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  • Mason

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Jun 2, 2011
I try not to slate our players, but Paulinho is absolutely stealing a living. I've never ever seen a player bottle more challenges than him. My mum has more bollocks than him, and she's only got one.


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Aug 8, 2010
I think if it wasn't such an important game, he probably would have, but I think when you play against a direct league rival you have to play your best XI. Also, perhaps he doesn't believe in the ability of the replacements? Give him the summer to swap the dross left behind from the previous regime for players he and his scouting team feel suitable to his system, then i'm sure he'll feel more comfortable rotating.

Very harsh ratings to. Liverpool are the form team of the PL, hadn't conceded a goal from open play in 900 minutes (apparently) and are our bogey team at the moment. We played a hell of a game and should be proud of the effort. To give any one of them 3/10 is ridiculous.
When we have players setting up Liverpool players for clear cut chances on more than one occasion, someone has to get 3s. Rose had probably his worst game of the season. Lloris messed up for one goal, couldn't do anything about the other 2, and didn't have much else to do, so...

It wasn't a good performance. If Arsenal was a 10, that was a 4 today. Nowhere near as good in possession and without it.


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Aug 13, 2008
I try not to slate our players, but Paulinho is absolutely stealing a living. I've never ever seen a player bottle more challenges than him. My mum has more bollocks than him, and she's only got one.

I just think his game does'nt translate well to England, He will do ok in Spain or Italy and the quicker we can do the deal the better.


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May 30, 2013
This may be a generation thing with me being younger and all, but is it wrong that I despise Liverpool as much as, if not more than Arsenal?...

At least the Arse encourage good passing football and move it around with great philosophy in the game, despite some of the shitbricks they have...(Big Polish fucker, Wilshite, Walcock, Welblack, and that ponce if a midfielder Flamini...) if I'm honest, watching Sanchez play this season has been a privilege...

Liverpool however, are just full of mediocre, over-rated players that they pay out of the nose for, such as Markovic, Allen, Sakho, Leiva, Borini, Aspas... And a couple of pacey wingers and strikers that nick them goals.

I hate the fans, stuck in the past and under the impression that Jordan Henderson can captain England in the future *snigger*...
I hate Rodgers, smug shit manager with constantly sore-looking lips and a list of excuses bigger than Wilfried Bony in the shower, just another twat of a manager.

Bunch of fuckers, all of them.
Sep 21, 2006
Sloppy mistakes today. really disappointed .
Positives- playing some great football, in a cup final and still in with a good chance of top 4.
Jul 28, 2004
Back down to earth.

Lloris made a mistake for the opener, could do nothing about either of the other goals, and was otherwise solid.

Walker had some daft moments but I don't remember much danger down his side.

Dier didn't have his best game but dealt relatively well with the pace he was confronted with.

Vertonghen was generally okay but gave them a nice hand with their opener.

Rose reverted from the great full back he was last game, to a poxy little whore exposing his pussy to be torn apart at every moment in this game. Every dangerous attack they had came down his side, he just didn't want to stop a cross.

Mason was sloppy but we worsened when he came off. He tried a few very good passes but he also wasted the ball a lot.

Bentaleb was also poor, just seemed to get caught out by too many simple moves put together by an ordinary Liverpool midfield.

Lamela huffed and puffed, did well for our opener, had one cracking shot and generally played okay, but the amount he gives the ball away needlessly really can be frustrating.

Dembele played pretty well, was involved and held the ball up constantly, while ran at them with it well too.

Eriksen is at least in part for Roses street hooker impression by making little to no attempt to help him, and barring his good free kick in the build up to our second he just was not involved.

Kane not at his very best, but it's hard to criticise a guy who scored one, assisted one and fought relentlessly, even tackling back at left back when Eriksen and Rose were doing their invisible thing. Our best player. Again.

Paulinho came on and didn't do too much wrong, but can't really remember what he did right.

Chadli and Soldado didn't have any effect.

We weren't even the worse team in this game, a draw would have been more than fair, but it hurts to be beaten by that shit and especially with a winner from that ****ing scumbag Balotelli.

Some comments on Liverpool: They won't finish in the top 6. They are shocking. Ibe, Sturridge and occasionally Henderson aside, every other player in their outfield ten was mediocre or worse. Gerrard is just an old man who kicks people, sad to see. Coutinho is as inspiring as what I did earlier once my morning coffee set in. Skrtel could have been sent off several times. But for their goalkeeper having a game way beyond his usual level, and ours making his once in a blue moon mistake, we would have one this game despite playing pretty poorly ourselves.


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Feb 13, 2006
I know. That's why I'm questioning the people who gave me Disagree ratings for saying we needed to rotate in the Liverpool team thread.
tbh though the only person I would have brought in was Stambouli for Mason or Bentaleb and he wasn't even on the bench so clearly something not right there. When the other midfiled option is Paulinho I'd take a 70% fit Mason and Bentaleb any day.

Think Poch could have done better with the subs though, Rose looked like a red card waiting to happen, was no surprise when he gave a way a silly pen. Eriksen clearly knows how to come up with something late in games, if he wasn't injured why take him off when we don't have a game for over 7 days?


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May 22, 2013
Lloris 5 - Poor tonight
Walker 5 - Average

Vertonghen 7 - Our best defender tonight
Dier 6 - Played OK

Rose 5 - Not awful at going forward but his defending is poor

Mason 6 - I thought he did alright, not sure what the fuss is about

Bentaleb 3 - Could have cost us heavily in the first half with some very poor passing

Lamela 7 - Great play for our first and worked his socks off. Needs to work on his decision making.

Eriksen 6 - Poor game by his standards but nice FK

Dembele 8 - MOTM Great on the ball and was probably the best player on the pitch. Didn't deserve to be on the losing side. Good to see him rediscover some form.

Kane 7 - Goal and an assist but looked tired. Cant fault is effort though.

Paulinho 1 - Backed out of first challenge. Didn't bring anything to the team. Poor sub from Poch.


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Sep 13, 2009
In hindsight I agree with you but loved the side at the time. Was always going to be tough coming off such an emotional Derby. We're doing ok though, happy with that performance and we could have been the team to snatch the winner.
I would have preferred we tightened up a bit especially being at Anfield.......... Eriksen had no affect today perhaps he should have been sacrificed for someone with more energy.. Dembele was great today!!


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Apr 5, 2013
Lloris 6 - made a very good save or two, felt he might have kept the first out

Walker 6 - was off the pace and

Dier 8- played very well, showed good pace and grit through out. Was too easily lost by Mario B for their winner though
Vertonghen 6 - Not his best game, didn't marshall the back line at all, could have done more to stop Lallana's cross getting past him I feel

Rose 6 - Started off really well, but was getting beat time and time again and affording too much space. Senseless to give away the penalty and made it to easy for Lallana to get his cross in for the winner

Mason 6 - eractic, worked hard but looked second best to their midfield, a lot of sloppy passing
Bentaleb 6 - started dreadfully, so many misplaced passes. Like Mason was second best to their hard working fast pressing middle third. Grew in to the game second half though
Dembele 8 - I thought he ran the show, strong, classy, got his goal and was on top form. We looked worse once he came off

Lamela 8 - was excellent tonight, one poor decision when he played the wrong pass to the wrong man when we had an excellent opportunity to score but he worked hard all game, created chances, showed some excellent touches and was unlucky not to score. His assist for Kane was fantastic - between him and Demebele for SPurs MOTM in my eyes

Eriksen 6 - Failed to really impact on the game. That said his freekick still resulted in our equaliser so he still contributed. Wasn't his best game and I thought he was rightfully taken off, but in hindsight taking him off probably removed our best chance of finding a moment of magic to score a late goal from no where

Kane 7 - wasn't able to get involved enough from an attacking point of view but he worked hard, as always, he smashed them about and bullied their defense whenever he got the chance. Scored one and assisted the other, he also ran a crazy amount to chase back and play his part off the ball defending from the front. Could have won a penalty too

None of the subs made enough of an impact to bother rating really


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Mar 6, 2013
Like 20/25 minutes we were clearly knackered and game, in terms of quality, took a real nose dive from both sides.
Aug 29, 2012
For me another encouraging performance. We are moving in the right direction for sure. Dembele had a good game and Dier is looking promising. Think Bentaleb and Mason weren't great today with their passing especially first half. I thought Lanela worked hard but still isn't providing the attacking threat he should be but he is trying. Yes it's frustrating but got a break now and come back a bit fresher. Still need a quality starting centre midfielder as a must for me though.


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Feb 2, 2005
Lamela is such a frustrating player. His defensive work was excellent, and he set up the goal with a nice assist, but the running into blind alleys is annoying, and the speed at which he releases the ball also. And when he didnt lay it on for Mason/Eriksen, that was criminal, but i can only imagine it was because he didnt want to pass with his right foot, so opted for the left.

Dembele MotM for me. He has his mojo back in the middle of the park, brushing off players, and weaving around the pitch. Even more forward passes at pace.

We need a back up plan for mason. Id fuck paulinho off and plump for winks or onomah at this stage.

Defence werent great but do like the look of Dier and Verts against quicker forwards.

We lost momentum at the end of the game, and the players were just knackered. They have earnt a nice break.


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Jul 25, 2014
We were sloppy at times. Bentaleb and mason especially.
There were some decent pressing and we score goals. Really thought we get the draw.
Damn Rose, cant defend for shit. I know hes been doing well in the last couple of matches but he is a defender and he cant defend. Typical of him to give them a penalty.