Ratings Vs Limassol (H)

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Who was your MOTM?

  1. Lloris

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  2. Naughton

  3. Chiriches

  4. Kaboul

  5. Davies

  6. Dembele

  7. Sandro

  8. Lennon

  9. Paulinho

  10. Townsend

  11. Kane

  12. Veljkovic

  13. Holtby

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  1. HotspurFC1950

    HotspurFC1950 Well-Known Member

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    +2,993 / 727 / -233
    This helps us people who cannot watch the game.

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  2. chrissivad

    chrissivad Staff Staff

    Ratings Received:
    +13,025 / 131 / -42
  3. guate

    guate Well-Known Member

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    +1,413 / 41 / -9
    I thought all played well although Andros doesn't help himself by constantly running down blind alleys. Harry IMHO deserved MOTM due to his constant goal threat even though he missed a penalty. Thoroughly enjoyable game and a good chance for Spurs second XI to show just what they offer.
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  4. We'llWinThePrem

    We'llWinThePrem Well-Known Member

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    +3,227 / 159 / -37
    Lloris - 7
    Naughton - 7
    Kaboul - 7
    Chiriches - 8
    Davies - 7
    Sandro - 7
    Dembele - 7
    Townsend - 6
    Paulinho - 7
    Lennon - 6
    Kane - 8

    Holtby - 7
    Veljkovic - 7
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  5. Supersi32

    Supersi32 Well-Known Member

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    +1,825 / 115 / -21
    Chiriches, Dembele, Sandro & Kane all impressed, Paulinho had a good 2nd half.
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  6. carpediem991

    carpediem991 Well-Known Member

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    +7,584 / 246 / -95
    All get decent 7s for a good all round team performance. No one was outstanding but there were good signs. I like the fast pressing and winning the ball back.

    Townsend i give a 5.5. I thought he did a lot wrong and not good enough.
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  7. LexingtonSpurs

    LexingtonSpurs Well-Known Member

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    +22,442 / 403 / -98
    I did not see the whole game, but players who I thought showed their value (in no particular order):

    Kane - still young, but he seems to get Poch's system.
    Lennon - not starting material, but I could see his value against some teams off the bench, looks like he puts in the effort
    Paulinho - moved upto the AM-3 role, and played better, seemed out of place at times, but made some key plays - I think he could grow into this role.
    Sandro - I don't see an every week starter, but if we needed some steel, he showed a few times he could still stick a tackle. Seemed to react well to the play in front of him, not the most prolific passer
    Chiriches - played just like I remembered - a bit risky with the ball at times, but knows how to launch an attack from the defense
    Davies - I thought this was his best game. Very steady. Not enough to unseat Rose, but did not lose any ground.

    Hurt themselves
    Townsend - maybe he needs better teammates around, but he seems to lack awareness, and know when to pass v. shoot
    Naughton - he did not play badly, but I feel more comfortable with Dier playing RB while Walker is out
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  8. kaz Hirai

    kaz Hirai Well-Known Member

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    +14,063 / 550 / -163
    Paulinho, Sandro and chiriches were our best tonight. Kane did well too

    Lennon and townsend were the poorest on the night
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  9. WiganSpur

    WiganSpur Well-Known Member

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    +15,443 / 454 / -94
    Lloris 6
    Naughton 7
    Kaboul 7
    Vlad 7- such an elegant player
    Davies 7-solid
    Sandro 7
    Dembele 7
    Lennon 7
    Townsend 5
    Paulinho 7- #10 looks his best position for now
    Kane 6- good all round play but some of his finishing isn't half frustrating
  10. Led's Zeppelin

    Led's Zeppelin Flaccid Member

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    +6,753 / 70 / -13
    Hard to judge defenders against such a poor attack, or did we defend so well as a team that we made them look poor? I love the way the whole squad seems to be buying into the new system and working hard to do their jobs.

    Only Townsend seems to be struggling and I'm far from convinced that he'll ever stop being frustrating but he can still be dangerous as a a squad member, but not as potent as Chadli can be.

    Unweighted for the opposition, I'd give them all 8 for doing their jobs as I imagine they were instructed , but Kane deserves a special mention for his graft and footballing intelligence. A bit sharper with the final shot and he could become a genuinely top class player.
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  11. HotspurFC1950

    HotspurFC1950 Well-Known Member

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    +2,993 / 727 / -233
    Thank you.
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  12. goughie1966

    goughie1966 Well-Known Member

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    +8,586 / 190 / -75
    Sandro impressed me the most, followed by Vlad and Kane. I'd forgotten how good Sandro can be. He's not a starter for me though. Dembele started well but disappeared the longer the game went on. Whereas Paulinho was the opposite, he got better and better.

    Townsend was poor as was Lennon for me.

    Of the 9 changes made from the QPR game I don't see anything of them making the starting 11 against Liverpool.
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  13. HotspurFC1950

    HotspurFC1950 Well-Known Member

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    +2,993 / 727 / -233
    Would like to see the goals at least.
  14. gp13tot

    gp13tot Well-Known Member

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    +911 / 67 / -12
    lloris 6

    naughton 6
    Davies 6
    kaboul 7
    chiriches 7

    sandro 8
    dembele 7
    paulinho 7
    Lennon 6
    Townsend 5.5

    Kane 7.5

    holtby 6
    milos na
  15. coxson

    coxson Active Member

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    +417 / 3 / -1
    Lloris - 6
    Naughton - 6
    Kaboul - 6
    Chiriches - 7
    Davies - 6
    Sandro - 6
    Dembele - 6
    Townsend - 4
    Paulinho - 7
    Lennon - 5
    Kane - 7

    Holtby - 6
    Veljkovic - 6
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  16. jedimonkey

    jedimonkey COYS!

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    +2,826 / 35 / -21
    Commentators said something that I think applies to Townsend in that if you have nine players all doing what the coach wants and two trying all sorts of tricks and shots to impress then the coach won't be happy with the two.

    For me Townsend was going the wrong way about impressing Poch. He would've be better off sticking to the game plan instead of trying to win the game on his own.
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  17. Syn_13

    Syn_13 Fly On, Little Wing

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    +16,858 / 237 / -73
    I thought Chiriches was great. Granted, he didn't have much to do defensively, but he always took the initiative coming forward to make interceptions and put out fires. He's looking a lot stronger in his challenges and did brilliantly for Paulinho's assist, even if it was a bit crazy to see a centre back get that far forward.

    Sandro started off shakey, but he's had barely any pre-season and is looking to regain fitness and form. He got a lot better as the game went on and put in a lot of his trademark brick shithouse challenges, winning the ball back with a lot of precision and very little mercy. I still think he's one of the best tacklers around.

    Dembele looked a bit sharper. He was trying to release the ball quickly and didn't try to run with it so much. I think Poch will still give Bentaleb the nod as he is a better passer and will look to play the ball forward. Moussa covered a lot of ground though and did very well.

    Davies looked comfortable. He isn't as quick as Rose but links up better with others, looking for quick one-twos. I think he's quite a smart player and I think he'll do well for us.

    Kane took his goal really well and did well to not dwell on his penalty miss. I felt that at times he tried too much and couldn't pull certain things off, but at other times he was very effective. I think it didn't help that he only really had Paulinho for support, as Lennon and Townsend played quite wide. The 3 floating attacking mid combination of Chadli, Lamela and Eriksen against QPR would've helped Kane a hell of a lot more.

    Paulinho worked his socks off. Started off a bit quiet, like Sandro, but again lacks fitness and game time. He really got involved though and showed why he can be important. I do think he lacks positional sense when playing CM, which is why he's often anonymous there. Perhaps he struggles to deal with both the defensive and offensive phases of play. As an AM he's required to track back less, although he did on occasion, as he can focus on giving the striker support. He's not the best passer and I can't see him unlocking defences like Eriksen can, but he's a good backup to inject a bit of energy. Plus, he can be a real goal threat.

    Other than that, everyone was pretty standard. Lennon disappeared for spells like he normally does. Townsend started the first half an hour brightly and got worse as the game went on. He didn't look to link up with Naughton at all. Naughton did try to overlap a couple of times but once Townsend cuts inside he only has one thing on his mind. Townsend also just tried to rely on pace to beat his man when going down the right channel, but unfortunately for him his full back was just as quick and was happy to usher him out all the time. Townsend still needs to learn to engage his brain, look up and play simple balls.
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  18. Tottenham_God

    Tottenham_God Well-Known Member

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    +1,646 / 139 / -71
    How did the team place structurally ? how did Sandro go?
  19. eddiebailey

    eddiebailey Well-Known Member

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    +5,440 / 422 / -118
    I really did not see Townsend trying to win the game on his own. As I recall he had three shots on goal, all from reasonable positions, and one required a good save. In the opening exchanges in particular his passing showed good vision. He was up against a particularly fast fullback, and was often double teamed, but when he made a run he was always aiming to get into a crossing position. He took a well struck penalty.

    He was really no better or worse than anyone else today, but the SC hivemind has made up its mind about him and nothing as inconsequential as his actual performance is going to change it.
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  20. Strikeb4ck

    Strikeb4ck Well-Known Member

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    +6,102 / 546 / -91
    Surprised Sandro isn't leading the poll, thought he was the best player out there by a mile. Broke up many attacks and distributed well. Paulinho/Kane were also good.
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