down when he should stand up. Decent. Warming too him lately.
    Davies......Stuck in defence mode. But fair enough against Chelsea. I'm not as cool as before.
    Bentaleb.. Another good performance, and so young. Cockles duly warmed.
    Mason......Not seeing the bigger picture enough.Warm glow fading a little.
    Lennon.....Bit much to expect three good uns in a row. Always liked him and glad he's back somewhat.
    Lamela.....Spurs great white hope. Not delivering yet. Slow burner. Me and Mauricio like him.
    Kane....... Workrate and attitude amazing..Got the footballing hots for this boy.
    Eriksen....Chelsea know how to deal with his kind of talent. Little boy lost appeal.Still love him.

    Subs........Seemed sensible and effective
    ................Except Soldado. Perhaps a warm up for Saturday when he should start
  16. DiscoD1882

    DiscoD1882 SC Supporter

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    They didnt watch the game and made their assumptions watching the VERY limited highlights.
  17. Cheltenham Spur

    Cheltenham Spur Active Member

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    As a fan living in the sticks with family commitments I don't get to see as many games as I'd like.
    With that in mind I'd like to say a big thank you to @Bus-Conductor for his write ups in this thread.
    They are considered, informative and give a view of the performance free from the usual lazy media clich├ęs.
    Cheers mate, keep up the good work.
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  18. barry

    barry Poch love

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    To me it's no suprise the team has looked better since the return of AL. Lennon is vital to this team. He hasn't been at his best for a while but he works his nuts off, is brilliantly fast, stays wide and is selfless (real team player) This creates more space in the middle which let's our team play. Other teams know if they press too hard we always have an outlet ball in Lennon. I love the little man.
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  19. DiscoD1882

    DiscoD1882 SC Supporter

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    I watched the whole game last night and yes Lamela was involved which is good. problem is his involvment isnt where you want it to be. he is there to supply our forward line with chances to score or score himself. This is what i think frustrates me and others. He has a Bale shaped millstone around his neck which is no help to him. But on the flip side he just doesnt seem to do the right thing with the ball. I hope this will come with coaching and experience. He always looks like he is 75% in control of the ball.
  20. Bus-Conductor

    Bus-Conductor SC Supporter

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    +46,786 / 2,196 / -646

    One cross, slightly behind Kane does not deserve equal credit as giving a goal away does debit. It wasn't just the initial bamboozling, it was also the simple laziness of then not tracking him, despite probably being quicker. It was a really standard and simple one dimensional piece of play, he had nothing else to think about at that moment, but very important and he cost us enormously. And he compounded this by wasting one of the few times we got into a good position in the box in the second half. Also saw much less of the football than everyone else, and was rightly subbed.

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