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Discussion in 'Spurs Chat' started by Bulletspur, Oct 22, 2017.


  1. Lloris

    20 vote(s)
  2. Toby

    0 vote(s)
  3. Sanchez

    4 vote(s)
  4. Verts

    25 vote(s)
  5. Trippier

    6 vote(s)
  6. Aurier

    2 vote(s)
  7. Eriksen

    0 vote(s)
  8. Winks

    12 vote(s)
  9. Dele

    23 vote(s)
  10. Son

    17 vote(s)
  11. kane

    246 vote(s)
  12. Sissoko

    1 vote(s)
  13. Dier

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  14. Llorente

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  15. Undecided

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    THOWIG Well-Known Member

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    Told ya

    Not you personally!
  2. DiscoD1882

    DiscoD1882 SC Supporter

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    Serge. Just because

    All of them were lovely. Absolutely lovely.
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  3. scat1620

    scat1620 L'espion mal fait

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    Great win, loved it. But why is everyone Gold-ing this thread??

    EDIT - to paraphrase The Princess Bride, you keep using that rating; I do not think it means what you think it means.
  4. Shadydan

    Shadydan Well-Known Member

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    Come on BC don't let me down again.
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  5. TheHoddleWaddle

    TheHoddleWaddle Well-Known Member

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    Trippier was mustard today. Thought he had a very good game both attacking and defensively.

    Has Sanchez been at our club for 2 full seasons? Plays like he has.

    Can't decide on a motm.
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  6. danielneeds

    danielneeds Kick-Ass

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    Don’t agree with this. It shows that Son should be playing against all the teams that come out and play against us, and leave space counter. Against the bus parkers he still doesn’t always convince.
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  7. tommyt

    tommyt SC Supporter

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    Because of the lyrical masterpiece courtesy of @Bulletspur in the opening post mixed with the euphoria of hammering Liverpool and being generally fecking awesome...I imagine ;)
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  8. WiganSpur

    WiganSpur Well-Known Member

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    Hopefully Lamela will help us against bus parkers.
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  9. Nebby

    Nebby Active Member

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    Excellent to a man, but it would be wrong not to pick out Kane. Simply magnificent.
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  10. JimmyG2

    JimmyG2 SC Supporter

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    Men of the match: the team.
    Oh go on then Dele because it's nice to see him happy in his own skin again.
    Lloris.........8.......Should have come out not gone back for the goal.
    Safe handling and catching again. Distribution fine. But only one world class save.
    Trippier......8........Sound solid and another assist. If he was only a bit taller and faster.
    Toby...........8........Looking a bit more Toby like today.
    Sanchez....7+......Worries me a bit but can't go far wrong under T and V's watchful eyes.
    Aurier.........7+......Lively and versatile. Marking Salah I thought he was bound to get sent off. Not even booked. Pathetic.
    Winks.........7+......Sound but it was only Wembley, not the Bernebeu so he didn't bother too much
    Dele............8.......Love this boy, everything on display today: goals skills,cheek and workrate
    Eriksen.......7+.....That's fine Christian you have a couple of games rest we might need you later on.
    Son.............8-......Excellent movement and a fine goal. Seems to be getting quicker.
    HK..............8........Would have been more but two goals just doesn't cut it any more. Great assist.

    Sissoko......energy and power but lack of skill lets him down.

    Another game, like Huddersfield where we could afford to close it down at half time. Levy will probably dock their wages and quite right too.
    Poch........... Not certain he knows what he's doing but it seems to be working.Carry on Mauricio.
  11. BringBack_leGin

    BringBack_leGin I BELIEVE

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    Hugo dealt with everything routine without any fuss, authoritative on crosses, good clearances including a great throw for Sons goal and he made a world class save from Coutinho.

    Alderweireld was undostirbed defensively and distributed well on a few occasions. Some very composed moments up against the Liverpool press.

    Sanchez had his usual couple of moments of over commitment and he did try to dribble inexplicably once, but he also used his pace well to cover and won every header.

    Vertonghen, bar the Liverpool goal, where I felt he and Aurier between them were caught being indecisive, gave another accomplished performance. Some great composure like his countryman.

    Trippier was superb, great dinked pass for the opener, constant linking with Eriksen and tenacious defensively.

    Winks looked miles ahead of every Liverpool midfielder, comfortable on the ball, quick decisive use of the ball, spot on with almost every pass and involved with some lovely triangles with his team mates.

    Dele was very good, my motm actually. He played as an 8 and gave a great show in the deeper role, really protecting the out of position Aurier but without sacrificing his attacking instincts. Seemed to pick his moments for trickery far better, keeping it simple when necessary so that his flair moments were more unpredictable and thus, more effective. Lovely goal.

    Aurier was okay, he struggled at times with the dangerous Salah, who wouldn't, but he kept his shape well and never left Vertonghen in the lurch (though they conspired together to allow Salah his goal). Out of position meant little attacking threat as he didn't want to use his left foot.

    Eriksen grew into the game, I was frustrated with his bottling of challenges in the first half though, as in a match where we had no defensive midfielder, we needed extr fight from everyone. Improved in the second half, linked very well with Trippier and Winks and was at the heart of most of our best play.

    Son had his best game of the season, constant threat and really unsettled them. His pace and ability to change direction put their centre backs on the back foot constantly. Finished his goal well.

    Kane, not much to be said, two great composed finishes, both harder than they look, great assist and constant fight and running the channels. World class again.

    Sissoko was a mixed bag, more combined harvester than juggernaut today but still effective.

    Dier looked off-colour when he entered, I think he screwed up three easy passes in no time.

    Llorente was very tall.

    Pochettino gets top marks today. He was without a fully fit recognised left back but resisted the temptation to throw in a half fit player, didn't weaken our central defence and instead trusted that if Aurier kept shape, the collective would succeed. He was also without a recognised defensive midfielder due to Dier being sick but clearly drilled Dele and Winks, two twenty one year old attacking players, so well that Liverpool's dangerous attack was reduced to put shots or the types of deep crosses that our defence eat for breakfast. Son was the master stroke, he could have gone with Dele off Kane and Sissoko partnering Winks for extra strength but instead he allowed the wasp to buzz around their centre backs and keep them guessing. Bravery, ingenuity and the tactical flexibility to allow Liverpool the ball in front of us and pick them off.
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  12. cliff jones

    cliff jones Well-Known Member

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    Great week capped off by a fine all round display, tactically sound, full of excellent performances by individuals. One of our own takes the prize again though others ran him close.

    Getting off to a fast start for a change at Wembley got the crowd going and finally around me the STH finally started to hit it off,
    Which was cool.

    Just seen a caption quoting Poch confirming no injury to Kane. I'm gonna believe that.

  13. stewartd

    stewartd Well-Known Member

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    Even better as it appears we are ten man team with the invisible Verts who was my MOM
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  14. The Apprentice

    The Apprentice Charles Big Potatoes

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    How Vertonghen isn't lauded as the best CB in the league is a travesty. I love Toby but he is Championship compared to the original Rolls Royce Jan.

    Kane is entering new found territory of becoming an absolute bull in a china shop offensive weapon. You can see the opposition players with wince in his presence.

    Kudos to Eriksen and Alli for playing super structured disciplined games. Poch at his finest is being able to demand performances like that out of players that it doesn't come natural to. You can tell the players would run through walls for him.

    So proud of the boys. What a time to be a Spurs fan.
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  15. tot

    tot Member

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    games like that, runs like this, its hard not to turn every post-match thread into a poch love fest. how many people would have thought this team are capable of this without dembele and wanyama? if 2 weeks ago i told you those 2 would be gone, dier would be poorly and poch would play a midfield 3 of winks alli and eriksen midfield vs this attacking liverpool team, how many would say we would ship 5 or 6?

    both trippier and aurier have played left back, so has jan and son. we have had different midfield combinations, different ways of playing players around kane, different formations, different styles. everything poch touches turns to gold, somehow. he manages to get performances out of winks, out of alli in huge games in new roles. christian eriksen is the hardest working player in the league and nobody ever talks about it. sissoko looks like a footballer.

    and it really starts at the back. since toby came hes made about 2 mistakes, and jan has somehow been the better of the 2 for the last 18 months. some rando on twitter made a good tweet illustrating how poch is better than klopp by saying he made lovren into the best cb in the league and then forced him to be subbed off after a half hour. hes done it again with 2 more centre-backs! and sanchez will get there. hes another just super composed, mature player. i think he has looked a little shakey on occasion, but 2 years ago he was playing league football in Colombia, he's only a little older than an embryo and he was outstanding away in madrid. since his first start, team has conceded 5 goals in 9 games, 2 of which were against west ham. with a fixture list including dortmund, real and liverpool (who all scored once, but we took 7 points from those games).

    poch aint normal, and how i want to wax lyrical about what winks did again, how dele bought in, lloris with more outstanding saves, kane being an absolute joker, son being such a great option to switch things up and being a terror, its all a little moot. cause if one of those guys get hurt for little bit (bar kane) poch will figure it out, and keep getting performances and results. (sack him if no edwards wednesday, tho.)
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  16. thinktank

    thinktank Hmmm...

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    Special mention for Dele today who properly turned up to play a game of football.

    More of that please. Gives me the sex wee.
  17. adamsky

    adamsky Active Member

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    Clearly Kane is MoM but thought Alli was great today too, by far his best performance of the season.
  18. thinktank

    thinktank Hmmm...

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    Like I said when he came, he was going to get 4231 set in stone before introducing other shapes. He always had it in him, we just had to be patient.
  19. bubble07

    bubble07 Well-Known Member

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    Honest question? Does eriksen look a fraction out of sorts?
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  20. davidmatzdorf

    davidmatzdorf Front Page Gadfly

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    People expend a great deal of verbiage on formations and tactics, but they tend to use 'tactics' as a synonym for 'formation'.

    Those concepts have been a bit peripheral to the way we play for a couple of years now, more so as Pochettino's approach and 'philosophy' get bedded in.

    There isn't really a 'formation'. The whole theme is to develop players who can slip comfortably into different roles. This obsession with 'versatility' is usually interpreted, by the press as well as by fans, in terms of starting 'positions'. But it doesn't really have much to do with 'should Trippier or Aurier start on the left today' or 'is Alli playing as a no. 8 or a no. 10', because the nominal 'formation' is always shifting. It's why the pre-match angry rants on the match thread are even less relevant than they used to be.

    Players line up where they're told - but then they turn up where their training and the changing requirements of the match dictate they should turn up. We never play 3-5-2 or 4-2-3-1 or 4-4-2 or whatever for more than 4-5 minutes at a time. It scarcely matters. It's not how these players have been coached. It's not how they've been taught to understand football. It's why we're so bloody hard to play against: fluidity.

    There's a filament that connects positional fluidity with team spirit and the corporate-culture of winning. Covering where you're needed when we don't have the ball and looking for the space when we do have the ball.

    It was good to see Alli playing with great confidence and involvement today. Vertonghen continued to burnish the daunting reputation he doesn't really have yet, except with Spurs fans. Kane did what Kane does and was the best player on the pitch. There's scarcely any point in dwelling on Winks' youth anymore - he's an integral part of the first team squad now. Sanchez was calm and shows all signs of becoming something of a colossus.

    But it wasn't about individuals. It was about playing as a team, with everyone covering for everyone else, while Liverpool had a defence that played like strangers, thus revealing individual errors all over the pitch.
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2017
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