Ratings vs Partizan Belgrade

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MOTM vs Partizan Belgrade

  1. Lloris

  2. Naughton

  3. Chiriches

  4. Vertonghen

  5. Davies

  6. Stambouli

  7. Dembele

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  8. Lennon

  9. Paulinho

  10. Lamela

  11. Soldado

  12. Bentaleb

  13. Kane

  14. Winks

  1. mpickard2087

    mpickard2087 Fantastic Member

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    +21,276 / 554 / -229
    Worth the wait, make this a more regular feature. Ta x
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  2. Blake Griffin

    Blake Griffin Well-Known Member

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    lol, come on.
  3. Spursidol

    Spursidol Well-Known Member

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    Yup he's being awarded his gold watch for long service on Monday - so most people have made up their mind, What took you so long ? !
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  4. gp13tot

    gp13tot Well-Known Member

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    lloris 6

    head in hands 4
    Davies 6.5
    chiriches 6
    vertonghen 6.5

    stambouli 7
    dembele 5
    paulinho 6.5
    Lennon 7.5
    lamela 7

    soldado 6.5

    bentaleb 6
    Kane 7
    winks na
  5. Shea

    Shea Well-Known Member

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    Lloris- 7- Wasn't really involved but his save towards the end was a worldie and as important as our goal, he's a different level to any other player we have
    Naughton- 5 - not really tested in defense and going forward he was terrible (that cross)
    Chiriches- 6 - not troubled much, hung on to the ball a bit long on a couple of occasions but was ok on the whole
    Vertonghen-6- untested like most of the defense
    Davies- 6- was a bit shakey at the back but did get forward well at times
    Dembele-4- These last two performances have been two of his worst ever for the club, he looks like he no longer wants to be at the club and frankly we would be better off selling and replacing now I believe.....if only we could sell he and Capoue bringing in MS and let some of the youngsters replace their spot in the squad
    Stambouli- 8 - My man of the match, was very good and full of energy. Drove forward a number of times, got his goal and should have had a second when he instead chose to play in Lamela. Looked a bit slow at times but certainly justifed his selection and probably earned a place against The Toffees
    Lennon- 6- Didn't really do much, a couple of decent moments but at home against the weakest team in the group he should have been getting beyond their back line more and making things happen
    Paulinho- 6- Was at least trying to get involved, nothing was really coming off for him though and he didn't look on the same wavelength as anyone else. I think he's a victim of the transfer policy that saw us bring in square pegs for round holes and now he's stuck without any real place in the squad
    Lamela- 7 - played well. Saw a lot of the ball and was always trying to make things happen. The shame was for all his time on the ball he didn't often produce much in terms of end product. His shot at the end deserved a goal but this was a weak team we were up against and I'd like to have seen a player of such potential doing more. He needs to get his head up more and learn to use his right foot because there were times when he should have passed to a team mate but all in all he played well and continued to show his potential.
    Soldado- 6- His finishing has just gone to shit. Aside from the chance where he hit the post and was unlucky after making a great run he looked like he couldn't score with a 2 dollar hooker last night. Shame because he is an intelligent player, makes good runs and links play well......it's just not going to work for him here. I think the sooner he returns to Spain the better for all parties now

    Bentaleb- 6 - calm in possession, looked like an experienced pro when he came on. Didn't do anything of real note but considering he was returning to action after a long lay off he did well
    Kane- 7- was hungry for a goal, came on and forced the issue. Was unlucky to be called off side (correctly mind) and his nut meg and run in the box should have won a penalty. Couldn't ask for much more without scoring. The lad continues to impress
    Winks- 6 - no time to really judge him but good to see another youngster being given match time and gaining experience of first team action

    Not a good performance really - we should have been smashing this team to bits and in truth we struggled and had Lloris not saved the day they could even have taken a point. Still job done and we're in the hat for the next round. If Vlad hadn't thought he was playing for the San Antonio Spurs we'd have already wrapped the group up now, still avoid defeat next time out and we'll not have to face a CL drop out

    Hopefully we'll get our season going now and can develop into real contenders for the Europa cup as the season progresses. Looks a long way off happening now but it's soon to be knock out football and anything can happen
  6. Bus-Conductor

    Bus-Conductor SC Supporter

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    Been hiding your light under a bushel. Cracked me up. Why have we had to wait this fucking long.
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  7. stemark44

    stemark44 Well-Known Member

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    Me too,Moussa can go somewhere else and grow a set of balls...........................cos he ain't ever gonna do it here!!!!!

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