Ratings Vs QPR


  • Lloris

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Dier

    Votes: 49 10.5%
  • Kaboul

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Verts

    Votes: 6 1.3%
  • Rose

    Votes: 11 2.4%
  • Bentaleb

    Votes: 3 0.6%
  • Capoue

    Votes: 43 9.2%
  • Chadli

    Votes: 93 19.9%
  • Eriksen

    Votes: 12 2.6%
  • Lamela

    Votes: 245 52.4%
  • Adebayor

    Votes: 6 1.3%
  • Dembele

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Kane

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Soldado

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Jun 27, 2004
Vertonghen, Dier, Rose, Chadli and Lamela joint MOM.

Kaboul, Bentaleb, Adebayor, Eriksen, Capoue a close 2nd.

Worst player was Lloris, not because he was poor but he really had nothing much to do.


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Nov 12, 2007
Haven't seen the match yet so ratings later

Going to be inflated because QPR offered almost no resistance, but here goes:

Lloris - 7 little to do

Rose - 7.25 overlapped all game and defended well

Verts - 7 solid at the back

Kaboul - 7 ditto

Dier - 7.25 looks very comfortable and added another goal

Capoue - 7.5 absolutely bossed the midfield

Nabil - 7 another solid yet unspectacular game (not an insult)

Christian Chadlamela - 8 3 headed hydra in the midfield. All were fantastic. Its difficult for me to put one above the other two

Adebayor - 7 scored, fell down a lot. Linked up well with midfielders.


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Nov 24, 2004
Lloris 7
Dier 8
Kaboul 6
Vertonghen 7
Rose 7.5
Bentaleb 7
Capoue 8
Chadli 8.5
Eriksen 8
Lamela 9
Adebayor 7.5
Dembele 6.5
Kane 6
Soldado 6


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Jan 28, 2011
I think Chadli was the clear cut MOM. Chadli scored our first goal, which is always the most important for us at home given the uneasy feeling the supporters get when we struggle to score against lower tier opposition. Chadli took his first goal really well and the finish was absolute class. His second goal was a very cool finish that helped finish off the game in the first half. He also was largely responsible for our fourth goal, as he held up the ball on the sideline and then played an awesome ball between two defenders that sprung Rose for the pass that led to the goal.

Let me also add that Vertonghen set the tone early with some fantastic challenges. His performance also shows us that we shouldn't put too much emphasis on the performance Paulinho in last Thursday's game, as Vertonghen was equally poor.


You Can't Unfry Things Jerri
Jan 7, 2012
You know you've had a good game when Lamela is easily the top rated, but an argument could be made for Capoue, Chadli and Adebayor. They all had such terrific games. It's almost a shame that the rest of the side can get lost in the shuffle of their performance. But just a great way to start the season. A last second winner, a come-from-behind-win and a thrashing.

And while we might need strengthening, for one day we can act like we don't need this silly transfer window :D


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Aug 31, 2012
Lloris - 7 (Not much)
Rose - 7.5 (held his man well and was a constant attacking threat)
Vertonghen - 8 (calm and classy)
Kaboul - 7 (Seemed shakey in set play, but a lot better from west ham)
Dier - 8 (Superb defensively, and took his chance well. Possibly better than Naughton on the right?)
Bentaleb - 8 (bossed the midfield)
Capoue - 8 (defensively sound and covered for the centre backs well)
Eriksen - 8 (unlucky not to score, interchanged very well)
Chadli - 9 (Excellent in his goals, proving why it would be criminal to sell him)
Lamela - 9 (So unlucky not too score, played well, tried hard and gave an outstanding performance in his 2 assists)
Adebayor - 8 (Did well, seems to wonder out of position a lot, but that might be interchanges so we'll have to see)

Dembele - 7 (Not bad, brought the ball in and out well, but his decision making was a bit off
Kane - 7 (Seems to be above Soldado in the pecking order, not sure how I feel about that, but he did well, and we know he can score)
Soldado - NET - (Unlucky not to come on after we had got our 4th, but had some nice touches in his 10 minute spell.

Pochettino - 9 (Good subs and bold decisions, seemed he enjoyed that one as much as the rest of us did.

The Apprentice

Charles Big Potatoes
Mar 10, 2005
I thought Capoue conducted things. Lamela, Chadli and Dier did the flashier things and are rightly praised but it's hard to understate the importance of having someone like Capoue in your midfield. We missed him hugely last year after the positive start he had.

Will do ramblings later when I've sank a few more Peroni's.


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Aug 20, 2013
Could of been any number of players out of Lamela, Dier, Capoue, Chadli for MoM....a great team performance.

Lloris ......Not a foot wrong....9
Dier Joint MoM.....assured, adventurous, composed and intelligent .....10
Kaboul....Very good and fast into the challenge.......8.5
Vertonghen......some adventurous play and very composed, looks motivated....8.5
Rose...Best performance in a Spurs shirt for me, looks a different player......9
Bentaleb.......Thought he was very effective and some lovely passes.....8
Capoue..........Very effective and aggressive, with some incisive passes ....8.5
Chadli...2 very well taken goals.....the first was so composed, the second a thing of beauty in the build up, one of the goals of the season in a team perspective........9
Eriksen.............shame the free kick wasnt just an inch lower, effective, incisive and worked his socks off .....9
Lamela........got me off my seat, was threatening, incisive, all over the front line, clever and ambitious...a deserved 10
Ade.......worked hard well taken goal.....8

Team performance was the key to me, intelligent football is Back! We can say all we like about how bad QPR was, but it was our dominant aggressive play that made them look that way, our movement and interchanging in the front 4 positions that confused the fuck out of QPR, they just couldnt manage.

The TEAM was excellent and that was an encouraging performance. Im excited....bring on Liverpool


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May 31, 2011
Lloris - 7 - nothing to do, nothing wrong

Vertonghen - 7 - solid, good passes
Dier - 8 - love him already. Well done.
Kaboul - 6.5 - a few trouble moments but all in all good game
Rose - 7.5 - very good game again. Davies as cover helps Rose to up his game. Continue like that please

Capoue - 8 - won the ball several times and was always there to pass. A few unnecessary fouls but very good
Bentaleb - 7 - in some attacks absoulety brillant with his vision and passing, but three bigger mistakes from him he will learn from.

Chadli - 8.5 - my MOTM. Already doubled his Premier League goals from last season. He is a goal threat and will work out very good in Pochs system with Lamela and Eriksen
Eriksen - 8 - unlucky not to score and not to get an assist. Absolutely class at times in attack but a few not so good decisions lowers the rating a bit for me
Lamela - 8.5 - Great game and there is our 30m Pound player. Now go on and score your fuckin first goal in the Premier League Erik!

Adebayor - 8 - contributed very well to the attack and enjoyed playing with the others. Could be even more effective but one assist and one goal is very good.

Dembele - 6.5 - worked well in defence and was okay all around.
Kane & Soldado 6 - difficult for them to get on the score sheet as we didnt attack with full concentration the last 20 minutes.


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Sep 15, 2007
Adebayor - 4 shots, 2 on target, 1 goal, 42 passes at 93% completion, 4 key passes, 1 assist. Fantastic today

Chadli - 2 goals and put a real shift in

Dier - Did he put a foot wrong today ? Oh and his 2nd goal in 2 PL appearances - as a defender

Rose - much maligned, but again put in a real shift linking well with Chadli, and a decent assist

Lamela - kept his Limasol form going,.....looks like we may have the boy we signed from Roma back

Difficult to find fault with most of the players

Think Poch and his team have put in a stellar coaching and fitness system to get the players looking so good - remember its only Dier of this team who was not here last seasomn !

MOTM - The coaching team


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Jun 11, 2006
Lloris 7
Dier 8
Kaboul 6.5
Vertonghen 7.5
Rose 8.5
Bentaleb 7
Capoue 7.5
Chadli 8.5
Eriksen 7.5
Lamela 8.5
Adebayor 8
Dembele 6.5
Kane 6
Soldado - NET


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Aug 20, 2010
Lloris 8: Can't fault him for not having much to do. Confident playing it out from the back.
Dier 8.5: Another goal and some very good defending as well. Amazed how much influence he has on our attacking.
Kaboul 5.5: Not very good I'm afraid. Won't start too often though.
Vertonghen 9: Wow, that was Verts at his best. Faster than I've ever seen him and fantastic timing. Made it look too easy to be noticed at times.
Rose 8: Not bad Danny. Good assist and some better defending.
Capoue 9: He was everywhere. Look at his heat map. Beasting the DM role.
Bentaleb 7.5: Covered for Rose's overlaps well. Still some room for improvement, but a good game.
Chadli 8.5: Can't really argue with a brace can you?
Eriksen 7.5: Great fk that deserved a goal, some silky touches too. Gave the ball away some though.
Lamela 9 MOTM: Sexy dribbling and passing. That second assist was incredible. They had no answer to him.
Ade 7.5: Pretty involved in hold-up play, perhaps could have fashioned another chance or two.

Dembele 6: meh
Kane 7: barely enough time to rate
Soldado: net