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  7. Mason

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  11. Kane

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  1. 225

    225 Living in hope, existing in disappointment

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    As far as I'm aware, it's just his normal methods. Wants his players fit enough to play at 100% for 90 mins. It's been working, but the push we gave at Arsenal looks to have been a bit much with a game 3 days later
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  2. penfold_99

    penfold_99 Active Member

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    After watching the game I though it was pretty open, we didn't play badly but also didn't do everything right.

    If we pressed like we did against arsenal then we would have won, after the penalty you could see the whole team went up a gear.

    Pooch's subs were all wrong, it think he settled for a point and messed it up.

    We had chances to score but Paulinho got in the way, he also didn't put his foot in on 50/50 challenges. Stamboulie would have been better choice.

    Rose was lazy in getting back several time, one case he lost it on the edge onthe penalty arse and didn't even bother to track back just walked and another time Kane ran 60 yards to make a tackle as rose was nowhere.

    Lamella was everywhere great at tracking back. He does need to learn to hit and run.
  3. dynamoSpurs

    dynamoSpurs Well-Known Member

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    He's messed up on a few occasions for us... Remember all his mis kicks?
  4. double0

    double0 Well-Known Member

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    The only positive I take from the game is that we battled to the end. Football is about winning drawing and losing we need to learn from this game, having such a young team it was an education...I saw lots of positivies from Dier (decent pace) Bentaleb Mason Kane.

    Liverpool get an insane amount of penalties which the our players should of be aware of...hate those c****

    We lost we move on, stil a long way to go.
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  5. walton

    walton Well-Known Member

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    At last, someone says it how it is. Now I'm only going to concentrate on Lamela given how the entire board seems to have taken up residence in his pants, and I'd definitely concur that he was one of our better players last night (tidy assist and lots of pressing), but he was bought as a flair player and simply is not delivering on this. His ball retention is woeful for a man of his supposed quality (he should have 1-to-1s with Dembele who has incredible ball retention) - someone made a decent point in the match thread last night that he seems to spend so much time/effort running around and pressing that when does get the ball at his feet he looks tired and sluggish. I don't suppose it helps that he's so slight - in the EPL, the meathead defenders/DMs take no prisoners and are allowed to get away with more than Lamela would've experienced in Serie A.
  6. SamR

    SamR Active Member

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    We played well.
    great to see how much Dembele has come on since the Sheffield United game.

    Was a shame to lose as i felt it was more our mistakes that lead to goals. That said, Liverpool are a good team and the way they switched the play across the pitch was awesome.

    It's going to be some run in! We're in it for sure. Roll on West Ham
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  7. The Apprentice

    The Apprentice Charles Big Potatoes

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    We no longer look like a team that will roll over and let our bellies be tickled.

    For that, I am eternally grateful to Poch.
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  8. mpickard2087

    mpickard2087 Fantastic Member

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    It was absolutely avoidable, not leaving two men unmarked out wide for starters. Bentaleb then comes into a nothing position where he isn't needed with Rose already out there which puts us in danger of having two men taken out of the game, and then Chadli is inexcusably bad in not even bothering to bust a gut to get back in considering he has just come on the pitch.

    BC you seem to have gone in to your 'we tried to press them, so everything was ok' mode...
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  9. Main Man

    Main Man Well-Known Member

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    It's funny reading through this thread sometimes.

    You get to the point/time when posts are clearly much more considered and reflective, rather than fueled on the emotion of the game.

    We gave a very average side three points, that is what irks me the most. They were there for the absolute taking.

    They pressed well in fairness but some of our passing under that pressure was actually embarrassing.

    Lloris - 5 - we have come to expect so much of him, but he fell well short of that expectation.
    Walker - 6.5 - nothing really to note other than he came up against Lazovic who is appalling.
    Dier - 6.5 - naturally came up against Sturridge and did OK. Seems to have the concentration issues that Verts has which concerns me
    Verts - 5.5 - it all seems so easy for him. BUT, he should have defended the long ball better which led to the first. And, better positioning would have stopped their third.
    Rose - 2 - I can't stand him anyway, but last night was embarrassing. He was at fault for Arsenals goal, and he continued in the same form. He can't possibly remain in the team after this - that is the one positive that should come from this game. The lack of leadership he and Bentaleb showed for their last goal was inexcusable.
    Lamela - 6.5 - he frustrated the life out of me until the opener, his distribution in the final third was really poor. But, he kept running (covered more ground than anyone else) and was perhaps unlucky not to get a goal. Question marks still remain for me though - his threat needs to be more constant.
    Mason & Bentaleb - 5.5 - tactically we over ran them in midfield yet these two really struggled at times. They went from the sublime to the ridiculous in the blink of an eye against a much poorer midfield than they faced on Saturday.
    Eriksen - 6 - he contributed very little to the game but did play a key role in our opener. He was absolutely wasted out wide though and if we had brought him central, especially after Gerrards departure, I have no doubt we would have won last night.
    Dembele - 7.5 - our best player by an absolute mile. He can still do a lot better though, and that is why I want us to stick with him. His runs and passing recently seem to have so much more drive and purpose.
    Kane - 5.5 - he got his goal but if we are being honest his performance didn't reach anywhere near the heights he is capable of.

    None of the subs made an impact whatsoever. You could justifiably level some blame at Chadli's feet for the last goal and Paulinho pulled out of one challenge just after coming on which really irked me.

    Poch - 6 - for me, he had to stick with the same team. If we retained possession like we did on Saturday we would have won last night. The players let him down last night (is this me really defending Poch?). But, his substitutions and refusal to change tactics as usual cost us in the end. His loyalty to Rose has got to end now though. It has to.
  10. Main Man

    Main Man Well-Known Member

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    I completely disagree with this.

    We looked fitter than them all over the pitch.

    That is the most subdued I have seen Henderson certainly and he is always their fittest midfielder on show when I watch them.

    Anyway, 8 days until our next game so no excuses for that one.
  11. WalkerboyUK

    WalkerboyUK Well-Known Member

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    We aren't going to be buying a new RB anytime soon.
    Yedlin was only recently purchased as back-up to Walker, and then Dier can move across in an emergency.
  12. 225

    225 Living in hope, existing in disappointment

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    You disagree with what?

    I didn't say that our players didn't look fitter. They looked to be lacking concentration and sharpness - that's nothing to do with 'fitness'.
  13. kremlyn

    kremlyn Well-Known Member

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    Couldn't agree more with your analysis. Even in defeat there was an echo of glory and that's what I desire as a spurs fan. The boys left it all on the pitch and I applaud that.
    I don't blame Poch for selecting Mason and Bentaleb again as I see it as a work in progress ; those 2 need to recognise that they are 1st choice and need to recognise that they are both trusted and expected to run the game. It's not the first time they have started slowly only to grow into the game ; they simply have to believe in themselves more. It may take a while but as soon as they understand that they are senior players, despite their age, we will start cutting out the early goals we are conceding.
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  14. JonnySpurs

    JonnySpurs SC Veteran

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    Feels like there are some wild overreactions in this thread today.

    I'm really not inclined to have a massive go at anyone and think that the bulk of what happened looked to be a result of mental tiredness than anything else. Against Arsenal we were sharp as a tack, last night our passing was bang average and to me that's a sign of players that are mentally and possibly physically tired. Not making excuses, just saying it was a factor.

    Nobody tracked Lallana for their 3rd goal. There was a concerted effort to double up on Ibe in the 2nd half and I think it was working as he wasn't as lively as he was in the 1st half. His pass through to Lallana though was very good but had Chadli or Nabil track Lallana then it might have finished level.

    Rose and Walker concern me. I like both and they offer speed and determined runs down the flanks but I worry about their positioning and concentration levels when defending. I also think both, especially Rose, are overly eager to dive in to a tackle.

    Overall though I can't complain. We played pretty well when attacking and but for a bit of tiredness might have taken a point. Liverpool edged it for me, not that I think they deserved the win, they didn't, but a draw would've been fair.

    Also, the officials were utter garbage.
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  15. ebzrascal

    ebzrascal Well-Known Member

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    I am sorry guys if you disagree but going forward Rose is decent but defensively he has to improve he should be stopping more chances going into our box from his side of the pitch. Walker only slightly better to be honest very frustrating.. Not saying we need to get rid just needs more work on the training pitch on how to defend properly and tackle at the right moment. All our fullbacks seem to stand off attackers and we get punished for it again and again. Look at the 3rd goal for Liverpool last night could have been prevented..
  16. fedupyid

    fedupyid Active Member

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    I know this is not a rating but I still think Balotelli fouled Dier on the third goal.
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  17. EastLondonYid

    EastLondonYid Well-Known Member

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    Agree with 99% of that......

    Rose was poor i agree, but trust me we have no choice atm imo, Davies is not the answer at this moment, he is young and may go on to become a decent LB for us,what ive seen of him so far aint clever , so atm Rose is the better option ,warts and all.

    West Ham's Cresswell is the player we should have bought not Davies.
  18. Lufti

    Lufti Well-Known Member

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    That's the problem with having so many young players, they tend to be inconsistent. Don't get me wrong, I love the fact we've got a young squad and that over the next few years we'll only get better provided we keep them all together, but the difference between the older players and the younger players in football tends to be the consistency rather than the ability. Yesterday Bentaleb and Mason had a bit of a nightmare, and I've seen a lot of people saying Dier was good but I think he could have prevented the first and third goal. Nevertheless, we got 2 goals at Anfield and it was a vast improvement from our last few games against them.
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  19. TaoistMonkey

    TaoistMonkey What would Phil Dunphy do? Staff

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  20. Chris12

    Chris12 Well-Known Member

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