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  1. Lloris

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  2. Dier

    3 vote(s)
  3. Kaboul

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  4. Chiriches

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  5. Rose

    8 vote(s)
  6. Capoue

    8 vote(s)
  7. Dembele

    89 vote(s)
  8. Lamela

    68 vote(s)
  9. Eriksen

    23 vote(s)
  10. Chadli

    28 vote(s)
  11. Adebayor

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  12. Stambouli

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  13. Kane

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  14. Lennon

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  1. Bulletspur

    Bulletspur The Reasonable Advocate

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    +8,228 / 552 / -165

    Dier should not be a 1st choice right back

    Kane should have played not Ade (Although he scored!)

    Eriksen is coming back to form

    Rose has justified his place

    Chiriches too casual

    If everyone had pressed like Lamela we would have walked this

    There is still a lot of work to do

    My MOM Dembele
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2014
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  2. DJS

    DJS Smacks of villainy

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    +6,201 / 161 / -97
    Erm Adebayor had a hand in both goals did he not...
  3. Third Kit '87

    Third Kit '87 Active Member

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    +887 / 25 / -4
    We played well overall but after going 2-1 up we seemed to have an arrogant, complacent attitude and were seemingly REFUSING TO SHOOT, instead trying to walk it in and it was driving me mad- we need to more clinical because we did more than enough to comfortably win that game. 2 points dropped IMO
  4. fuzzylogic

    fuzzylogic Active Member

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    +1,154 / 63 / -37
    Dier is not a right back, he is covering for the injured walker. Cut him a little slack he is still better than naughton
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  5. eddiev14

    eddiev14 SC Supporter

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    +10,245 / 180 / -74
    We're clearly in transition.

    The point you make about pressing @Bulletspur is absolutely spot on. Lamela is the only player who seems to either get it or be athletic enough to do it. Until we do it as a unit it just won't have the impact that Poch would like it to.

    Accordingly, we should expect some inconsistency in our results and fatigue in the last 20 mins of games.

    We saw this today.

    Interestingly we also saw it at West Ham until Townsend and Holtby came on and gave us a lot more energy. With that in mind, I found the subs today very strange. We were crying out for the directness and energy of Townsend when our legs started to go.

    As far as ratings are concerned:

    Rose 8
    Dembele 8
    Chadli 8
    Lamela 7
    Kaboul 7
    Capoue 6
    Lloris 6
    Eriksen 6
    Chiriches 5
    Dier 5
    Adebayor 5
  6. carpediem991

    carpediem991 Well-Known Member

    Ratings Received:
    +7,556 / 246 / -95
    Well my stream wasnt too good but I try:

    Lloris - 6 - his delivery wasnt really good and I had the feeling he should have saved the first one.

    Dier - 6 - tried but not his best game. Still has to learn.
    Kaboul - 6 - thought was okay, but always a fault in him
    Chiriches - 5 - he scares the shit out of me. Not made for the PL imo. Hopefully we see Fazio and Verts soon.
    Rose - 7 - goes down too easily but was okay overall

    Capoue - 7.5 - The foul for the freekick leading to the 2-2 was annoying still a good match and a good anchor
    Dembele - 7.5 - very solid game came close to score, but still not productive enough in the end

    Lamela - 7 - overall good game, but he has to hit the fucking net in the PL soon.
    Chadli - 7.5 - good start of the match for him. Scored and assisted more or less the second.
    After that bit anoymous
    Eriksen - 7 - solid

    Adebayor - 5 - It wasnt a 5 on a neutral view but at times i thought what the fuck is he doing. In front of the goal pretty woeful today, would like to see Kane and Soldado instead next week.

    Stambouli - 7 - solid debut when he came on imo
    Kane - 5.5 - so unlucky with another own goal. should came on earlier
    Lennon - never really noticed him.
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  7. Bulletspur

    Bulletspur The Reasonable Advocate

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    +8,228 / 552 / -165
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  8. Bulletspur

    Bulletspur The Reasonable Advocate

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    +8,228 / 552 / -165
    IMO as a right back he is not. Disagree all you want.
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  9. jonnyp

    jonnyp Well-Known Member

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    +1,944 / 232 / -71
    Lloris - 6 - Should've saved the first one, deflection or not IMO.

    Dier - 6
    Kaboul - 6
    Chiriches - 5
    Rose - 7

    Capoue - 6 - stupid foul that led to their equalizer
    Dembele - 7.5 -

    Lamela - 6.5 - not bad today
    Chadli - 7.5 -
    Eriksen - 7

    Adebayor - 6.5 - Involved in both goals. Looked knackered in the second and should've done more with a pair of throughballs he received, where he was very clumsy. Overall not bad.

    Stambouli - 7 -
    Kane - 5.5
    Lennon - NET
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  10. fuzzylogic

    fuzzylogic Active Member

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    +1,154 / 63 / -37
    Ok we will agree to disagree then. What would you think if we swapped him with kaboul and played him as right back?
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  11. Larryjanta

    Larryjanta Well-Known Member

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    +5,049 / 223 / -93
    Poor: Chiriches
    Average: Lloris, Kaboul, Dier, Capoue, Ade, Rose, Poch
    Good: Eriksen, Lamela, Chadli, Dembele
    Brilliant: None
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  12. dude573

    dude573 Active Member

    Ratings Received:
    +1,454 / 43 / -6
    Lloris - 6 - Not much to do and the deflection was mean
    Dier - 6 - Got showed up by Johnson, and gave away silly fouls but he wasn't terrible. Its clear he should not be first choice.
    Kaboul - 6 - Better today, but still slightly shaky here and there
    chiriches - 6 - Very casual in possession and too relaxed in play, but I don't think he play badly.
    Rose - 7 - A lot of you hate him I know but I thought he played very well. Was a strong attacking threat and won us set pieces.
    Dembele - 8 - Looked really tired late on, but he was my MOTM. Brilliant on the ball and unlucky not to score.
    Capoue - 7 - Fatigue seemed to get to him in the end and he gave a way their scoring free kick, but he was tidy and collected for the most of the game.
    Chadli - 7.5 - Good eye for the goal and linked well but I didn't think he pressed as much as he should of.
    Eriksen - 6.5 - He did get a goal but I was still wanting more from him. He pressed but he seemed lazy to get back and help the defensive effort. He had some nice runs but his passing wasn't spectacular.
    Lamela - 7 - Unlucky not to score, but his final set pieces weren't good enough. I won't blame him because he is intitled to have a few bad kicks and he pressed their defence better than anyone else.
    Ade - 6.5 - He played for his country in mid week. Don't blame him for us not signing a striker. He does need to do more, but I will cut him some slack due to the mid week fatigue.

    Stambouli - 6.5 - I didn't really notice him to be honest, that could be down to my stream but I think he was brought on to tidy up and apart from the set piece they scored he did well from what I saw.
    Kane - 5 - I give him an average rating because our midfield looked too tired to get the ball to him. He does need to drop back and help at times but I don't think he did awfully, the same way he didn't do anything spectacular.
    Lennon - NET (I bet all you scape goaters are glad he came on.)

    Overall we played very well apart from the last 10 minutes. Kane came on but recieved very little because Dembele and Capoue looked knackered. Lamela had chances through set pieces but they weren't great and it would be very hard to blame him for that. Eriksen needs to do a bit more but he looked better that he has done recently. Rose was great in an overall average defence.

    No one player was awful, but despite Dembele I wouldn't say any of them were fantastic.
  13. Hoddle&Waddle

    Hoddle&Waddle Well-Known Member

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    +9,173 / 393 / -124
    I dont think he is TBH, not at RB, not yet anyway.
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  14. Bulletspur

    Bulletspur The Reasonable Advocate

    Ratings Received:
    +8,228 / 552 / -165
    If it was a choice between the three, I would have Dier at CB and Naughton RB and Kaboul benched.
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  15. Wheeler Dealer

    Wheeler Dealer Well-Known Member

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    +4,505 / 550 / -205
    Are you seriously taking the piss?
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  16. Bulletspur

    Bulletspur The Reasonable Advocate

    Ratings Received:
    +8,228 / 552 / -165
    No I am not. Said it before the match that Kane IMO should have started and nothing I had seen in the match will make me change this opinion
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  17. JimmyG2

    JimmyG2 SC Supporter

    Ratings Received:
    +4,697 / 208 / -50
    Totally dominated but failed to score when we had chances.
    Unlucky with two strikes that hit the woodwork.
    Own goal and a deflection. But a game we should have won.
    Need to press even when we have the lead.
    I've seen this film before.

    Lloris..........6........Unfortunate afternoon's work. Should have kept his eye on our defenders.
    Dier............6........Resorts to desperate measures too quickly.
    Kaboul........6........Ok in the main. Dawsonesque at times with the passing.
    Chiriches.....6+.....Over confident . Happen accident to waiting an. Rearrange to form a well known saying.
    Rose...........7-......Good game. Supported and defended pretty well.
    Capoue.......7.......Strong without being outstanding.
    Dembele.....8.......Releasing the ball more quickly so far. Good strength.MOM
    Chadli..........7-.....Good goal and a good start. Whatever does he get up to at half time?
    Lamela........7+.....This boy has talent but not sure how to use it yet. Unlucky not to score.
    Adebayor....7-.... Typical Ade performance but obviously not fully fit. Should have scored at least one.
    Eriksen........7+ ...Better, would have kept him on. Making things tick again.
  18. kitchen

    kitchen Well-Known Member

    Ratings Received:
    +2,860 / 71 / -15
    I love Lamela but I can't believe that he's currently running Dembele close for MOM. Lamela gave the ball away numerous times with simple passes, whilst Dembele was imperious in possession, and pretty darn good off the ball. In form like this, he's such a pressure relief for his team mates because they know they can give him the ball, and he'll keep it. He drove forward with purpose, and really added solidity to our team today.
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  19. EmperorKabir

    EmperorKabir SC's resident legend.

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    +39 / 5 / -0
    We had an alright game bar lack of clinical or ruthless no nonsense finishing. I have to say, yes we were fouled a lot but some of our diving was embarrassing today. I really hope that doesn't continue. I like spurs as a club that nips at the heels of massive clubs full of unfair financial advantage or Liverpool/Man U levels of cheating, and I don't care of it's my own team, diving just winds me up.
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  20. rsmith

    rsmith The hand of Ghod

    Ratings Received:
    +231 / 33 / -8
    I'm gonna hang this one on Poch. For 70 minutes we pressed and dominated every aspect of the game. Then with 15 minutes to go, we start strolling around playing keep ball ... badly. If we needed fresh legs in midfield, bring them on. Probably more than anything he needed to send a message over that there were 15 minutes to play, and to keep pressing for a 3rd, and 4th.

    Captain's responsibility?
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