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  1. Lloris

    50 vote(s)
  2. Rose

    64 vote(s)
  3. Verts

    19 vote(s)
  4. Kaboul

    13 vote(s)
  5. Naughton

    1 vote(s)
  6. Capoue

    106 vote(s)
  7. Mason

    15 vote(s)
  8. Lamela

    21 vote(s)
  9. Eriksen

    49 vote(s)
  10. Chadli

    21 vote(s)
  11. Adebayor

    4 vote(s)
  12. Dier

    3 vote(s)
  13. Dembele

    1 vote(s)
  14. Kane

    2 vote(s)
  1. punkisback

    punkisback Well-Known Member

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    +1,738 / 146 / -40
    I think Mason is growing into the role, his quick one touch passing really set us up at times. Which of the other CMs do we have that can do that?
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  2. yankspurs

    yankspurs "We're not a selling club"

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    +29,655 / 4,285 / -2,239
    Lloris - 7
    Naughton - 7 - Saved Ade's bacon with a great block early on and the made another good block. Too bad he got hurt.
    Kaboul - 6.5 - Please, Kaboul, for the love of God, will you work on your clearences?
    Vertonghen - 8 - MOM
    Rose - 6.5
    Capoue - 7
    Mason - 7
    Lamela - 6.5
    Eriksen - 7
    Chadli - 6
    Ade - 5 - Much better than the last 2 weeks, but still wasnt close to good enough. Went missing alot, as per usual. Doesnt contribute anything to the build up. Doesnt link up well with the AM3.

    Dier - 7 - played well. No complaints but we really need pace at RB. Hope its nothing serious with Naughton.

    Dembele & Kane - NET
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  3. balalasaurus

    balalasaurus big black member

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    +3,123 / 81 / -30
    Rose MOTM for me.

    Capoue is close but I always knew he had the talent. I'll be honest in saying that I thought Rose had actually plateaued. That he's made so much improvement as showcased by today's game just edges it for me. Glad to see him prove his doubters (myself included) wrong.
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    JUSTINSIGNAL Well-Known Member

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    +22,695 / 647 / -189
    Exactly this. Lamela might look sloppy sometimes but it's on because he looks to create chances everytime he is in sight of goal. I think he will certainly hit double figure assists this season and not many of our players have done that in recent seasons.
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  5. mattbrakeuk

    mattbrakeuk 60% banana

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    +3,553 / 277 / -56
    Lloris - 8 - Mr reliable at present, even when Kaboul insisted on making his day as challenging as possible.
    Naughton - 7 - Played with real confidence and composure until his injury, proving the haters wrong.
    Kaboul - 6 - For every piece of good defending there was a scuffed clearance or missed header.
    Vertonghen - 8 - Solid, composed, good distribution.
    Rose - 8.5 - Signing B.Davies was the making of this guy, different player this season.
    Capoue - 8 - Broke up play, looked to get the ball to our creative players very quickly.
    Mason - 7 - Average performance, too early to really tell if he's up for playing at this level, I hope he is!
    Lamela - 5.5 - I want this guy to succeed so badly but he just isn't doing the business, far too eager to impress.
    Eriksen - 7 - Took his goal well, popped up everywhere in the first half, ineffective in the second.
    Chadli - 6.5 - Lacked some of the directness we've been accustomed to thus far this season, defended well.
    Ade - 5 - Couldn't hold the ball up, touch was all to shit however pressed much better today than in the week.

    Dier - 7 - Really excited about this guy. Solid again.

    Dembele/Kane - NET
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  6. TH1239

    TH1239 Well-Known Member

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    +8,036 / 202 / -35
    Vertonghen was excellent again this week. It's an absolute shame he didn't start against Sunderland or West Brom, as I'm 100% certain we would've won both those games with his at CB. Despite all the criticism here about his attitude and how people "aren't bothered" if he leaves the club, he's a top class defender.

    Eriksen also showed that end product wins you matches. Completing dribbles, pace, and width is all fine, but if you can't strike the ball cleanly when given an inch of space, it means nothing.

    Lamela and Chadli also with strong performances and exceptional workrates. We desperately need Adebayor to hit form, though. He had yet another through ball put on a plate for him that he botched. He's had about 6 or 7 really great chances from through balls this season and he hasn't scored a single one.
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  7. Mattspur

    Mattspur Pew Pew

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    +4,616 / 176 / -34
    Lloris 7
    Naughton 7
    Kaboul 7
    Vertonghen 7
    Rose 7
    Capoue 7
    Mason 6
    Lamela 7
    Eriksen 7
    Chadli 6
    Adebayor 6

    Dier 7
    Dembele 6
    Kane 6

    I thought it was a pretty solid performance all round without any real standout performances. Most players played well. I think Mason did ok. Adebayor and Chadli both got better as the game went on.
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2014
  8. haxman

    haxman Well-Known Member

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    +6,259 / 76 / -16
    I think that so many people are choosing a different motm is telling and a nice change. Eriksen for me, but lots of good performances today.
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  9. thinktank

    thinktank Hmmm...

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    +62,827 / 1,973 / -774

    Had a strong game today. Just shows that our magnificent 7 needed/needs time.
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  10. jair1970

    jair1970 Well-Known Member

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    +14,986 / 255 / -86
    Rose stood out for me, great tenacity.
    I wonder what people who wrote him off under 'Tactics Tim' think now?
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  11. Jimmypearce7

    Jimmypearce7 Well-Known Member

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    +1,778 / 180 / -46
    Difficult to decide today. Good performance all round without anyone being poor or vastly better than anyone else.
    Good to see the huddle at the end, the players seem to enjoy a good camaraderie.
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  12. thinktank

    thinktank Hmmm...

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    +62,827 / 1,973 / -774
    Because he doesn't hang onto the ball. He moves it on like a boss.

    My MoM today.
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  13. Jamturk

    Jamturk Well-Known Member

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    +9,829 / 977 / -234

    When he signed his new contract he stated himself that last season wasn't his best.

    Its all so easy to write players off in this push button world, They like everybody in life will have ups and downs.
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  14. SargeantMeatCurtains

    SargeantMeatCurtains nobody

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    +22,103 / 621 / -367

    Lamela was one of our better players today.
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  15. mattbrakeuk

    mattbrakeuk 60% banana

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    +3,553 / 277 / -56
    I didn't think so, however much I appreciate him trying to make something happen it doesn't pay off anywhere near enough of the time.
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  16. ClintEastwould

    ClintEastwould Well-Known Member

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    +5,778 / 136 / -30
    Our best performance so far this season. We beat QPR handsomely but they are dreadful in comparison to southhampton. For the first hour or so our pressing in groups was fast and controlled. Lamela himself must've won the ball about 5 times during that time. The last 20/25 minutes we tired a bit and invited them on culminating in their two good chances but other than that they didn't pose a threat to us at all, much of the reason being we were defending and pressing as a group. As for individual defending Rose was superb.

    Our attacking play was also excellent for the most part and we definitely improved on better decisions on the break in comparison to those we made last week at arsenal, lamela with his dribbling and trickery and mason with his one touch passes being the most instrumental in our counters for me. Of course, we are lacking that final bit of end quality to make our good chances and possession into clear cut ones. Lamela is the only one in our squad that looks to have that quality at the moment.

    Some negatives I have would be Pochetinno's substitutions, our players tailing off a bit at the end and lack of a few more clear cut chances.

    Lloris - 8 continuing his great run of form with a few good stops and claims. Kicking improved for the most part bar a few clearances

    Dier - 7 filled in adequately for Naughton. Defended well and got forward on a few occasions displaying a bit of skill. Crossing could improve but he ain't a FB

    Kaboul - 7 good game. Not as commanding as last week and you could tell he wasn't taking it as seriously as last week as he was on the wings for a quarter of the game. His sliced clearance was a bit worrying as I was hoping we'd see him cutting that out after getting back into form recently

    Vertonghen - 7.5 didn't notice him much but when he was called upon he did his job excellently.

    Rose - 9 superb game, especially defensively. Also gat forward multiple times successfully winning us a few free kicks high up the pitch

    Capoue - 7.5 he'd get a solid 8 if it weren't for the silly fouls towed the end. Moved the ball about nicely and showed some skill with his feet a few times

    Mason - 7 started very slowly but grew into the game. Got us moving quickly with his one touch passes and vision

    Lamela - 8.5 more of the same that we've seen from him this season except his decision making was much better. He carried a few counter attacks, slipped in multiple players into dangerous positions and passed very well. Our only player with real consistent end product. Even if he isn't playing that well he will always create a chance.

    Eriksen- 8 better game from him. Something I've noticed about him is that he comes into his zone when we are in control of possession and he has players around him in and around the box. That's when he starts playing cute passes. He's a really good passer but not the type to be switching play or hitting 40 yard diagonals. His passes are always in the 10-20 yard range and that is most effective in that area. His energy and workrate is improving as well. Great finish.

    Chadli - 8 very unlucky not to score. Would've been a devastating counter attack. Also had an important role for our goal with an assist. Not the flashiest player but very effective and his link up play isn't half bad either

    Adebayor - 7.5 good game for Ade. Haven't read much of the match thread but I'm sure he was being lambasted. Held the ball up well, actually got stuck in with the CBs on lloris's free kicks winning a few knock downs and dangerous on the break. Fluffed a few chances set up by lamela though.

    Encouraging signs from this game and I'm sure the players and management are satisfied and happy from the performance. Room for improvement though, of course.
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  17. mpickard2087

    mpickard2087 Fantastic Member

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    +21,818 / 571 / -232
    I'm still waiting for him to kick off, sulk, and hand in a transfer request, after we signed another LB. Literally 1000's of people were insisting for about 6 months that this would happen...
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  18. Time for Heroes

    Time for Heroes Active Member

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    +799 / 171 / -162
    What games are you watching?

    I mean ffs, Lamela was poor again and you are all giving him 8/10!

    He seems to need so long on the ball to make his mind up, then before you know it the opposition has nicked the ball of him.

    Poor again and needs to improve.
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  19. kaz Hirai

    kaz Hirai Well-Known Member

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    +14,061 / 550 / -163

    I said in the rose crucifixion thread that he was consistently good under avb and only turned to tripe when he returned from a long injury and was being managed by the chuckle brothers.
    But folks were to busy lynching him to listen reason
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  20. davidmatzdorf

    davidmatzdorf Front Page Gadfly

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    +15,168 / 466 / -408
    Lloris - 7 - Dodgy distribution in the first half, but sorted it out after HT - he seems to have had his instructions changed as of last week, regarding long v. short distribution - the usual solid show otherwise

    Vertonghen - 7 - A very solid job.

    Kaboul - 6.5 - Signs of a proper partnership developing between YK & JV.

    Naughton - 6.5 - Was playing very effectively when he got clattered.

    Rose - 7 - I thought he was one of our best players today, energetic and mobile.

    Capoue - 7 - Very reliable and occasionally even creative.

    Mason - 6.5 - Assured without being spectacular - it's his approach that makes him different - he always thinks 'how do we get the ball forward?'

    Lamela - 6 - The first time this season he has looked physically weak - barged off the ball repeatedly - good pressing, but not a lot else came off for him today.

    Chadli - 7.5 - I though he was excellent (should have scored) - Chadli is exceptionally strong on the ball and is aware of what is going on around him - he held up the ball admirably on several occasions and often looked to be our most threatening player. Either he or Eriksen would be my MotM.

    Eriksen - 7.5 - Finally, we saw the Eriksen of last season - calm, in control, creative, finding space and time, usually closing down well and finishing off our best move of the match.

    Adebayor - 6.5 - Far, far better from Adebayor - effort, energy, often occupying two opponents and setting up the move for the goal - his first touch is having one of its absent phases, but everything else was working for him today - not great, but good.

    Dier - 7 - Looks more and more like a bargain - versatile, powerful, aware and mature.

    Dembele - NET

    Kane - NET

    There weren't any weak performers out there today - everyone did his job and we effectively prevented Southampton from playing their game for most of the match. The resulting match was not always a thing of beauty, but it was good, robust football.
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