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MOTM vs Partizan Belgrade

  1. Lloris

  2. Naughton

  3. Chiriches

  4. Vertonghen

  5. Davies

  6. Stambouli

  7. Dembele

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  8. Lennon

  9. Paulinho

  10. Lamela

  11. Soldado

  12. Bentaleb

  13. Kane

  14. Winks


    THFCSPURS19 Well-Known Member

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    Lloris- 7-Didn't have anything to do and then pulls off a world-class save- sums him up.
    Naughton-6.5- Was good defensively, his crossing though...
    Chiriches- 7- I thought he had a good game. One small step to redemption.
    Vertonghen-6- Didn't really do much.
    Davies- 6- Poor defensively, quite good offensively- it's been like that for most games he's played.
    Dembele-4- Dogshite.
    Stambouli- 7.5- Scored the goal and should've got another. He's known for his defensive ability (which was slightly lacking today for some parts) but he was great in attack today. He looked tired so I'm not sure if he should start against Everton but he's probably better than other options at the moment
    Lennon- 6.5- Meh, did a few good passes but that's about it.
    Paulinho- 6.75- Was involved in most attacks, which is good, but didn't do well in possession IMO
    Lamela- 8- MOTM- Everything went through him it seemed. The only thing that didn't was the goal. He was really unlucky not to score but he really needs to step up in PL games. Was very good today though.
    Soldado- 7- Unlucky not to score after hitting the post. His passing was crisp and his movement was decent. However, he's so poor when on goal nowadays. He just looks ruined.

    Bentaleb- 6.5- Good in possession- he has the advantage of being 6ft2 so he can hold off any challenges. If he improves defensively, he could be a great partner for Mason.
    Kane- 7- Instant impact when he came on- by far our best striker at the moment- probably should've had a pen as well.
    Winks- NET- Nice to see his debut though. More of this please, Poch!!!

    P.S. @Rob , @chrissivad , @TaoistMonkey - the previous Ratings threads haven't been added to the Ratings section since the Newcastle game- has this been abandoned...?
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  2. jonathanhotspur

    jonathanhotspur Loose Cannon

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    Fucking lively in here.
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  3. thinktank

    thinktank Hmmm...

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    Good game little man.

    Seems the itk was right and he's come out swinging for a place.
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  4. mpickard2087

    mpickard2087 Fantastic Member

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    Mauricio Pochettino and, yet another, boring team-o.

    As I said before kick off, I wasn't enamoured with the team selection. Another cup game against piss poor opposition, yet more of the same in terms of safe selections and really not doing anything new.

    I don't see what we gain or learn from selecting Naughton, Paulinho, Dembele, Lennon at inverted winger, or Soldado. I don't see what we learn from continuing with the 4-2-3-1. We should be comfortably seeing off these teams, try some things out. I cant be bothered to list suggestions, but you're all free to ask... I just wish we got something interesting served up rather than more of the same with half-assed players who don't want to be out there.

    As for the performance, I thought we made heavy weather of it. Partizan were seriously piss poor and defensively all over the place. We seem determined to make the game more complicated than it needs be though. Trying to walk through teams and guilty of overplaying and silly flicks and tricks that rarely came off.

    Maybe more worryingly is that defensively we still looked troubled. Often caught on the counter and having to deal with uncomfortable moments in front of our goal. I thought we looked very open and it needs sorting out.

    I guess we are all waiting (hoping) for things to get better...

    Lloris - Dafuq was he doing playing tonight? One good save.

    Naughton - Couple of good bits of play, lots of fairly standard, average play. What did we achieve selecting him tonight?

    Chiriches & Vertonghen - Ok. Pretty exposed but mopped up danger fairly well.

    Davies - Out of position a lot, though as with Rose that's not always his fault. When you want width from the fullbacks they will be caught ahead of the ball and its up to others to cover across. In attack I find him predictable, he's neat and tidy but always looks to cut inside.

    Dembele - Nothing of note. Ponderous and predictable.

    Stambouli - Mixed bag but improved. Some good bursts forward, one of which netted the goal, but defensively was totally blitzed at times. Don't think he is a midfield anchor. I think he could do with getting fitter, but showed good spirit.

    Paulinho - Pretty average. As I was discussing in the match thread, I don't think much of the work he does is effective or with any purpose. Such as dropping right on to the centre backs toes to collect passes only to lay it back off again...

    Lennon - Lennon.

    Lamela - Frustrating at times, particularly first half, but better second half. Keep it simple...

    Soldado - Neat and tidy at times, one of the main culprits for stupid unnecessary flicks though. Lets not even talk about him in front of goal though... It will upset too many people.


    Kane - Did ok. Good presence and is using his frame better I have noticed.
    Bentaleb - Ok in possession, couple of half-decent surges forward with the ball.
    Winks - Welcome to the fold...
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  5. cozzo

    cozzo Well-Known Member

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    When Adebayor and Kaboul are in the team this is the most busiest thread. There's no one to insult today..lol
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  6. phil

    phil Well-Known Member

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    I was obviously at a different game to THFCSPURS19. I thought we were absolutely dire; so much so that I came home and lumped some money on us being relegated.

    Lloris 7 - Not much to do until he had to make a great save near the end.
    Naughton 4 - Awful; pity the referee allowed him back on after changing his shirt.
    Chiriches 5 - Usual mistakes
    Vertonghen 6 - O.k
    Davies 4 - All their threats came down his side.
    Lennon 7.5 MoM - Busy but why was he put on the left in the second half?
    Stambouli 7 - Solid and scored the goal but he is so slow. No wonder Poch hasn't exposed him in the Premiership.
    Dembele 3 - Useless
    Paulinho 6 - O.k.
    Lamela 5 - Tries to do too much and gives away possession. Very one-footed.
    Soldado 5 - Another couple of poor misses. I doubt he is ever going to score again.

    Dreading the next two games.
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  7. Benny Boy

    Benny Boy Member

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    Took my son and wife to the lane today for their first visit, and I must say what a game to take them to, three pitch invaders and an Albanian invasion behind us in the east stand upper!! Anyway my ratings:

    Lloris: 7 - nothing to do then pulls off a worldie!
    Naughton: 6 - ok defensively however needs to work on his final ball
    Chiriches: 6.5 - in his head he must think he's beckanbauer bringing the ball out! Not a bad shift though
    Vertonghen: 7 - rolls Royce of a player when he's in the mood, didn't really get out of second gear
    Davies: 5 - got caught out a couple of times needs to work on his concentration

    Lennon: 6 - great covering not a lot going forward which was a shame
    Stambouli: 7 - looked absolutely knackered in the first half chasing back to cover Davies and seemed to offer more going forward than in defence. Not a bad finish and should of had 2!
    Dembele: 5.5 - would have been higher but just seems to dwell on the ball, no crispness in his passing
    Paulinho: 6.5 - you can see the player he can be in there somewhere, got stuck in and nearly made things happen
    Lamela: 9 - everything went through him going forward, flicks and tricks. Made the pitch nice and wide and even managed to track back when needed, could of and probably should of scored

    Soldado: 7 - I scored him higher because of his effort (and he's my sons favourite player) Seeing him in the flesh made me realise how many runs off the ball he makes for nothing. Had a cracking warm up with some lovely finishes just couldn't transfer them on to the pitch, should of scored but it is coming!!

    Bentaleb: 6.5 - good in possession brought more a zip to our play
    Kane: 7 - already a crowd favourite and it showed in his play. Should of had a penalty which the ref gave then changed his mind!
    Winks: 7 - one for the future looked tidy in possession and can be happy with his debut

    Those were my onions anyways, be gentle
  8. mpickard2087

    mpickard2087 Fantastic Member

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    I want to see you get off the fence and share some thoughts JH. Ratings out of 10, or just give them a verbal tongue-lashing... Your call.
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  9. jezz

    jezz Well-Known Member

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    You need another hobby and sharpish.
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  10. Spursidol

    Spursidol Well-Known Member

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    Frustrating match, we should be capable pof playing much better than this against a side which everyone else inn the group has thrashed.

    No real clear cut MOTM for me - so I went foir Lloris as he did everything asked of him well, and you cannot ask more than that..

    Lloris did everything he could well, including at least one or two very good saves.

    Stambouli seems to have been told to move forward more, got a goal which he started and was alert enough to finish when Soldado couldn't. Seemed to see a lot of the ball. Defensively not as good as previous matches. Possibly our best outfield player.

    Llamela was typically inconsistent, several good things including one or twoi very good shots. But also semed to lose the ball and run into blind alleys a few times too. Several flicks which did not come off - but a more simple ball would have been easier, so needs to cut some of that out. Lots of play went through him, but too little end product Needs to start to play well for a full match (not just bits and pieces) to live up to the hype. Hope he makes it

    Soldado - What do you say ? Plenty of decent chances for him tonight but none buried. Have we bought his twin by mistake. Disaster as a goalscorer, but other bits of play look good.

    Paullhino, Dembele - I've seen much worse from both (and others) but I always hope they will do more. Must be candidates for pastures new in January.

    Chirches - I was very nervous every time he touched the ball, but no clusterfucks today. Not a worldbeating performance, but maybe his best game of the season so far.

    The Rest - OK, Kane livened things up when he came on, Winks didn't look overawed , which is all that can be asked of him in a brief cameo
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  11. Strikeb4ck

    Strikeb4ck Well-Known Member

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    Your absolutely right. It's shocking stuff we're putting together right now. Game against Hull we were woeful up until the sending off, today we were just awful. Papering over cracks a bit...we are going to get mauled by Everton and Chelsea. Don't think we'll score a goal.

    Couldn't even find a man of the match, didn't remember anyone playing good. Just awful. AVB's style is stuck in this group and he has ruined the team.
  12. carpediem991

    carpediem991 Well-Known Member

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    Lloris - 7 -can not do more, great save

    Naughton - 5
    Chiriches - 6
    Vertonghen - 6
    Davies - 6

    Stambouli - 6.5 - sometimes just didnt tracked back and couldnt shield defense
    Paulinho - 5.5
    Dembele - 5
    Lennon - 6.5
    Lamela - 7 - just frustrating at times, but he can be special

    Soldado - 3 - piss poor in front of goal. We could have played until now he wouldnt have scored (fitness issues aside)

    Bentaleb - 6
    Kane - 6.5
    Winks - X
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  13. Spursidol

    Spursidol Well-Known Member

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    Still reflecting on the match - Stambouli/Demele did not look a good CM partnership, Stambouli/Bentaleb looked a lot lot better. Seemed to allow Stambouli to become far more effective, including folllowing up and supporting the attack much more when Bentaleb came on, one such move led to him passing to Soldado and the following up to score when Soldado hit the post. Bentaleb also looked decent after being out for a bit

    Happy to see if a Mason/Stambouli CM2 works or a Mason/Bentaleb CM2 work (we know a Mason/Capoue can work) but I wonder if all the combinations work better as a CM3
  14. Flobadob

    Flobadob Active Member

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    +816 / 37 / -12
    Lloris- 7 Did his job

    Naughton- 4.5 Awful going forward and average in defence. Decent on the ball. Personally, I think Yedlin should replace him as he will never suit this system

    Vertonghen- 6.5 Solid. Brought the ball out from defence well

    Chiriches- 6.5 Thought he did fine defensively. Just needs to calm down when he brings the ball out from defence. Build on that performance and he might save himself from the chop

    Davies- 5 Not a good performance at all. He's very predictable going forward, always cutting inside. Leaves Vertonghen exposed and there's no excuse for that, seeing as he doesn't even bomb forward properly like Rose

    Dembele- 4 Shocking. I used to really rate him but whatever he used to have is gone and we've been left with the most average player imaginable for someone so technically gifted

    Paulinho- 5.5 Not too bad. He at least tries to make things happen. We should still cut our losses on him though, as he doesn't offer enough in any area to make up for his weaknesses

    Stambouli- 7 Thought he was decent in possession and got forward well. I thought he may be ready for the PL but if he gets isolated he'll get absolutely roasted by any decent winger when he needs to cover for the FB. Can't fault his overall performance tonight, but I want to be realistic

    Lennon- 7.5 That's his best game for us in a long time! Looked to beat people and played some nice passes. Also tracked back well as usual. My joint MOTM with Lamela but I went for Lennon for his improvement

    Lamela- 7.5 Sharp as always. Very positive on the ball and very often gave the player in possession an option. Better decision making and he'll be a fantastic player for us

    Soldado- 7 Good effort from him tonight. Good movement and link up play. Poor finishing again though. He did everything but score tonight. Such a shame he couldn't cap off a good performance
  15. St José Dominguez

    St José Dominguez Well-Known Member

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    +4,990 / 173 / -33
    Lloris - 7
    Naughton - 5.5
    Chiriches - 5.5
    Vertonghen - 6.5
    Davies - 6.5
    Dembele - 5
    Stambouli - 7
    Lennon - 6.5
    Paulinho - 7
    Lamela - 7.5
    Soldado - 5.5

    Bentaleb & Kane - 6.5
    Winks - 10 just cos debut :)
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  16. Bulletspur

    Bulletspur The Reasonable Advocate

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    +8,289 / 554 / -165
    I actually enjoyed the game unlike quite a few of you.

    My main observation which you will no doubt disagree with is:

    Dembele and Soldado was not as bad as most of you make out. It was no coincident IMO that cohesiveness that was there, disappeared as soon as they were taken off.

    Okay Dembele might not be playing to the expectations but I think he linked the midfield well, and seemed to read how the others were playing, unlike Bentaleb. I know he is just coming back from a long spell but there is no way he had a better game than Dembele.

    My other observation is that as good a midfielder as Stambouli is, he is slow as fuck! When tracking back he seemed to be running in slick oil!

    Lloris - 7
    Naughton - 5.5
    Chiriches - 6
    Vertonghen - 6
    Davies - 5.5
    Dembele -6
    Stambouli - 7
    Lennon - 7
    Paulinho - 6
    Lamela - 7.5
    Soldado - 7
    Kane - 5
    Bentaleb - 5
    Wilks - NET
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2014
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  17. TaoistMonkey

    TaoistMonkey What would Phil Dunphy do? Staff

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    Lloris 7 usual brilliance
    Naughton 7 worked are and got in a guy's face when he was through
    Vlad 7 one of his best games for us. Really pleased for him.
    Jan 7 composed
    Davies 7 is guy had the pace on him for sure but solid otherwise
    Lennon 7 still missing a yard of pace but good game
    Stambouli 8. Him and soldado looked great together
    Dembele 6 pretty quiet
    Lamela 8 in everyone's faces. Amazing work rate
    Soldado 8 Great game. Wish that goal had gone in

    I couldn't remeber the 11th player. That's how effective Paulinho was. Give him a 6.
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  18. HotspurFC1950

    HotspurFC1950 Well-Known Member

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    Do you think Bentaleb is on a par with Dembele ? I'm just thinking Dembele cost 15 mil. Bentaleb just his academy costs.
  19. sim0n

    sim0n King of Prussia

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    it is interesting that in a 1-0 victory that the defensive players are consistently slated with low ratings and the attacking players have high ratings....

    clean sheet victory, but terrible defence? just an interesting point. Secondarily, with a couple more shocking misses in front of goal, most folks rating Soldado at 7+

    just observations... :bookworm::watching:
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  20. Blackcanary

    Blackcanary Dame sans merci

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    Yep. I don't think there's any combo with a CM2 that provides the right balance for us. However, I think a Bentaleb/Stambouli/Mason CM3 would work really well. Was quite excited to see a 4-3-3 last night, maybe Poch is prepared to give it a few more go's...
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