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  1. Lloris

  2. Walker

  3. Dier

  4. Vert

  5. Rose

  6. Bentaleb

  7. Mason

  8. Lamela

  9. Dembele

  10. Eriksen

  11. Kane

  12. Paulinho

  13. Chadli

  14. Soldado

  15. Undecided

  16. None deserved

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  1. ravo

    ravo SC Supporter

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    +1,706 / 25 / -10
    Since when has defending not been a pre-requisite for fullbacks? So often this season we have burned down the flanks. How many pens has Rose given away now? So fucking frustrating!
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  2. Borks

    Borks Well-Known Member

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    +3,435 / 407 / -258
    People can hate on Lamela as much as they like but he did 100x more today than Eriksen.
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  3. Sweech

    Sweech Swiggity Swooty

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    +12,822 / 438 / -215
    It wasn't as bad as some are making out, I thought we had a good showing and could have just as easily won, just a few players who underperformed.
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  4. YiddoBirdy

    YiddoBirdy Active Member

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    +620 / 55 / -13
    Thought we played fairly decent to be honest. Bentaleb had a bit of a shocker today but overall still a performance we can take positives from. Thought the work rate was excellent and we were a threat going forward. Dembele was easily my motm he was excellent IMO.
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  5. UncleBuck

    UncleBuck Well-Known Member

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    +4,802 / 134 / -31
    I've always believed that you don't change a winning team but after tonight Stambouli should have been in the middle.
    Moose was excellent today, think I'll leave it at that....
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  6. Wrenchy

    Wrenchy Active Member

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    +445 / 9 / -3
    I think if it wasn't such an important game, he probably would have, but I think when you play against a direct league rival you have to play your best XI. Also, perhaps he doesn't believe in the ability of the replacements? Give him the summer to swap the dross left behind from the previous regime for players he and his scouting team feel suitable to his system, then i'm sure he'll feel more comfortable rotating.

    Very harsh ratings to. Liverpool are the form team of the PL, hadn't conceded a goal from open play in 900 minutes (apparently) and are our bogey team at the moment. We played a hell of a game and should be proud of the effort. To give any one of them 3/10 is ridiculous.
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  7. Chris12

    Chris12 Well-Known Member

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    +13,075 / 343 / -131
    I was shocked at how shit their ground was and not so shocked about how quiet the crowd was. No excuse, just saying.
  8. ebzrascal

    ebzrascal Well-Known Member

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    +2,631 / 363 / -90
    Eriksen, Benteleb, Mason all looked tired. Thought we would have seen Stambouli and Townsend today..
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  9. Larryjanta

    Larryjanta Well-Known Member

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    +5,049 / 223 / -93
    Great - Dembele (looks a different player), fans
    Good - Dier, Lamela
    Average - everyone else pretty much. did lots of good stuff, lots of alright stuff and lots of shit stuff.
    Poor - Chadli (didn't track Lallana), Mason (I love you Ryan and you'd still start the next game and some of your long passes were sublime but lacked the controlled aggression we've seen in recent weeks), Poch (poor subs but still love him)

    Felt I had to justify the poor marks as I thought we did ok. Really enjoyed the game and we look in good shape. Play like that against 14 teams in the Prem and we'll do ok.
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  10. DiamondLites

    DiamondLites Well-Known Member

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    +3,512 / 84 / -20
    I thought Dier was caught out a few times personally, his pace recovered a few times but positionally he was a bit hit and miss. I still think Faz and Verts is our best pairing, for now at least

    Lamela was excellent for the first hour, but he was flagging towards the end. Poor decision when he should have played in Mason, but other than that he was bright, inventive and brave. Moose was dominant again, I love him in the advanced role the only downside is it means Chadli is the odd one out
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  11. Larryjanta

    Larryjanta Well-Known Member

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    +5,049 / 223 / -93
    In hindsight I agree with you but loved the side at the time. Was always going to be tough coming off such an emotional Derby. We're doing ok though, happy with that performance and we could have been the team to snatch the winner.
  12. Mr Pink

    Mr Pink SC Supporter

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    +58,436 / 823 / -269
    Dembele was our best player.
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  13. JohannTHFC

    JohannTHFC Active Member

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    +1,333 / 122 / -21
    Dembele what a baller this guy is!
    Lamela also did great today imo, definitely more to see of him.
    I'm proud of my team that we didn't go down without a fight and despite Phil Dowd being against us for most of the match and tired, tired legs the guys left everything on the pitch. I definitely think we're back yo being as good as we were in 2012-13 (if not better!) the important thing is will we throw it away again like we did that Summer or will we build on it?
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  14. Davo99

    Davo99 Well-Known Member

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    +3,292 / 324 / -160
    Lloris 6

    Walker 5
    Dier 8
    Vertonghen 5
    Rose 5

    Mason 6
    Bentaleb 7
    Dembele 7

    Lamela 7
    Eriksen 6

    Kane 6
  15. theShiznit

    theShiznit Well-Known Member

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    +11,163 / 224 / -55
    Don't think anyone covered themselves in glory tonight tbh...

    If I had to give a MOTM i'd go for Lamela, mainly on his application, but a nice pass for Kane's goal helped.
  16. DEFchenkOE

    DEFchenkOE Well-Known Member

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    +5,615 / 128 / -23
    99% of people in the matchday thread were happy with the same lineup. I only saw people complain about Stambouli not being on the bench.
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  17. MattyP

    MattyP Advises to have a beer & sleep with prostitutes

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    +2,642 / 49 / -12
    Lamela played well, as did Dembele.
    Midfield two were poor, gave the ball away a lot.
    Kane scored, did okay.
    Fullbacks crap but didn't have much protection in front, caught out of position a lot but that's as much due to someone else giving the ball away.
    Eriksen poor.
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  18. Strikeb4ck

    Strikeb4ck Well-Known Member

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    +6,102 / 546 / -91
    I know. That's why I'm questioning the people who gave me Disagree ratings for saying we needed to rotate in the Liverpool team thread.
  19. 225

    225 Living in hope, existing in disappointment

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    +9,106 / 270 / -71
    Lloris - 4 Not his best game at all and looked to lack concentration
    Rose - 5 Poor penalty but did cover quite well
    Walker - 5 Looked like a left back Naughton
    Dier - 7 Poor defending for the Balotelli goal, but did really well otherwise
    Vertonghen - 7 Some great defensive work imo, works well with Dier and got us out the crap at times
    Bentaleb - 4 Not a good game for him at all
    Mason - 5 Average performance mixed in with some decent, some poor
    Dembele - 7 Kept us in it
    Lamela - 7.5 Did really well both defensively and should have had a goal, but for a class save
    Eriksen - 5 If I could bet on where his corners would go, I'd be a millionaire - near post defender every time
    Kane - 7 A goal and an assist, but didn't show signs of getting a second too often

    Subs - Paulinho was completely ineffective, Chadli didn't see much of the game, feel sorry for Soldado being made to come on and get barely a touch of the ball as we go in to panic hopeless long ball mode

    Overall, they got jammy. Our passing from Bentaleb and Mason was woeful at times and we gave the ball away too much. Unlucky for us, their worst players had freak performances.
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  20. chinaman

    chinaman Well-Known Member

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    +9,256 / 625 / -243
    Never thought I would do it: voting Dembele MOM after berating him for exactly 2 years.
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