Ratings vs Liverpool


  • Lloris

  • Walker

  • Dier

  • Vert

  • Rose

  • Bentaleb

  • Mason

  • Lamela

  • Dembele

  • Eriksen

  • Kane

  • Paulinho

  • Chadli

  • Soldado

  • Undecided

  • None deserved

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Oct 17, 2006
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So Lloris is human after all!
I honestly think we sold the wrong Kyle
Dembele scores with his dembelly!
Rose kept peeking out of Ibe's back pocket!
Close between Dembele and Lamela for MOM but gave it to the Latter
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Mar 6, 2013
V Good = Dembele, Lamela, Dier
Good = Kane, Verts
In Between = Lloris
OK = Mason, Bentaleb, Rose, Walker, Eriksen

Subs: Meh, I understood why but didn't work out.


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Aug 8, 2010
Poch: Absolutely inexcusable not to rotate. Absolutely no way players like Mason, Bentaleb, and Rose were going to be fit for this game. They worked tirelessly on Saturday, just no way to put in a repeat effort with this recovery time. Furthermore, the "letdown spot" is a pretty well known phenomenon, especially for younger players, and you could see they were all half as good as Saturday, coming off the high of a big derby win. Mason and Bentaleb in particular were absolutely woeful. Our squad is young and the mental/physical letdown simply had to be factored for, Poch failed to do so and we paid. I actually got Disagree ratings for saying Davies, Paulinho, Chadli, and even Fazio should all come into the side, look what happened...

Lloris finally messed up. He did it enough at Lyon and has done it for France too, so was going to happen eventually. Still the best GK in the Prem.
For what it's worth, much like Soldado and Adebayor in the strikers debate, we better not butterfluff this mistake and then criminalize Vorm for his blunder vs Leicester. Both GKs have been outstanding on every other occasion, but if you mess up as a goalie, you cost your team a goal.

Lloris 3
Walker 4.5
Vertonghen 5
Dier 6.5
Rose 3.5
Mason 3
Bentaleb 3
Lamela 6.5
Eriksen 4
Dembellly 6
Kane 5

Away support: 10

Dier (did well for the majority of the night and some crucial tackles) and Lamela (fantastic workrate and bagged an assist - unfortunately the workrate wasn't matched by his teammates and the pressing was useless unlike v Arsenal) were the standout players for me.
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Aug 13, 2012
Good for the most part: Dembele, Lamela, Dier.
OK: Walker, Vertonghen, Eriksen, Kane
Below par: Bentaleb, Mason, Rose

Loathe to rate Lloris as anything other than God, but he should have done better with that first goal so i'm just not going to rate him.


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Oct 12, 2004
cbs did okay, and Kane continued his scoring run; everyone else was meh.

Poch called it wrong by not resting some of Saturdays heroes,then compounded the problem with peculiar substitutions.


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Aug 31, 2012
At least it has to be a lesson learnt for Mason and Bentaleb and Kane.

Rose knows the game long enough now. Idiotic showing.

Eriksen missing.

Lamela, Dier, Dembele were the standouts.

Stambouli had to be in, no idea why he was left out of the squad completely. Wrong decision by Poch.

Anyway, I'm tired of letting my emotions be controlled by events out of my control. I hate Liverpool. I hate Rodgers. I hate losing to them, but they've beat us and now we have got to look forward beat the Spam and get it together once more.

I may be looking for excuses, but as terrible as it feels, it's actually, well it may be good.

Now Poch can say, hey we beat Chelsea 5-3 and you lot no-showed at Palace.

We beat Arse 2-1 and you lot no-showed at Anfield.

If that doesn't spur them on, well, we won't be making it anyway, but it should and Poch should have rotated due to the time between games.

Both Mason and Bentaleb have shown to be inconsistent with their form when the games are close together last year and this just amplifies it. Lots to learn. We do need experience for all the posters who want to just throw in the Academy in the starting line up.

Have a good week guys and let's beat Fiorentina at Fortress White Hart Lane!


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Dec 31, 2008
How can anyone ever defend Paulinho, the most gutless player I've ever seen. Every time I see him coming on, I just let out a huge sigh, I can't stand seeing him wearing our shirt

Not blaming him for the defeat but he just bottles 50 50s and I didn't see him win a single thing in the middle of the park. He has no desire, no fight and offers nothing. People said he played well in the second half against WBA, yeah at 2/3-0 up when we were cruising. When we were battling it out in the first half, he's nowhere to be seen. Again, comes on today when we're up against it and shirks responsibility in the middle of the park.

Get rid to the first fool that comes in for him
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