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  1. Lloris

    4 vote(s)
  2. Dier

    0 vote(s)
  3. Fazio

    2 vote(s)
  4. Verts

    2 vote(s)
  5. Davies

    4 vote(s)
  6. Dembele

    2 vote(s)
  7. Mason

    33 vote(s)
  8. Eriksen

    208 vote(s)
  9. Lamela

    13 vote(s)
  10. Kane

    9 vote(s)
  11. Soldado

    3 vote(s)
  12. Paulinho

    2 vote(s)
  13. Lennon

    2 vote(s)
  14. Chiriches

    9 vote(s)
  1. brutus

    brutus New Member

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    Gee, Harry Kane got our first goal and secondary assist on the winner and he gets one vote (although I did vote for Ericksen), I think we're getting a little spoiled by him
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  2. tiger666

    tiger666 Large member

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    I'm more concerned about someone voting Dembele. Useless player.
  3. mpickard2087

    mpickard2087 Fantastic Member

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    My motm votes always get commented on... :D
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  4. 0-Tibsy-0

    0-Tibsy-0 Well-Known Member

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    I love Kane, but the goal aside, I thought he was relatively poor today. But then he's young and still scoring so meh who really cares.
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  5. mattyspurs

    mattyspurs The blind man

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    To be honest though, that's all I want from my striker. He's the only one doing it and I don't care if he does much else.
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  6. gp13tot

    gp13tot Well-Known Member

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    Lloris 5
    Dier 5
    Fazio 6.5
    Verts 6.5
    Davies 7
    Dembele 3
    Mason 7
    Eriksen 8
    Lamela 6
    Soldado 7
    Kane 6.5

    Lennon 7.5
    Chiriches 6
    Paulinho 5
  7. Shea

    Shea Well-Known Member

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    +10,986 / 269 / -58
    Lloris- 6 - bit shakey when trying to punch or collect the ball and his kicking was poor but he made one outstanding save to keep us in it at 1 down
    Dier- 5- He's getting great experience but he's no right back, he doesn't have the postional sense of a right back or the attacking input down the line which negatively affects us both in defence and in attack as we lack width going forward and Lamela is left isolated
    Fazio- 5 - poor header for their goal and looked a bit of a donkey much of the first half, better in the second after their sending off but naturally because there was next to nothing left to do
    Vertonghen- 6- Wasn't great but did little wrong I suppose
    Davies- 6 - played fairly well and I think given a run in the team he could prove a good left back both in defense and providing attacking width, if he had someone worth crossing to I could see him getting a fair share of assists too
    Dembele- 4- pretty poor today, the game passed him by and he failed to protect the back four or provide anything going forward. Set a slow tempo whenever he did have the ball and though he looked strong when on the ball he did nothing with it and was rightfully replaced
    Mason- 6 - Had a decent game, high tempo and lots of effort. At fault to an extent for their goal and left us weak in the middle as part of a CM2
    Lamela- 6.- Has to produce more considering the talent he has. His head always down and misses the simple pass. Cuts inside too much and is predictable. Wasn't awful and put the effort in but when they had 10 men he should have been running the show and creating chances for himself and others. He failed to really produce anything and it was an average and for me a disappointing performance over all
    Eriksen- 8- The one player who truly came alive when they went down to 10 men. Dictated the pace of the game and was at the heart of everything good we did (including both goals to win the game)
    Kane-7- Wasn't his best game but he was in the right place at the right time again to get his goal and his work rate cannot be faulted, should have scored a header too and I feel he could have been more directly involved in the game but he was better than most today still I thought
    Soldado- 5- Hard to see things turning round for him now. Run out of excuses to make for him and my hope is gone. He played the odd decent pass but he was rarely in the right place and often way out of position. A couple of great balls played across the box for a striker of his style that he didn't even react to and a through ball in the second half that he couldn't get on to. When he was in the right place at the right time his shot was poor and wide of the target with no pressure on him. I think its best for him and us if we sell him back to Spain and get someone more suitable in now

    Chiriches- 6- Did better than Dier at right back, certainly got forward more. Though some of his passing was sloppy and to be fair most of his performance took place while we had a man advantage and he had little threat to deal with
    Lennon-7- The red card turned the match but Lennon's pace and energy on the wing certainly contributed too. He wasn't involved in either goal but he helped us pin them back, win back possession high up the pitch and stretched them time and time again which wore them down
    Paulinho- 4 - this lad is a waste of space and should be sold. He came on while we were chasing the game fresh and yet he did nothing but slow us down everytime he got the ball and let the play completely bipass him whenever he was off the ball. In essence his substitution evened up the match 10 vs 10 and it was a mistake by Poch to bring him on instead of Caballos in my opinion, one which we fortunately didn't pay for

    Over all a poor poor performance but a great result. The predicament we're in we don't have the luxurary of worrying about the performance right now so I'm delighted with the 3 points even though Hull were the better team and they wanted it more than us. We owe everything to the red card - without it we'd not have won that game. I fear for us against Everton, though I feel if we win in midweek too we may have a little confidence and it could see a better performance. I don't fancy our chances though and at this rate I'd probably settle for a draw against Everton because I think they'll turn us over
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  8. prawnsandwich

    prawnsandwich Well-Known Member

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    Against Stoke I was effing and blinding, squirming in my seat shouting and screaming. That did not go down too well in the public library.;)
    The 1st half today I was not doing the same and the second half I was excited and thoroughly enjoyed it.
    Full points to MoPo. He picked the best XI at his disposal and made the right subs.
    Chiriches at RB was a surprise but made sense, Eric does not want to play RB and was wound up and on a booking.
    I liked Lamela today for the 1st time in an EPL game. Maybe the ref helped that and him..but this boy still has a lot to learn. Apart from not doing a John Terry to maybe stop their goal I was more than happy with Davies. Harry was beyond good..he can maybe become world class. Seriously-he has so much confidence which is 99% of what it is all about as a striker...which brings me to Soldado. The effort when he made his move a split second too late and lunged with his left foot instead of his right summed him up. And then he went off with cramp when we needed a goal. Would Harry have gone off?
    Dembele was so poor it is unbelievable. Mason was excellent.
    Lamela tried to lift Eriksen onto his shoulder at the end. He was magnificent. Very satisfying result with a few reserves.
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    THFCSPURS19 Well-Known Member

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    Paulinho was on for 10 minutes and gets a '4'. Shows the agendas people have. Didn't do anything wrong (or right, because there wasn't enough time) but because he's Paulinho, he was obviously shit.

    You've judged that Paulinho was worse than every other player in the 10 minutes he played. Flipping hell.
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  10. JohannTHFC

    JohannTHFC Active Member

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    Lloris: 6
    Dier: 4
    Fazio: 5
    Vertonghen: 6
    Davies: 5
    Dembele: 5
    Mason: 6
    Lamela: 5
    Eriksen: 8
    Kane: 7
    Soldado: 5
    Chiriches: 7
    Lennon: 7
    Paulinho: NaN
  11. Shea

    Shea Well-Known Member

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    I don't have an adgenda against him at all - I think he was that bad when he came on. I listed my reasons after the rating

    Edit - how can this be "spam" when it was a direct responce to a question posed to me about my rating of a playing in a match day ratings thread?
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  12. ClintEastwould

    ClintEastwould Well-Known Member

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    Mason was the best over the 90 but eriksens second half edged it for me
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  13. faymantaray

    faymantaray Average-Sized Member

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  14. LexingtonSpurs

    LexingtonSpurs Well-Known Member

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    To be fair, I thought Paulinho was in the way as much as he tried to help.

    Part of that may be that he never got time to get into the flow of the game - but when he was in the game he had very little influence.
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  15. Shea

    Shea Well-Known Member

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    Although to be fair it was much easier to look for the forward pass once they were down to ten men and no longer applying pressure to the full backs everytime they got the ball

    Makes it a pretty distorted comparison
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  16. Bus-Conductor

    Bus-Conductor SC Supporter

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    It's good news week.

    Get yourselves over to the ITK thread. The Togolise Crowned Prince of Egotown, the gangsta ant of Lilliput and Kaboul the Warrior Clown have apparently marched into the glorious revolutionary gaffer's office all indignant at being asked to do proper work for a living and piss whining about the younger players refusing to doff their caps to them and shit, and have apparently been told by Che Poch, judging by the lineup today (the ITK has it that Lennon only made the bench due to a shortage of options) that they have two choices, his way or the fucking highway, even if the highway turns out to be playing three way FIFA round Aaron's crib in the leafy Hertfordshire hood for the next 6 months.

    That and we actually put in a half decent performance, and came from a goal behind and overcame a dogged resistance to win away.

    Lets start, as is our usual want, with the team selection. I'm still not sure who was dropped and who was injured. But changes needed to be made, and Kaboul and Adebayor were top of list for various, some differing, reasons. So it was good both were omitted - completely. Even if Fazio still looks a bit like and Argentine Dawson at times, at least he didn't look as bewildered by it all as kaboul has recently.

    We probably needed to try the Kane/Soldado combo just to see how it could work. For me it didn't really. Largely because Kane really isn't the No.10 type that some have claimed he could be. He clearly has a brain and technique, but his body is often not as dextrous as that mind, meaning his touch and movement can be clumsy and cumbersome in congested areas and situations, far too much to be a No.10 type anyway. And with him there, you don't get someone who can drop into midfield and play like a midfielder, as you get with players like Eriksen who can genuinely link the two lines, with quick nimble brain and movements. What I will say is, that with Soldado's goal scoring ability seeming cursed on UK soil, and Kane continually finding the net, it's time for Kane to be given a run of games as the loan striker IMO - and when we get Pritchard back from Brentford, he should play ALM and if Kane's scoring has dried up, Chadli can play there for the rest of the season.

    The Dier RB experiment has to end. At least we learnt tonight that even if we aren't prepared to promote one of the development group, Chiriches is a much better option, prepared to attack and bomb forward (to be fair he was prepared to do that even as a CB)

    We also learnt that Dembele definitely isn't the solution to the CM problem, like Capoue before him fell on his sword after an hour or so. Personally I think only a CM3 is the answer with the players we have. Mason gets about and sees plenty of ball, but once again, was often guilty of positional and tracking offences. When Hull set about us, These two didn't exactly provide the best protection, Stambouli's turn to chaperone Mason next week maybe ? On a side note, just a small issue, why would you put the predominantly right footed Mason on the left and left footed Dembele on the right of the pairing. Seemed illogical.

    Hull also made big changes and with the ex Spurs lads were always going to be a bit fired up, especially after their start to the season.

    Hull duly came out all bright eyed and bushy tailed, pressing us hard. But despite this and a couple of iffy moments, I thought we were actually playing quite well first half. We were competing, were slightly more sure footed with the ball than we have been lately and showed a bit more cohesiveness with and without the ball. We went behind to a very fortuitous pot shot after the ball had been cleared well outside the box. It was well struck but still went through Davies' legs. We were behind not because we were playing terribly, but because football sometimes does that. The other team were playing hard and they got a break.

    Of course the match thread was apoplectic, wanting everyone beheaded for being football infidels. Not everything we were seeing was great but it was better than some that had gone before. We were having the lion share of the ball and putting some decent moves together, just, as ever, struggling with the final bit.

    It's really hard to properly appraise the second half. Once their idiot had kicked and slapped Vertonghen's arse for no reason at all, the game effectively became a mis match. They were already doing the sit and protect thing, the sending off just made it more of a Custer's last stand.

    Tactically, I didn't mind the idea of bringing Lennon on, but the sending back of Eriksen to play CM2 with Mason already doing his roaming thing seemed daft to me, Eriksen is still our most intelligent and creative player and to take him out of the line of attack seemed counter productive. Luckily this was rectified when Paulinho ambled on, meaning Eriksen could revert to the more forward role. This substitution looked even more puzzling when Lennon started occupying Eriksen's No.10 spot in the centre. I could understand putting him on to try and widen the pitch a bit but not to try and impersonate a trequartista.

    I couldn't believe Pochettino was about to swap Lamela for Paulinho. Lamela offered his usual mixed bag, but still, for all his skittish jiggery pokery, looks like he can make something productive happen. He needs to make a simple pass sometimes instead of hanging on to it and trying the more difficult, but what I like is, he at least buys into the Pochettino system and works hard off the ball to win it back. Luckily Soldado realised the folly of this sub just in time and deliberately injured himself.

    As it was, the Paulino's introduction allowed Eriksen to go back into his natural position, from whence he belted in a sweet winner.

    In amongst the furore of another late, desperate win, I think there were some promising signs. We are showing fight and a refusal to be bullied. There was a good spirit about this and the Villa wins. There was more care and attention with the ball at times today and a little bit more coherence to our play with and without the ball I thought, despite facing a tricky oppo.

    I can accept that we aren't always going to get our way in games, we aren't always going to be able to be pretty or stylish or slick, but the very least I want to see is some fight, some desire, and like we at least spend some time together on a training pitch and have not all just met for the first time ten minutes before kick off. I thought we were better in that respect today. Some fight, some spirit and some cohesiveness.

    And the away support has always been fucking great at this club. Credit to them.

    Individual awards:

    Lloris - Great save first half.

    Dier - Poor. But not his fault he's not a rb

    Chiriches - Very good offensively, not tested too much defensively. Got past the defence a few times and put in a couple of great crosses.

    Fazio - Hmmm..When tested still worries me. But had some good moments too.

    Vertonghen - Pretty good game.

    Davies - Doesn't offer enough offensively. Defensively OK.

    Dembele - If we are trying to improve the tempo he's not the man. Doesn't move the ball quick enough. Not terrible not great.

    Mason - With the ball a very good game. Defensively was a bit lax on a few occasions first half, second half this was not an issue as Hull didn't have any of the ball, and he was free to just play football, which he did, well. I would still like to see a bit more vision and incisiveness from him though.

    Lamela - See above. The usual eager puppy dog stuff. Needs to calm down a little sometimes and just lay it off and keep the move flowing. But he never hides, tries to make something spark and works hard off the ball to win it back, and not just pretend trying to win it back.

    Kane - Got the usual goal. Didn't think he was very good in general though. His body/feet sometimes doesn't quite do what he wants it to do. he's not a "10". he's not mentally and physically dextrous enough. But he's got a great attitude and a healthy knack of finding the net. Did miss a fucking sitter though as well.

    Eriksen - I was disappointed he was subbed at Villa where I thought he was having a decent knock. I think he's a bit lightweight off the ball at times, but on the ball he's still our most intelligent and composed footballer. He played a beautiful first time pass to put Lennon in behind at one point. It was his superb free kick that set up the equaliser and his sweet finish that bagged the winner. 71/77 Passes too.

    Soldado - Performance wise, Ok/meh, but has the hex on his scoring boots.

    Lennon - Dod Ok, put in a coupe of good crosses, especially the one for Kane.
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  17. Chris12

    Chris12 Well-Known Member

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    Not watch the match but according to WhoScored Lamela was MOTM but how different that seems to be on here
  18. Larryjanta

    Larryjanta Well-Known Member

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    Good: Eriksen, Kane, Lennon, Mason
    Fine: Lamela, Davies, Chiriches, Paul
    Poor: Soldado, Verts, Lloris, Poch
    Terrible: Dier, Fazio, Dembele

    Such a shame we didn't play 11 v 11 like we did when they went down to 10. It's a shame because, we could play like that all he time. There was pace, guile, taking players on, pushing full backs forward. We look shit at the back so why not go for it a bit more anyway given we're going to concede badly anyway.

    Had they not got a man, fortuitously for us, sent off, think this would have been another depressing day bit, hey, they did and it will be a good 3 points come the end of the season.

    Fazio,first half, looked worse than Ramon Vega, constantly missing the bounce on headers And playing passes to nobody, I missed Dawson.

    I'm trying not to be too harsh on Poch as you could see he was as frustrated as us as the players were clearly not doing what he had told them to. We're just so easy to play against, ridiculously press us as all our attacking players want ages on the ball, we need way more movement if we're to compete and,sadly, I don't think many in iur squad will ever be able to play like this.

    Sorry all, turned into a rant
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  19. yusrisafri

    yusrisafri Well-Known Member

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    The ref saved us again today. Lets not kid ourselves. We won because they were down to 10. Before the red card we were atrocious.

    If i have to give a MOM, it is Eriksen. He waa poor as well but he was the best out of a very poor bunch.

    And when Paulinho came on, we were down to 10 men as well........
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  20. Wellspurs

    Wellspurs Well-Known Member

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    The goat and perhaps the linesman?
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